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    Word of Mouth

    Love this one, always have! The main guitar sounds like a high powered electric power tool (damn thing could probably peel paint off the walls at the right volume).

    There are cool little guitar riffs and fills all over the place (like that ringing almost harmonic-like sound that comes out of nowhere and then keeps returning) and they all sort of gloriously fall apart towards the end in a nice slightly Stonesy way (the breakdown on Too Tough or ending of You Got Me Rockin').

    This song is so loose-limbed and garagey in a way only the Kinks can pull off. I would take this over the too ham-fisted approach on too much of GTPWTW.

    Word of Mouth is a great segue out of Do It Again. Ray is just fed up and angry here, yet still wry and sarcastic. The opening track found Ray caught between tomorrow and yesterday in this new and now Chrissie Hynde-less world (for him at least) but here he's fully in the present and dealing with all the rumors and hearsay about him, why the relationship with Chrissie failed, what she or her circle may be saying, and of course both the mainstream media and rock press. He sets it up perfectly from the opening verse. You can just see Ray hung over rushing to a payphone to try one last time to patch things up with Ms. Hynde and sure enough the phone receiver is either broken or maybe missing.

    It's angry, fed-up shouty Ray and here the music (and that paint-shredding riff) back it up perfectly. This one was a favorite of mine back in my freshman year.

    I do not hear Start Me Up in the intro either.
    Start Me Up into is the riff three times seperated by spaces between each while Word of Mouth is intro more continous with much less pronounced space between the riffs. Also Start Me Up seems to have more a down or less of an upstroke on the strings then Start Me Up.

    Besides everone knows Dave was a huge Jay Ferguson fan anyway and after all Ray never did say the name of the island he was on so sha la la m'lady.
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    Heck waived it if Dave had a better song that would held and elevate the darn band's profile and stocks!
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    Glad you came clean mate!
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    Each side no doubt feel they have supported, placated and acquiesce towards the other without the same reciprocation so they shut up (the negotiation) shop!
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    I recalled it being used powerfully for the the Sopranos ending and credits and not the strip club scene, has anyone posted this part upthread as yet?
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    Living On A Thin Line
    I've just read a few things which have made me think, and finding myself going, "yes, I agree with that, I'd not previously considered that". Especially regarding Ray's Machiavellian sabotaging of Dave with the prevention of this great Dave song being a hit, followed by going with 'Rock 'n' Roll Cities' knowing it would fail, just to knock Dave down (thanks Avid Phyrrhicvictory), and this century having two of the best known Kinks songs being from the pen of the younger Davies, with 'Strangers' and this 'Living On A Thin Line' (thanks Avid ajsmith). Clearly the world prefers a Dave vocal where he sings in a natural register.

    Despite this one being in Ray's ballpark theme, it could only be from Dave, it somehow has his 'humanity' inbuilt in there. I particularly like that Ray has not done, as is usually the case (until 'Phobia' anyway), is leave Dave to it, and here he provides backing vocals to make it seem a proper collaborative effort. Is it the best track on 'Word Of Mouth'? I don't know. It stands out because it's different, because it's Dave here, not Ray singing. It's more '80s in production than possibly any other Kinks song too! (that's fine by me).

    Anyway, it's clearly very, very good, and if one was tasked to produce a '1980's best of the Kinks' single LP, this would be on it.
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    Ah a perfect start and still hope then as i doubt anyone does on a first listen!
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    Genius post!
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    Never view the Oz show Gogglebox though!
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    Never even heard of it mate
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    Sold Me Out.

    stereo mix, Word Of Mouth mix, recorded Jun-Jul 1983 at Konk Studios, Hornsey, London

    I always knew that they'd get me somehow sooner or later,
    But with a bullet in the head, a knife in the back,
    Not a pocket calculator.
    Sorry mister, you're all wiped up,
    You're all washed up,
    Sold you out.

    Got no dreams, got no ambition,
    Can't decide, 'cause there's no decision,
    Got no claim to any position,
    Can't compete with the competition.
    You're always complaining,
    It's so depressing,
    But if you're old enough,
    Start to confess it.
    You say, you sold me out,
    To get a better deal for yourself,
    You sold me out,
    And now we want some of your precious wealth,
    Because you sold me out.
    Sold me out,
    Sold me out,
    Sold me out.

    You sold me out,
    To get a better deal for yourself.
    You sold me out,
    And now it's every man for himself.

    Work all your life, put the money in the bank,
    Sign on the dotted line.
    Try to draw it out, the joke's on you,
    Put up the empty sign.
    Sorry mister, we're all sold out.

    Sold me out,
    Sold me out,
    Sold me out,
    Sold me out.
    You, I'm talkin' to you.

    You sold me out,
    To get a better deal for yourself.
    You sold me out,
    And now we want some of your precious wealth.
    And sell you out,
    Like you sold me out.
    Are you in so deep, that you can't get out?

    Got no dreams, got no ambition,
    Can't decide, 'cause there's no decision,
    Got no claim to any position,
    Can't compete with the competition.
    Sold me out,
    Sold me out,
    Sold me out,
    Sold me out.

    Written by: Ray Davies
    Published by: Davray Music, Ltd.

    I actually love this song. Although we have this straight rocker, I think Ray spices it up with a great melody and delivery.

    This song to me sounds like it could have come off one of the earlier Jam albums, though I know earlier in the thread the Damned were mentioned, and that may be valid.

    I love the opening lines.... I knew they'd get me eventually, but to my surprise it wasn't with a bullet or a knife, it was with a pocket calculator..... that is so very modern world... It kind of follows the idea of the modern world that if someone provokes you to the point of fighting these days, they are likely to sue you rather than deal with the consequences of their provocations. Or the complete reliance on manipulations of the law, to get the results someone is after.

    For the most part this song is fairly simple and fairly straight forward.... and although I don't really see the Kinks as turning punk at any stage, I think this is one of their more successful tracks in terms of having a punkish kind of feel.

    The staccato chorus gets me every time, and I can find myself singing along with the melody of this one without even thinking about it. The way the chorus builds into a full rip rocker works well too, and I love the melody usage on the sold me ooooooouuuuut parts.

    Not sure really what to particularly say here ... I just reckon this is a great song.

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    Amazingly this was in our Oz primary school music book and we sung it in class.
    The only number we put more gusto and lunacy into was called Mrs Murphy's Chowder!
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    I don't know the lady in question nor can see any links that worked to view her reaction/discussion etc?
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    Ahhh singing and listening... I used to love that
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    "Sold Me Out" - I like this one a lot. First of all, it is revved-up Kinks so I am naturally going to enjoy it to a certain point. I like the song musically but also lyrically - not that the song is particularly deep lyrically but I just like the way the words all flow together which would also put some light on Ray's vocal which is a master class in phrasing if you ask me. Obviously the song speaks to some of Ray's mistrust of the music business but it works on a different level as well. I can hear the Eighties production on this one (not a favourite style of mine) but the punchiness of the song cuts through all of that.
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    A 20 something actress from Florida.... obviously a singer and musician to some degree. She works in theater and was on a tv series called Hitstreak.

    For some reason she took the Village Green review down, which is a shame, as I thought she did a pretty good job of it.
    I haven't checked them out but she has done all the Beatles albums, Tommy, A Night At The Opera and a few others
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    Reference guide

    A bit about the band

    Oct 1963 I'm A Hog For You Baby (first recording)

    Dec 1963 Oobadiaboo unreleased?

    Feb 1964 Long Tall Sally - live footage

    Apr 1964 You Still Want Me - b-side You Do Something To Me

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    Everybody's Gonna Be Happy demo
    Don't Ever Let Me Go

    1964 All Day And All Of The Night - shindig - US tv
    I Gotta Move - shindig - live 92?

    Kinks get a haircut

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    Things Are getting Better

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    Meets the Kinks
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    interview excerpt
    All Day And All Of The Night
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    I've Got That Feeling

    Paris 1965
    Hullabaloo 1965
    The Kinks educate the US
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    / Come on Now - live - live 82

    5 Mar 1965 Kinda Kinks
    Look For Me Baby
    Got My Feet On The Ground
    Nothin' In This World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'bout That Girl - live?
    Naggin' Woman
    I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight - Sweden
    Tired Of Waiting For You
    Dancing In the Street
    Don't Ever Change
    Come On Now - alt vocal
    So Long
    You Shouldn't be Sad
    Something Better Beginning

    I Go To Sleep
    Tell Me So I'll Know
    A Little Bit Of Sunlight
    There's A new World Just Opening up For Me
    This I Know

    17 March 1965 Kink Size (US lp)

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    I Need You - Dave - Ray

    Mick Avory interview

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    Dave interview

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    Wait Till The Summer Comes Along
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    Tired Of Waiting For You
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    Gotta Get The First Plane Home
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    I Am Free - Dave live
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    The World Keeps Going Round
    I'm On An Island
    Where Have All The Good Times Gone
    It's Too Late
    What's In Store For Me
    You Can't Win

    Mr Reporter
    Time Will Tell
    And I Will Love You
    All Night Stand
    All I want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth - Ready steady go
    She's My Girl/Listen To Me
    She's My Girl info - song

    Mar 1966 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion - Alt. - studio sessions - video - live 73
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    Ray Interview

    Live in 65

    Live In Germany 65/66 part 1 - part 2

    BBC - live at the Playhouse tracks 1965

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    June 66 Ray interview

    Jul 1966 Dedicated Kinks EP

    Aug 1966 Greatest Hits

    Sept 1966 Well Respected Kinks

    Documentary part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
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    Oct 1966 Face To Face
    Party Line - Dave live 90's
    Rosie Won't You Please Come Home
    Dandy - live 67 - alt stereo
    Too Much On My Mind - live 80's
    Session Man
    Rainy Day In June
    House In The Country
    Holiday In Waikiki
    Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
    Fancy - live 69 - alt extended
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    I'll Remember

    She's Got Everything - 65 mono mix - Dave - Instr - stereo

    Nov 1966 Dead End Street - video - 1st version - alt mono - true stereo - Amy McDonald and Ray Davies
    Big Black Smoke

    1966 Trouble In Madrid
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    "Sold Me Out"

    Not one of my favourites from this album, if I'm honest. It's one of the Return To Waterloo tracks, and I feel it belongs there more than it belongs here. It does have a punk/new wave-y feel (and is possibly the last such Kinks track), but it's a bit more theatrical/pastiche-like than genuinely convincing. I was planning to mention The Jam during discussion of this album, but not for this track! Nothing wrong with being a pastiche, but it feels like it's part of the Waterloo storyline (such as there is one) and is somewhat out of context here. Five tracks into Word Of Mouth and five completely different sounding tracks!
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    Trust me that is to your extreme benefit, almost convinces you to think switching over to Big Brother could be a better watch!
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    Reference guide

    Oct 1963 - Nov 1966


    Apr 1967 Mr Pleasant - Alt version - Beat Club - live - beat club - instr (whistling)
    This Is Where I Belong - Ray live - Ray with Francis Black

    May 1967 Mr Pleasant EP
    Mr Pleasant
    This Is Where I Belong
    Two Sisters - Ray live (with chat)
    Village Green - Instrumental - Ray

    May 1967 Waterloo Sunset - instr. - live 73 - Ray live 78 - live 94 - Ray and Damon Albarn - doco excerpt - Ray and Bowie - Ray live (Peter dedication)
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    Autumn Almanac
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    Part 1

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    She's Got Everything Promo film

    July 1968 Colour Me Pop - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion A Well Respected Man Death Of A Clown Sunny Afternoon Two Sisters Sitting By The Riverside Lincoln County Picture Book Days

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    extra tracks
    Mr Songbird - stereo
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    Misty Water - stereo - alt stereo
    Did You See His Name? - mono
    Till Death Us Do Part - stereo - Chas Mills vocal - Anthony Booth vocal
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    Pictures In the Sand - instrumental
    Easy Come, There You Went
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    Waterloo Sunset
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    1968 International EP's

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    Part 1
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    Part 6
    Part 7
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    Part 9
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    Oct 1963 - Nov 1966
    Apr 1967 - Feb 1970

    1965 Never Say Yes

    1966 Trouble In Madrid

    Dave reviewing singles of 67

    Nov 1970 Lola Vs Powerman And The Moneygoround
    The Contenders
    Strangers - live 1970 - Dave live
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    Get Back In Line
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    Feb 1971 Percy (movie) - trailer
    Mar 1971 Percy (soundtrack)
    God's Children
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    Running Round Town
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    Whip Lady
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    God's Children Outro

    The Follower

    1971 You Really Got Me - Mini Monster EP

    Nov 1971 Muswell Hillbillies

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    Jun 1976 Kinks Greatest - Celluloid Heroes - alt track listing
    Here Comes Yet Another Day live

    The RCA Years
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    Oct 1963 - Nov 1966 -
    Apr 1967 - Feb 1970
    Nov 1970 - Jun 1976

    The Kinks Move To Arista Records

    Feb 1977 Sleepwalker
    Life On The Road - OGWT 77 - ITV 78
    Mr Big Man
    Sleepwalker - Mike Douglas - OGWT - Supersonic - SNL - Outtake
    Juke Box Music - single - OGWT
    Sleepless Night
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    Full Moon - live 77 - Ray live
    Life Goes On - OGWT 77
    Artificial Light
    Prince Of The Punks
    The Poseur
    On The Outside - remix
    Elevator Man

    Kinks Live Feb 1977
    Ray acoustic Apr 77
    Kinks Old Grey Whistle Test show 77
    Kinks Live Dec 1977
    Christmas Concert 1977
    The Pressures Of The Road

    Nov 1977 Father Christmas - video - live 1977 - tv promo - Dave live

    May 1978 Misfits
    Misfits - tv 1978
    Hay Fever - live?
    Black Messiah
    Rock And Roll Fantasy- the hotel room - live Paris 1978
    In A Foreign Land
    Permanent Waves
    Live Life - US version - UK tv
    Out Of The Wardrobe
    Trust Your Heart - live 1979
    Get Up

    1978 The Misfit Record EP

    Lola live in the hotel room

    UK tv 1978

    The Misfits Tour
    Live in Paris 1978

    Sept. 1978 20 Golden Greats

    Jul 1979 Low Budget
    Catch Me Now I'm Falling - remix - alt mix - The Late Man, Sea Cows In Love Mix
    Pressure - live 1983
    National Health
    Superman (ext. mix) - single/album mix - ext fan mix - video - straight mix 12"
    Low Budget - Extended mix - Live 89 - Ray Live
    In A Space
    A Little Bit Of Emotion
    A Gallon Of Gas - Live in 1982 - Full US single version - Alt mix
    Moving Pictures
    studio outtakes
    Hidden Quality
    Nuclear Love
    Maybe I Love You
    Stolen Away Your Heart

    Mike Konopka Restores the Kinks for the Velvel Reissues

    The Low Budget interview
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

    Aug 1974 Live At Cobo Hall

    Ray On Wonderworld

    The Kunks

    Ray on the Stones

    Compilations part 1
    The Kinks (France 78)

    Dave Davies - AFL1-3603
    Where Do You Come From
    Doing The Best For You
    Visionary Dreamer
    Nothing More To Lose
    The World Is Changing Hands
    Move Over
    See The Beast
    Imaginations Real - Dave live
    In You I Believe
    Wild Man

    June 1980 One For The Road - The Concert Video - The 1979 Setlists - Cover analysis - album review
    Opening/Hardway - Hardway video
    Catch Me Now I'm Falling - video
    Where Have All the Good Times Gone - video
    Lola - video
    Pressure - video
    All Day And All Of The Night - video
    20th Century Man
    Prince Of The Punks
    Stop Your Sobbing
    Low Budget - video
    Attitude - video
    Superman - video
    National Health

    Till The End Of The Day
    Celluloid Heroes - video
    You Really Got Me - video
    Victoria - video
    David Watts

    Slum Kids 79 live

    July 1980 The Live EP - Promo EP

    1980 Waterloo Sunset EP

    Live at the Palladium 1980

    1981 The Kinks - What's It All About?

    Jul 1981 Dave Davies Glamour
    Is This The Only Way?
    Reveal Yourself
    World Of Our Own
    Too Serious
    7th Channel
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    1981 Chorus Girls

    Aug 1981 Give The People What They Want
    Around The Dial - live 1982 - extended intro
    Give The People What They Want - video - extra verse
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    Predictable - video
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    Back To Front - live 1982
    Art Lover - live 1982 - alt version - SNL 1981
    A Little Bit Of Abuse
    Better Things - Kast-Off Kinks, with Ray - single - live - TOTP 94
    b-side Massive Reductions

    Ray Interview

    Compilations part 2 1981/82

    1981/82 Tour

    Ray And Chrissie Postcard From London

    Rockpalast concert 1982

    US Festival

    Ray On Wonderworld

    1983 Dave Davies - Chosen People
    Mean Disposition - video
    Love Gets You - video - live
    Danger Zone
    True Story
    Take One More Chance
    Freedom Lies
    Matter Of Decision
    Is It Any Wonder
    Fire Burning
    Chosen People
    Cold Winter
    One Night With You b-side - live

    Dave Interview

    June 1983 State Of Confusion - interview
    State Of Confusion - live - video
    Definite Maybe
    Labour Of Love
    Come Dancing - TOTP - Stuttgart - ext - demo - Ray live - Frankfurt - US mix
    Property - live
    Don't Forget To Dance - video - live - video - ext - US mix - Aus mix - Alt
    Young Conservatives
    Heart Of Gold
    Clichés Of The World (B-movie) - live 87
    Bernadette - live 82 - live 83 -alt - UK single
    Once A Thief
    Noise - UK 7" - UK 12"
    Long Distance

    State Of Confusion tour
    MTV interview

    You Really Got Me reissue

    State Of Confusion EP

    Compilations part 3 1983 - +1
    Spotty Grotty Anna mono

    Scenes From A Video Marriage

    Live In Frankfurt in 1984

    Kinks live TOTP 1994

    Dave Creeping Jean live 2004

    2005 Thanksgiving Day Ray live on Conan Obrien

    Oct 2018 Dave Davies - Decade - interview
    If You Are Leaving (71)
    Cradle To The Grace (73)
    Midnight Sun (73)
    Mystic Woman (73)
    The Journey (73)
    Shadows (73)
    Web Of Time (75)
    Mr Moon (75) - Why
    Islands (78)
    Give You All My Love (78)
    Within Each Day (78)
    Same Old Blues (78)
    This Precious Time (78)

    Rob Kopp has made his 1999 Kinks discography 'Down All The days Till 1992'

    US Chart Stats
    The Music Industry Machine
  24. Vangro

    Vangro Forum Resident

    Re: Living On. A Thin Line. People have been moaning that England's not what it used to be (whingeing Poms indeed) forever, this one's from the 18th century.

  25. The late man

    The late man Forum Resident

    But then, you have to admit that things have not been what they used to be from the Big Bang onwards. People have always been saying it because it's always been the case!

    Yeah, I know, usually they regret things that actually never were.
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