The Jam - Fire & Skill box set OOP already?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by detroit muscle, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. detroit muscle

    detroit muscle Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I've been looking to pick this box set up but have been unable to locate a copy in the UK. amazon have had it backordered for a couple of months and marketplace prices have shot up to over £100.

    The virgin/emi web site just states 'sorry, sold out'

    I wasn't aware of this being a limited release, but it seems to have vanished.
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  2. Billy Hunt

    Billy Hunt Forum Resident

    Cardiff, Wales.
    If the boxset continues to prove elusive it may be worth considering the CD quality download, which is still available from Juno for £12.49
  3. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    Can't find it for a normal price.
  4. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    Any JAM fan who can explain this? Was it limited??
  5. rpc_2_uk

    rpc_2_uk Forum Resident

    I assume that the record companies make an informed estimate of how many they think they can sell and produce it all in one batch. If they get it wrong we either get the market flooded with cheap copies to clear stock or in this case the price goes silly.

    I would guess that theses deluxe sets are expensive to produce so are only made once, but I could be wrong.

    There was a Dr Feelgood set that came out as a deluxe 3CD/DVD set in book format. That got re-released with the same discs but in a 4 disc jewel case, and also a lower price. Maybe the same will happen here.
  6. dance_hall_keeper

    dance_hall_keeper Forum Resident

    One still available through amazon dot ca.
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  7. Unless an act is still a huge commercial property, certain labels set an amount in advance, usually on the low end to minimize getting stuck with extra sets. British acts tend to receive this treatment for whatever reason.
  8. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    Crap. I snoozed, I losed. I was planning to buy it and forgot.
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  9. lightbulb

    lightbulb Not the Brightest of the Bunch

    Smogville CA USA
    Hopefully, at least, it's reissued as music only - without the book... :cry:
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  10. Torontotom

    Torontotom Forum Resident

    I picked this up at HMV today. A little expensive but it is going out of print.

    This also happened with T'Pau's "Bridge of Spies" reissue, which was released late last year and is already becoming scarce.
  11. jo66hn

    jo66hn Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    I bought Fire & Skill a little while after it came out but not before it became scarce. I'd heard some Jam live cuts but never been truly overwhelmed. Thing is they had a reputation for being a great live band and I loved their albums so I took a punt on this. Long story short, they were indeed a great live band. Not every concert here is solid gold but a majority are and the rest are very good. If you are a fan and can find it at a reasonable price, go for it.
  12. eelkiller

    eelkiller Technically right but still wrong

    Great set, there was no mention of "limited edition" when released. The Gift box set is also very tough to find now for a decent price, lists it at $45 but I am not holding my breath.
  13. Carl80

    Carl80 Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    I've just ordered this on CD Japan , I'm not really into ordereing from Japan and paying customs if I can help it now but I wanted a live jam boxset for my iTunes and the set itself seems nice.

    What's the book like in the set for anyone who bought it ?

    Wish they would bring out a sound effects box set.
  14. VeeDub

    VeeDub Forum Resident

    Denver, CO
    What are the best 1 or 2 shows in this set, now that they're being released individually on vinyl?
  15. melstapler

    melstapler Reissue Activist

    This is unacceptable. They should've pressed more copies of this set, especially for an artist at this level of importance.
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  16. Labels just don't like taking gambles with box sets these days unless it's an act like the Stones or Beach Boys.
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  17. jo66hn

    jo66hn Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    My personal favorite is the Newcastle show. They were about to release "Sound Affects" and were previewing songs from that album along with the rest of their catalog. Anyway, as for the gig itself they were absolutely on fire.
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  18. action pact

    action pact Music Omnivore

    I still have my cassette of that show, taped from an FM broadcast sponsored by Dannon Yogurt!
  19. richierichie

    richierichie Forum Resident

    The Jam, a diamond in a field of glass at the time.
  20. I'm glad I got my copy on the day it was released. It's a great set, sad to see it go out of print so very soon.
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  21. Carl80

    Carl80 Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    It's still available on CD Japan and it's a none made Japan box so it's the version Europe or the UK got but it's got a Japanese CAT Num.
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  22. followmehome

    followmehome Forum Resident

    I would guess that this is why this set has sold out/gone out of print so quickly - they probably pressed up the usual quantities, but allocations have gone to other territories instead of the other territories pressing their own. There's probably boxes of these in warehouses around the world unsold.

    There's a similar issue with RSD releases.
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  23. stenway

    stenway Forum Resident

    FL, USA
    Very immoral overpriced for just 6 CDs.
  24. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    The shows are also released on limited vinyl. One show is already out of print and is selling for crazy money.
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  25. brettster808

    brettster808 Forum Resident

    This is on iTunes now as a download for $69.99.

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