The Jimi Hendrix Experience SACD Axis:Bold as Love stunning

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TimB, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. TimB

    TimB Tube be or not Tube be? Thread Starter

    Galion, Ohio USA
    Just got it in today and I am listening again now. Better bass in both clarity and fullness. Highs are clean, detailed and are not bright. Any Hendrix fan should get this Analog Productions. Very much worth the price. Castles Made of Sand is playing now, just stunning!
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  2. Rollie

    Rollie Forum Resident

    Is it loud! :cry:
  3. recklessczar

    recklessczar Forum Resident

    Bay Shore NY
    Are you listening to SACD layer or the Hybrid Layer? My copy slated to arrive Saturday. Ill be hybrid.
  4. GregM

    GregM Senior Member

    Daddyland, CA
    As I posted in the ABAL thread, it's another crowning achievement from Analogue Productions. The transfer is so honest, warts, tape hiss 'n all. I love it. Hope they get a crack at Electric Ladyland and lots more by other artists. Haven't yet explored the mono tracks. I don't waste my time with the CD layer on SACDs.
  5. George P

    George P Smellin' Like A Rose

  6. Cokelike-

    Cokelike- Forum Resident

    Columbus, Oh
    How do the drums sound on this, duder?
  7. raphph

    raphph Forum Resident

    I’m in the States for a trip. Where can I walk in and buy these 2 SACDs? Or shall I Amazon? I can’t even find links on Amazon
  8. Opeth

    Opeth Forum Resident

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  9. DPM

    DPM Forum Resident

    Nevada, USA
    TimB, in reference to your description of the low frequencies of the SACD, would you say that the bass is a bit more prominent than in other versions you've heard? If so, what are the other versions you've heard? The old 80s era CD? The old vinyl? The 2010 vinyl reissue?

    The reason I ask is because some are claiming that the SACD was compressed, but many folks don't seem to know that the amount of low frequencies in a recording can alter those DR numbers that some forum members keep referring to as gospel. Bass fills space, and it doesn't take much of a change--whether it be a bass boost or a furthering of low frequency extension--to alter those DR numbers.
  10. Chauncey

    Chauncey Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH
    I'll second the OP's opinion. I think this release sounds AWESOME. It's exactly what I was hoping for; something in between the original Reprise and the 2010 reissue.

    I just listened to "Spanish Castle Magic" on my computer (Schitt Uber Bitfrost > Audioengine 5+, for those that want to know)
  11. Lonson

    Lonson An Old Disestablishmentarianismist

    I love this release as well. It certainly doesn't sound "loud" on my system in comparison to other recordings persons here complain about. It does have a healthy (but not bloated or fat) lower frequency sound going on.

    What I love is the fantastic clarity without at all being etched or bright.
  12. art

    art Forum Resident

    Never heard it sound anywhere near this good, not vinyl, not cd ... Not even close. A new layer of detail, ambience and humanity has been revealed.
  13. stef1205

    stef1205 Forum Resident

    Can someone please tell us what package is used? Thx.
  14. Lonson

    Lonson An Old Disestablishmentarianismist

    Standard SACD case.
  15. johnny q

    johnny q Forum Resident

    Bergen County, NJ
    Gonna listen on phones tonight, SACD layer...can't wait. Maybe pack a fatty too;);):D
  16. FillmoreGuy

    FillmoreGuy Forum Resident

    springfield nj
    I preordered this from Elusive Disc several weeks ago (free shipping) and saw today that I have to wait for a repressing. Any idea how long
    this takes? I was really looking forward to getting this.
  17. Jerry c.

    Jerry c. Forum Resident

    Pre ordered from amazon and they’re showing a projected ship date of oct 26 to nov 24.


    Did they trot this out with 200 copies? Stupid. Incompetent. You know what? Forget it. I’m sick of buying this stuff over and over. I said it the other day and here I am again doing the same ****.
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  18. Rigoberto

    Rigoberto Forum Resident

    United States
    How did you get free shipping from Elusive? It says on their site you have to spend $99. My Amazon order will be here Monday. Free shipping there too, under $30 for the order.
  19. FillmoreGuy

    FillmoreGuy Forum Resident

    springfield nj
    Oops, my bad! I meant Music Direct.
  20. nick99nack

    nick99nack Forum Resident

    Statesboro, GA
    That's strange. How long ago did you preorder yours? I preordered 2 of them on Amazon just over a week ago (in 2 orders - one for me, one for my father) and he got his on Thursday and I got mine yesterday.
  21. Lonson

    Lonson An Old Disestablishmentarianismist

    Had to be a pressing of more than 200 LOL. I got #281 from Acoustic Sounds on release day. It's worth waiting for.
  22. reddyempower

    reddyempower Forum Resident

    columbus, oh, usa
    Anyone heard the redbook layer?
  23. recklessczar

    recklessczar Forum Resident

    Bay Shore NY
    I picked up the SACD even though I don't have a SACD player. ABAL has been one of my favorite since the day it was released. I had the album, tape, and CD. I buy anything Hendrix that holds out the promise of the slightest sonic improvement. I'll keep an eye open for some sort of steal or thrift shop SACD player find. I don't see myself going on a SACD buying spree at this time. It would have to be a quantum leap for me to rebuy my favorites once again.

    On the ABAL redbook layer. It sounds good. Nice bottom end, bass sounds great, drums sound crisp and cymbals sound right. The music has the right sense of air. All good. If there is improvement it is slight. Tonight I'll give a listen to my Axis CD from it's first release and see if anything stands out. Also, the Mono sounds great, I always love hearing a different presentation.

    I hope someone will post about the sonic difference between the Redbook and SACD layer.

    Project Maia CDP>Woo WA7d> Senn HD650>my 66yo ears :laugh:
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  24. MikeT

    MikeT Prior Forum Cretin

    New Jersey, USA
    Where is the number on yours. I ordered from Acoustic Sounds.... no number anywhere.
  25. MikeT

    MikeT Prior Forum Cretin

    New Jersey, USA
    The real issue is this is an Analogue Productions release, sanctioned by Experience Hendrix and Sony. To be 100% sure of getting a copy right at time of release, best to order from Acoustic Sounds technically the "same" company as AP.
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