The Kinks 2018 digital (streaming/download) remasters

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mindgames, Mar 22, 2018.

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    It is a mono speaker, but let me just say, asides from screwing the subs up, it handles the audio in a pretty balanced manner. As good as any cheap monitor, or the ones they had in studios eons ago. I'll probably regret making this comment in this here audio forum.
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    The PRT discs are sourced from the original masters. The Reprise CD's are from second generation tapes. Listen to those and compare.
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    Grabbed "Something Else" and had a listen (and a look) and it's actually almost identical EQ and source-wise to the PRT, but the waveform is a solid brick.

    Because everybody knows that a hi-res release isn't fully worthwhile unless it's been brickwalled. :rolleyes:
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    Thanks. Someone has already posted the 2018 digital DR values
    Album list - Dynamic Range Database

    I was surprised how few versions of the album are posted.
    It will be nice to have Something Else and the other later Pye albums in stereo as I have both the mono cd and vinyl boxes from recent years.
  5. Flaming Torch

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    Were the Reprise cds USA only and what year were they issued? I think most of my Kinks cds are Castle, PRT, Sanctuary until Sony took over Pye and RCA. Also I have some MFSL and Rhino Kinks cds.
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    The source always matters, but what you do with it matters more.
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    Hey, I don't mind, I use it often enough :D.
  8. Funi

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    Hello, I am "Someone" :tiphat:

    I was surprised too, as I wanted to make a preliminary comparison with the more recent digital versions.
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  9. TeddyB

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    I downloaded all of the new HD titles. Nowhere near ready to give an informed opinion, but they are sounding pretty nice to me, and I have absolutely all of the previous versions. Balanced EQ and “clarity” (which I know sounds like a dirty word around here but I think is working for them).
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    When the Stones came out with Blue & Lonesome in December 2016, member @SammyU had some good advice to season the less-than-stellar mastering of that album to his taste. I followed his instructions and love the album AND am able to crank it.

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    Does the new hi-res at least sound better than the Deluxe Edition? I believe the overall DR numbers are similar (average around 9), but that may not tell the full story. Also, I'm assuming the hi-res uses the correct versions of all of the tracks like the Deluxe does (unlike the PRT)?
  12. art

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    Yes. Much better.
  13. Edmoney

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    Can you elaborate on how it sounds better?
  14. Seems to be that way. The EQ is much nicer on the downloads (closer to the PRT), whereas the 2011 deluxe is quite bright and hard sounding.

    The deluxe and download both have the correct original mixes for “Tin Soldier Man” and “Situation Vacant”, where the PRT used alternate vintage mixes in their place (not 80s remixes as is usually stated). Various different versions either chop off the intro of one song or the outro of another. The best sounding and most complete version with the alternate mixes is the 1998 Japanese Victor mini-LP.
  15. It doesn’t have the boosted treble and overall hard/brash EQ of the 2011 Deluxe. But it is still compressed however, unlike the PRT/Castle variations previous to the (mono) 1998 remaster.
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  16. sharedon

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    The promo emails imply that the remasters are streaming on Spotify, but I can’t find them there, or some of them. For instance, I see the bonus track and deluxe editions of Something Else, but not the standalone album. I bought the MFIT versions, so no big deal, but I’d live to stream these versions, too.
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  17. WonkyWilly

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    Yes, definitely. It sounds very close to the PRT, but the levels are pushed to the max. These mixes are very trebly as-is, so it isn't "comfortable" listening.
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  18. Funi

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    I'd like to thank you all for these first comments, really highly regarded.
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    Its important to remember that everything is relative. Check out individuals setups and gear profile. That can be helpful when assessing reviews. Folks who choose not to list gear profiles should not sway you at all. Some folks just like to rattle on.... Usually in the negative. I'll post some thoughts regarding these new reissues later this week. Ron
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    Thank you, everyone, for the updates and comments. I bought Percy (never knew it existed until now) on Friday. Thought it sounded good (a little loud, but good), so bought Lola on Saturday which I only have on record. Thought that sounded good, so I bought Arthur on Sunday! You can see where this is going... pulled the trigger on Something Else & Face to Face early this morning. Something Else sounds good... def different in stereo and some tracks don't translate well as a result.

    I've never had the PRT CD's, but I mirror the general consensus - these remasters sound great (clear/detailed), but are a little loud... I agree it's not a "comfortable" listening, but at ~$11.50 (w/ coupon code) I couldn't turn it down... and am thinking of picking up the earlier ones before the coupon code expires tonight.

    Forgot how much I love the Kinks!
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  21. raphph

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    I really enjoyed the new Something Else today. Louder than I’d like - but sounded good on headphones.
  22. J. R.

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    I bought all of the new HD downloads. I thought they sounded very good, tighter bass and increased sound-stage. Waterloo Sunset almost fills the whole room now, with it's increased sound-stage. Do they sound crazy better? No, just incrementally, but every little bit (pun intended) helps!
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  23. Andreas

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    Increased sound-stage?
  24. The Ole' Rocker

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    How do they fair dynamic-range wise?
  25. Not great, but the EQ is far better than the Deluxe Editions

    Here's a run down of all the releases of the same mixes:

    Kinks - mono

    1998 Castle - a bit thin but not bad by any means, not compressed.
    2011 Deluxe - loud, compressed and bright. Has many tape noises repaired.
    2018 HDtracks - compressed but not as bad as the Deluxe, nice EQ


    PRT/Castle CLACD - flat transfer of master
    1998 Castle - a bit thinner than the PRT (bass shaved off) but not compressed
    2011 Deluxe - loud, compressed and bright. It's a bright album so this one is not pleasant.
    2018 HDtracks - compressed but not as bad as the Deluxe, bright album sound has been dulled a little.


    PRT/Castle CLACD - flat transfer of master (sounds lovely)
    1998 Castle - awful, tinny telephone EQ. God knows where they went wrong with this one. Gold standard in bad mastering!
    2011 Deluxe - Very much overdone, boomy bass, quite congested and fatiguing.
    2018 HDtracks - basically a louder version of the PRT, with a tad more bass.

    Face To Face - mono

    1998 Castle - Sounds good but has NR on the fades/some intros
    Japan K2 - probably the flat source of the 1998 Castle, no NR on fades/intros but otherwise quite similar
    2011 Deluxe - loud and fatiguing
    2018 HDtracks - very similar to the K2 but louder, a little more bass

    Something Else - stereo

    Reprise - US copy tape, a bit dull and damaged but has original mixes of "Tin Soldier Man" and "Situation Vacant"
    PRT/Castle CLACD - Flat transfer, missing end of "Situation Vacant" and intro of "Tin Soldier Man" (alternate mixes)
    Japan K2 - slightly folded in, has complete versions of "Situation Vacant" and "Tin Soldier Man" (alternate mixes)
    2011 Deluxe - Loud and bright as expected. Original mixes.
    2018 HDtracks - As WonkyWilly said, a louder version of the PRT but with the original mixes. A bit more bass too. (runs a tiny amount slower than other versions)

    Arthur - stereo

    PRT/Castle CLACD - flat transfer of master
    1998 Castle - Not bad EQ but a little compressed and very NR'd in places
    Japan K2 - a bit of compression but no NR, bass boosted a little
    2011 Deluxe - Have a guess
    2018 HDtracks - almost identical to the Japan K2. Missing the first two notes on She's Bought A Hat for some reason.


    PRT/Castle CLACD - Flat transfer. Missing drum roll intro to Top of the Pops and count-in on The Contenders. Only uncompressed version on CD.
    1998 Castle - tape hiss not faded in between songs. Quite compressed compared to other 1998s
    Japan K2 - a little brighter than the 1998, but faded between songs.
    2011 Deluxe - Not as bad as other deluxes but still fatiguing
    2018 HDtracks - Pretty much identical sounding to 1998 remaster (with fades in between songs)

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