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The Human League Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Group

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by BigManRestless, Jan 28, 2016.

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  1. BigManRestless

    BigManRestless Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Just announced on their Facebook page is a forthcoming Human League 'Anthology', to tie in with their winter 2016 tour. Post-Beatles the word anthology in connection with an album tends to indicate at least some previously unreleased archive material, which would make me for one incredibly happy. The world really, really, really doesn't need another best of / hits collection.

    My fingers are cautiously crossed for something far more interesting than the usual compilation.
  2. onionmaster

    onionmaster Tropical new waver from the future

    It would be a good time for them to officially release stuff like this incredible early version of The Word Before Last:

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  3. onionmaster

    onionmaster Tropical new waver from the future

    And this early Marianne:
  4. Beaneydave

    Beaneydave Forum Resident

    Anyone got a track list or any further information ?

    Peace and love✌
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  5. fozl1986

    fozl1986 Forum Resident

    Stuttgart, Germany
    The unreleased Version of "Crash" before Jam and Lewis would be great....
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  6. Beaneydave

    Beaneydave Forum Resident

    I've got my ticket for Newcastle :)

    Peace and love✌
  7. rockclassics

    rockclassics Forum Resident

    Arkansas, USA
    Wonder if there is any chance the Disconet remix of Don't You Want Me might be included. I'm not holding my breath.
  8. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    If it includes unreleased songs or very different mixes/versions then it could be interesting. If it's another best of with a couple of demos than not so much
  9. BigManRestless

    BigManRestless Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It's initially been announced as including some 'dj and radio edits' which doesn't sound remotely exciting. On the other hand I've also heard the archives are being trawled and two early versions of I Don't Depend On You have been located and either of those could be in the running for the track list.
  10. red corner

    red corner Forum Resident

    Padova, Italy
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  11. BigManRestless

    BigManRestless Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Wow - colour me impressed!
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  12. red corner

    red corner Forum Resident

    Padova, Italy
    "Standard edition" (2 CDs, 30 tracks)

    CD 1
    Being Boiled (A-Side single)
    The Dignity of Labour (Part 3)
    Empire State Human (A-Side single)
    Only After Dark (single edit)
    Nightclubbing (from "Holiday '80 EP")
    Boys and Girls (A-Side single)
    The Sound of The Crowd (instrumental version)
    Hard Times (B-Side single)
    Love Action (I Believe In Love) (A-Side single)
    Open Your Heart (A-Side single)
    Don't You Want Me (A-Side single)
    Mirror Man (A-Side single)
    You Remind Me Of Gold
    (Keep Feeling) Fascination (extended version)
    The Lebanon (single version)
    Louise (DJ Edit)

    CD 2
    Life On Your Own (A-Side single)
    Human (extended version)
    I Need Your Loving (DJ Edit)
    Love Is All That Matters (DJ Edit)
    Heart Like a Wheel (William Orbit remix)
    Soundtrack to a Generation (edit)
    Tell Me When (radio edit)
    One Man In My Heart (A-Side single)
    Filling Up With Heaven (A-Side single)
    Stay With Me Tonight (single version)
    All I Ever Wanted (radio edit)
    Night People (radio edit)
    Never Let Me Go
    Sky (radio edit)

    Super Deluxe Edition also includes:

    CD 3
    The Path Of Least Resistance (early version)
    No Time (The Word Before Last, early version)
    Being Boiled (State Of The Art Mix 1)
    Stylopops You Broke My Heart (Marianne, early version)
    I Am The Law (early version)
    Darkness (early version)
    Louise (early version)
    The Real Thing (early version)
    Love On The Run (early version)
    A Doorway (early version)
    F.M. (Soundtrack to a Generation, early version)
    Happening Woman (Filling Up With Heaven, early version)
    Give It Back (Houseful of Nothing, early version)
    New Start (All I Ever Wanted, early version)
    SH5 (Liar, early version)
    Biller 10 (Single Minded, early version)
    Jupiter 4c (Sky, early version)

    The Circus of Death 1978
    Empire State Human 1979
    Love Action
    Open Your Heart
    Don't You Want Me
    Mirror Man
    Keep Feeling (Fascination)
    The Lebanon
    Life On Your Own
    I Need Your Loving
    Love Is All That Matters
    Heart Like A Wheel
    Soundtrack To A Generation
    Tell Me When
    One Man In My Heart
    All I Ever Wanted
    Filling Up With Heaven
    Night People
    Never Let Me Go

    The Path of Least Resistance (Mainstream 6/11/79)
    Empire State Human (Mainstream 6/11/79)
    Rock 'n' Roll - Part 2 (TOTP 8/5/80)
    The Sound of The Crowd (TOTP 30/4/81)
    The Sound of The Crowd (TOTP 21/5/81)
    Love Action (TOTP 6/8/81)
    Open Your Heart (TOTP 8/10/81)
    Don't You Want Me (TOTP 24/12/81)
    Love Action (Christmas TOTP 25/12/81)
    Love Action (Multi Coloured Music Show 30/5/82)
    Mirror Man (TOTP 18/11/82)
    Keep Feeling (Fascination) (TOTP 5/5/83)
    The Lebanon (TOTP 3/5/84)
    Life On Your Own (TOTP 28/6/84)
    I'm Coming Back (On The Road 25/8/84)
    Rock Me Again and Again... (On The Road 25/8/84)
    Human (Wogan 13/8/86)
    Human (TOTP 28/8/86)
    Heart Like A Wheel (Wogan 13/8/90)
    Heart Like A Wheel (TOTP 23/8/90)
    Tell Me When (TOTP 22/12/94)
    Tell Me When (TOTP 5/1/95)
    One Man In My Heart (TOTP 16/3/95)
    The Stars Are Going Out (Later with Jools Holland 25/11/95)
    The Sound Of The Crowd (Later with Jools Holland 25/11/95).

    This is the first official HL compilation without "Together in Electric Dreams", which was a collaboration between Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder and not a Human League song.
  13. Ben Adams

    Ben Adams Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    I'm highly impressed. Best career overview I've seen for HL.
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  14. TarnishedEars

    TarnishedEars Forum Resident

    Seattle, WA
    Is there any word on when this is supposed to be released?
  15. red corner

    red corner Forum Resident

    Padova, Italy
    October 28th 2016, worldwide.
  16. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    I'm a fan of the early years and while its good to have the video stuff on there I would have liked more from that period.
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  17. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    Gone away.
    I like early Human League. This looks like a good comp (deluxe edition), but I would have like this OTT performance to be on there - obviously not BBC I think it was ITV or C4.
  18. negative1

    negative1 80s retro fan

    well if this tracklist is confirmed.

    it looks very good. will be getting it.

  19. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Planet Earth
    Still highly impressive how Phil O. pulled it off after he was left for dead with the name. Against all odds "Dare" is great. The first two are very good as well.
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  20. noahjld

    noahjld Der Wixxer

    "Get Carter" and "Seconds",brilliant tracks.
  21. negative1

    negative1 80s retro fan

    amazon lists it as delayed until nov 18


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  22. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    Where/how to preorder for US delivery? Didn't see it on Amazon.
  23. BigManRestless

    BigManRestless Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I don't mind the idea of a cartoon / illustration but that's a bit of a weird choice for the cover.
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  24. mc7t

    mc7t Forum Resident

    Stoke on Trent,UK
  25. bob60

    bob60 Forum Resident

    London UK
    I will buy the 2 CD set, but I don't like the cover at all.
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