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    When you see all those Producer credits what you’re really seeing are the Writers. It’s common in TV production for many of the writers to receive Producer or Co-Producer credits, it’s all about compensation. The BS credit is often Executive Producer, many of those credited that way have little to do with actually making the show. Often they may have had a part in the development of the project, and having the EP credit insures they receive a piece of the pie in perpetuity if it succeeds.

    It’s quite common for the Director of a TV Pilot episode to also get a Producer credit. Should the show get picked up and succeed, that Director then receives residuals forever, even if they never have anything else to do with the show, sweet deal.
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    i agree, but alas, there will be a fourth season. it was renewed a while back.
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    Huh, I didn't know - thanks for the info. So now I wonder if they will have a radical change of setting or just revert to Gilead (hope not). I also hope Emily becomes a regular character again - she's terrific when given something meaty to do.
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    A lot happens in season 3 that breaks the idea of believability to me... (a random forest between the lawrences house and what I assume was Logan international airport... commander Waterford is a trade/PR genius and didn’t realize he was driving into Canada... 52 kids can disappear from 1 neighborhood at once and no one notices... and the parents don’t have smart phones, TV, or traditional sex with each other.. literally all you can do for fun is watch “your” kid sleep.)


    I still really enjoyed it. And am excited for season 4. Like so many said after GoT last season... “if you think you can do better go write your own Emmy-winning show and you can do your characters arcs however you’d like.”
  5. I mostly agree with this. I enjoyed the season even though I rolled my eyes at some of the unbelievable things that happened. And there were quite a few.
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    Even though it's way off-book now and sometimes strains credulity, I think the writers/director are doing a great job of maintaining the atmosphere of the the novel and the first season of the series.
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    They decided to keep Commander Lawrence in Gilead, rather than have him defect to Canada with the kids. Why do that? I think it's clear they're setting up an ensuring relationship (as part of the resistance, not clear if romantic) between June and the Commander. I would expect the fourth season will focus on bringing down Gilead from the inside.
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    Possible spoilers.

    My speculation is that June (and the other Handmaids who were carrying her away) will probably have to live "off the grid" and in hiding within Gilead. Surely there's some sort of underground network where people can stay hidden for long periods of time. I suspect she'll end up being the leader of some sort of underground rebellion. There's just no way for her to return to her "normal" life at this point. It doesn't seem like it would be difficult to connect the dots and figure out she was behind the mass exodus. I suspect Lawrence is probably toast too. The authorities show up and all of the sudden his Handmaid and Marthas are all missing? Again, not too difficult to connect him to what happened.
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    So let me get this straight. An ultra-violent, paranoid Christo-Fascist regime is not keeping tabs on every single child, 24/7? Also, where are the drones, security cameras and listening devices on every free surface? And Logan Intl. Airport has one single solitary armed patrol guardian for a flight that’s coming and going from Canada, a country that is already harboring one kidnapped child from Gilead?? Why didn’t the handmaids take the damn assault rifle from the dead guardian??? Would the guy not have frantically called for backup the minute he began firing indiscriminately into the woods????

    This show is straining and then snapping credulity at this point. Still, the episode where June killed Chris Meloni and the Waterfords got arrested for war crimes was deeply satisfying. It was also great to hear both of them acknowledge that the child is in no way related to either of them and that June had a relationship with Nick, albeit one that violated the Geneva convention.
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    it's real stupid writing, that's for darn sure.
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  11. May I add the unbreakable pen and the really lucky jab to get him in a vital organ, through the intercostals of the ribs?

    * sigh *...and I really, really enjoyed Season 2. I'm one of those who thought they hardly missed a beat when they ran out of source material.

    By the end of Season 2, I'm thinking that the show has to make a big turn with June staying behind. What a shocker! What balls on that woman! Instead, for Season 3, it came out of the gate a limp noodle.

    I tried to turn a blind eye...and it kind of worked for me. Somewhere around Ep 4 or 5, however, it became completely unrealistic.

    Now, if June is totally underground when Season 4 rolls around, and if the Martha's had a safe place this whole time? Yeah. I'll still watch it (because I'm curious that way), but I'll be the first to cry foul, because that should have happened at the start of Season 3!

    That said, Season 3 got better toward the end. Some cool things happened, but nobody is as lucky as June to be over the line so much yet still get away with it.

    Season 3 was nearly half of a season.
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    the show simply feels like it's being written around actor contracts and it's suffering. i mean for the love of god can we move beyond the waterford story line? why else are they still main cast in this show? how many more times do we need to be confused as to where serena stands on things? hell, the show might be better if it moved beyond june. but i'm sure season 4 will have episodes co-written and directed by moss.

    i'd like a whole season about what nick's been up to.
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    Not me. I think Nick's one boring dude. But I agree that the series should move beyond June. Bring in some new characters with a fresh take of Gilead from their point of view. More Emily is always good.....I think the episode with her in the colonies (Unwoman) was the best of the entire series.
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    i was totally joking.

    i like your idea.
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    I've still been enjoying this season. Getting a little weary of the constant intense close-ups of June's face conveying so much so often. In spite of that, the show is beautifully shot, isn't it ? Looking forward to the despicable Waterfords continuing to gut each other.

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    I think that if June's close-ups were edited, the entire season could fit in 3 episodes...;)
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    Watched the 1st episode of the 1st season last night and was let down. Nothing wrong with the show, but after all the Buzz I was expecting greatness and this was far from it. I want to continue with the 1st season but I'm feeling I'm going to have to be in the mood for this morbidly grim, depressing, monotone colored project. When I read comments about how the current season isn't feeling as realistic or logical as it should makes me shake my head in wonder as, for me, the entire premise of the show is that its an unbelievable fantasy. It was good enough to want to see more, but I ain't in no rush!;)
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    "fantasy" is an interesting choice of words to describe this show!
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    I’ve stayed away from this thread while catching up on Season 3. The finale made up for a lot of tedium. I cried when the girls deplaned in Canada and was amazed to hear Mazzy Star wrap the season. I hope that Ms. Sandoval was well payed and sells some downloads.
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    Agree with most ^, but there is an air Force Base a bit West of Boston that may be the airstrip at issue. Doubt it was Logan which is essentially built on the Harbor
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    I just finished Season 1, and I haven't been following this thread. So my impressions are based on season 1 (and I am into season 2, episode 1 but haven't finished it yet). [I recognize that there are concerns that arise after more seasons . . . like, let's get on with it!]

    YIKES.:yikes: This series delivers like a ton of bricks. It is like a series of continuing nightmares -- each episode drags the viewer deeper into an unfathomable "sh..hole" dungeon. For all practical purposes, the security officers dressed in black -- who maintain "order" -- are soulless robots without personality, emotion, or empathy. Elizabeth Moss is damn brilliant -- her facial expressions alone are worthy of awards. Max Minghella, who plays Nick (the driver), is straight out of a David Lynch movie -- weird, mysterious, creepy. The way the handmaid's are treated -- even herded -- is more like animals, not humans. That's why they use a cattle prod for those who stray from the straight and narrow path.

    It really cleaves close to reality -- that is why it is so terrifying. It's all about law -- there is no mercy -- that word doesn't even merit a listing in their theocratic lexicon. Religious ideology is the foundation of Gilead.
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    More cattle imagery -- the ownership tags on the handmaids' ears.
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    I ended up watching the entire series, but for one reason only; Elizabeth Moss. She showed flashes of brilliance throughout the entire run, and I didn't want to miss any of them. As good as the other actors may have been, she dwarfed all of them!
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    Since Serena is now in custody too. I'm thinking June gets here out of prison. June probably needs to kill a few more Commanders too. If Serena lives in Canada or somewhere else, can't she adopt a child? She dumped her husband, so I guess she doesn't need him. At one time, I thought June and Serena were going to be in charge of Gilead. Mainly lead it's downfall. Seems like June & Nick are going to be a couple again. Or maybe Nick has to get arrested too.
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    Season 4 is due this Fall I understand.

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