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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deesky, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. misterdecibel

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    Or a clip show.
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  2. Mylene

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    or introduced June's little sister
  3. I didn't get the final scenes of the last episode at all? Given the handmaids are on such a tight leash how come June was able to wander away and be alone with the decapitated Lincoln monument?
  4. GentleSenator

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    i'm tired of asking myself questions like this. the show is off the rails silly now.
  5. misterdecibel

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    I was hoping for a much bigger story this season, than just a custody squabble. Like June leading an insurrection or something.
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  6. Yes my wife stated that in the world established that June would have been executed by now.
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  7. I was waiting for him to break out and dance singing along.
  8. Jerrika

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    I really have to start watching this series next weekend. I'm the only one I know who hasn't seen it. I read the book 10 years ago.
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  9. John B Good

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    I was just hearing that Atwood herself has a sequel novel coming out, and see it was referred to a few posts back. That will be interesting.
  10. Not only that, but did you see the vantage from the crowd of Handmaids below? They could have seen and heard everything that June and Serena were hollering about. Even if they didn't hear exactly what they were saying, they would have seen and heard that it was an argument.

    Let's not forget that camera crew was setup right below the second flight of stairs. The camera men would have gotten a real whiff of that action.

    The only reason I can imagine that June is still alive is because of Nick. There's something deeper in his past outside of being a soldier of Gilead and a member of The Eye. All of this time and there's still a shadow of mystery about him. He certainly had Fred over a barrel several times, and that was before they made him a commander.

    Perhaps by getting June pregnant Nick sealed her safety.

    If, on the other hand, some sort of "accident" happened to June, would Nick's retribution spread as wide as he could concievably want it to?

    Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out why June is still alive, as well. I can see how she lived all the way through Season 2, but now...? Either they really want us to suspend our disbelief, or Nick is involved somehow.

    (By the way, I liked Ep.6, it's just that some moments make me go o_O)
  11. mds

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    There is not much fictional tv that totally makes sense, you just go with the acting and story and let the parts that don't make sense exist in tv reality. There is great acting and suspense in this show along with fantastic camera work, which keeps me coming back. I agree that there is too much June eyeball close ups and I don't want it to go too far into unrealistic territory, which it tends to with June's boldness. Everybody seems to find June to be a special person and therefore gives her slack. It was a great twist getting a glimpse of Nick's true identity. I believe June's new commander's wife is going to become an important ally to her in future episodes. The show is full of tension, it shows a totalitarian society where strict religion rules and human rights are non-existent except for the ruling elite this is frightening particularly due to what is happening today in politics throughout the world. I would like to see the show delve a little bit into the proletarian life, which must exist somewhere; factory workers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers must exist.
  12. Deesky

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    Unfortunately, another aimless, uneventful episode (3x07). Yes, some stuff happened, but it all felt unfocused and rather boring. There's no real sense of tension and anticipation of what's to come. It's just treading water with incremental plot advancements.
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    The worst episode of all seasons so far, IMO. And for the first time it really looked like a work of an amateur. Did they change some key figures like producer or director?
  14. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    nonstop recycling of the old, dressed up as new. clearly there to pad the only real/interesting plot development: what's happening in canada.

    i laughed out loud at june's unnoticed faux-skulking around the outside of the school wall. what the hell???
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  15. Deesky

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    Okay, I'm calling it. The show has now officially jumped the proverbial shark! From that stupid last scene to Aunt Lydia singing karaoke in a pointless flashback's done!
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  16. DigMyGroove

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    Whoa there! While I agree this season has it’s issues I respectfully disagree on your take. I thought the Aunt Lydia back story was really well done. It made clear that the core of what she is in Gilead was very much present in the old world. The karaoke scene was not the last scene of her flashback, that was the midpoint. The real conclusion to her backstory, in the elementary school was heartbreaking. Aunt Lydia knew what was best, and that cost her another path in life that might have brought her happiness, Her intense moralism wrecked the lives of others, and as we know was just the beginning of that story.

    My real issue is that June has gotten away with so much insolence towards the powers that be. But based on that last conversation with Aunt Lydia in Loaves and Fishes, and what was shown in the preview of the next episode I suspect that ground will be shifting.
  17. mds

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    I haven't had a chance to watch the latest episode but might it be that they are letting June get away with a bit too much because they are using her to deal with Canada and once that is complete the hand may fall hard on her.
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  18. DreadPikathulhu

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    I'm really struggling with this season. The first season was excellent and I was willing the excuse most of the second due to the necessary world-building, but I feel as though we've spent this season doing almost nothing but spinning wheels and looking at closeups of June's face.
  19. Scotian

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    So Aunt Lydia became the rabid bitch we know & love because
    she had an embarrassing ending to a pretty good night out. Ok...
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  20. Deesky

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    That's fine but for me the tipping point has now been reached where I simply don't care anymore. I've lost the emotional engagement I had with the series because it's painfully clear that the writers have no idea where to take this. That they still rely on dubious flashbacks this late in the proceedings just smacks of padding at the expense of any propulsive narrative that would make us root for June (like in prior seasons). Orange Is The New Black also got bogged down with pointless flashbacks where they just become a distraction from what should be a tense drama in the present.

    I'll continue to watch, but it won't be something I look forward to, as was once the case. Shame.
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  21. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

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    i'm with you here. i watched the latest episode last night and couldn't help but laugh out loud at the ridiculous new ways to give the handmaids something to do while june stands in the middle of the screen not participating and not suffering any real consequences.

    unless there is a serious pivot, i don't think i'll be back for another season.
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  22. Watching that dude kiss Aunt Lydia was one of the grossest things I've seen on TV in a while. She went to give him a jibber and I started laughing.

    Yeah, you guys are right, Eps 6, 7 and 8 sure took the wind out of this show.

    It's not anywhere close to the worst, but man they are making it very difficult for me to take this show seriously. What a nosedive.
  23. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    ann dowd is very talented, but something tells me that scene was reaching for her.
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  24. BEAThoven

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    Preaching to the converted here as I agree with all the tepid sentiments about the latest three episodes -- Basically, a major portion of this show is now "What mood will Serena be in this week?"

    We seem to be be just spinning around a traffic circle here.
  25. Mylene

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    A " bottle" episode
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