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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mark winstanley, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. mark winstanley

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    Typically my favourite Rod albums are the later seventies lol

    The Church are still on the cards
  2. Luckless Pedestrian

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    Yeah I had a listen last night for the first time in a while- good songs, good flow, nice sound recording - two thumbs up!
  3. mark winstanley

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    Anyway... enough about other threads lol
    Let's ride this camel to the oasis, and then we can decide what boat we wanna get in :)
  4. palisantrancho

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    I don't mind a few later 70s albums, but he ceases to be related to the other bands around 1974-1976. There are 28 Rod albums after this! I'm guessing that most who would follow for Small Faces/Faces/Humble Pie would drop out of the Rod discussion very early.
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  5. markelis

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    I vote Blackmore family!
  6. mark winstanley

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    On this forum Rod only seemed to make 4 albums lol
  7. palisantrancho

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    Ha ha. I just checked my iTunes and guess how many Rod albums? The first four! I do have the next three albums on vinyl. I would also have to include the 2 Jeff Beck albums and the 4 Faces albums, which are often thought of as Rod Stewart albums. That makes thirteen albums!

    I also love his earlier 60s single "The Day Will Come".

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  9. ThereOnceWasANote

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    Good Day

    This lead single of Word of Mouth sunk without a trace. This essentially brings an end to the Kinks commercial salad days and begins the slide back Kult band status.

    Too bad because masses of the general public missed out on a top flight single and album.
    After storming the gates with two rockers the Kinks do the most Kinksian thing possible give us a lilting ballad with an island flair (with a reference to both weather and nuclear annihilation because Kinks). So the album goes suddenly from a fade out of crashing guitars into two beeps of a digital watch and drum machine. But damn if the segue doesn't work beautifully. Good Day is a sunny song with not so sunny lyrics but plenty of Ray's quirky gallows humor. He sings of the death of British actress and Richard Dawson ex-Diana Dors but its the ghost of a still living Chrissie Hynde which looms larger on this track. One thing to note about these opening trio of songs: they seem personal as opposed to Ray's character study method singing approach.

    If the first two songs musically recall a bit of early Kinks this one with a bit of tweaking could slide into the Face To Face-Something Else era.

    This song should've been a hit (at least breaking the top 40 or 30).

    I'm reminded now that the inner sleeve was that annoying clear plastic that clung like saran wrap to the record.
  10. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Senior Member

    Living On A Thin Line

    First heard over The Sopranos credits which as @Fortuleo has so eloquently stated really elevated and provided a slow burning combustion to the deeply foreboding mood.
    It was so effective i was unexpectedly eager to check the credits where I was not expecting them to say The Kinks.

    Many years later i bought the Come Dancing CD and i can't recall if i put 2 and 2 together and linked it to the drama series but for me it didn't stand out as a key cut here.
    That said I am completely onside with James Garner er... @Rockford & Roll in stating that Living On A Thin Line sounds great on Word Of Mouth both fitting in with the sound and flow and elevating the LP.

    I agree with most here that Dave got it right by singing within himself and not overburdening the song itself or the arrangement!
    I do get a Moody Blues/Pink Floyd vibe, maybe i can imagine Dave Gilmour playing the stately elongated riff with 17 Echoplexes and a bank of Marshall's as a 16 year old @mark winstanley sits atop a friend's shoulders swinging his shirt wildly over his head and crying tears of joy that say "I am so glad they haven't invented the Burswood Dome yet!

    Edit: I like how Dave put in some of Big Sky!
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  11. Rockford & Roll

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    These esoteric Sundays are a large amount of fun. I was at a local record shop yesterday and picked up a Weller album in the used bin. I'd be all in on a Weller/Jam/Style Council thread as well. I had to play off of Matk's camel to the oasis line:

    Maria Muldaur | Midnight At The Oasis

  12. donstemple

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    I was trying to find this and was having trouble. Where is the bit of Big Sky?
  13. Zeki

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    Free-form Sunday and have been thinking about music used in television programs (not that I know much as I hardly watch any television!). But when I was living in Tokyo in the ‘00s, I did. One thing I noticed there, that I haven’t seen in the U.S., is that if a song is used in a commercial advertisement it will be credited on screen. And, I believe, oftentimes it causes a bump in sales for the song.

    I can’t recall if I’ve told this story before (apologies if I have) but my close friend, a very generous man, opened a venue for the locals in his area to bash away and play music. (The city was thrilled and supported him until they found out he charged a 100 yen (less than a dollar) per person. Of course, a buck for an hour session is nothing…but my friend charged because he said that the kids would be more responsible that way.)

    Anyway, through this he ended up with quite a roster of teenage and adult bands, a few of which even ended up getting recording contracts. Periodically, they’d put on a concert. Halloween, Christmas or whatever.

    One day I received a call from my friend saying that this Canadian guy (Chris Catalano: you can find him on Apple Music) needed a keyboard player. Would my son be interested? If so, have him bring his bandmates along.

    So we trundle across Tokyo carrying his keyboard wrapped in a blanket; 2 hours on train. The venue was immediately outside the train station (prime location…and the bloody city complained about 100 yen?!!) and we walk up and find a sign with the play order for the bands…and there’s “Jesse and Band” (my son’s name) listed. The guy’s are ecstatic as they had no idea that they’d be playing. They’d come to watch.

    So my son’s band plays a four song set at about the number 3 slot and then Jesse joins Chris Catalano and the rhythm section from a different band to play a set of his originals and a final “Summertime Blues.”

    What does this have to do with music used in television? One of the musicians, the key member of the band Roundwound, had a song that was the theme song of a popular drama. That one song was providing a nice, steady income. He (and this is the environment that my friend had created, one where the ‘seniors’ helped the younger ones) encouraged my son and his friends, gave each of them a signed Roundwound cd…and he’s a very handsome guy so my wife bought one, too! Gushing and all that. Ha. And the kids came home and spent the night (it was very late by the time we made it back, another 2-hours return trip), with one boy declaring that it had been the very best day of his life. (That was the drummist.)

    And this tale was courtesy of the Sopranos reference. (The way the mind works, eh?)
  14. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Certified dinosaur, who likes physical product Thread Starter

    Nice one... I don't think you've told us that one.

    It is really interesting how the mind works.... When I read my posts back (when I get a chance) I often scratch my head and ponder if my mind is living its own separate life lol
  15. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Certified dinosaur, who likes physical product Thread Starter

    Tv and music .... it seems like a valid topic, particularly with Return To Waterloo coming up soon....

    I also enjoyed the Sopranos tv series. I actually didn't watch it until a few years ago when my wife said she had missed it first time around and wanted to see it.
    I watch tv, but predominantly because my wife seems to like watching tv, and I only get about an hour or hour and a half after I get home, before I really need to get to bed and get my five hours lol

    The funny thing about tv shows to me is, I watch them, I know what's going on, but it is sort of in one ear and out the other. I'm focused, but not focused, if that makes any sense. I need to be focused, because Steph is bound to ask me why that happened, or what they are doing, or what did he just say and all that kind of stuff, and I need to be prepared with an answer.... because she thinks I'm not paying attention, because these days I'm often punching thoughts into the forum. So often I think she's just testing to see if I'm present LOL

    While I'm watching a show I know exactly what's going on and I will notice things like the music, or the way a shot was set up, or a particularly interesting plot line or whatever.... but frankly, when the show/series is done.... it is ancient history, and unless I watched it again (extremely rare for me) I probably couldn't tell you much about it.... it doesn't interest me enough to retain information about it, and I have way too much other stuff I need to remember, so it makes like Dobie Gray and Drifts Away ....

    Breaking Bad is one of my favourite tv shows I've watched, and frequently they used music in a way that was very engaging and poignant.
    I think when it comes to tv shows though, I am generally more interested in the characters ... probably even more than the plots.
    I tend to like documentaries, but most these days are very dark miserable affairs... it seems all the general populace must want to watch are shows about murderers and generally destructive people, as if looking into their lives will reveal some deep truth about the world, when all it really seems to do is paint the world as an ugly place that we need to escape lol

    I really enjoyed a show called Peaky Blinders, and their use of Nick Cave music (often, but not totally) was really very good....

    Anyway, I have a flower garden to plant, and that babbling mess probably adds little to the equation.... I'll probably be back later to see where we end up today though. Sunday has proven to be an interesting little journey in and of itself.
  16. CheshireCat

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    Green Day's 'Misery' off 'Warning' reminds me of something Kinkslike.

    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

    Salem, MA
    An excellent story, Avid Zeki. I hope your friend still has that venue. It seems to be a great place for kids to be creative and let off some of that adolescent steam instead of being destructive. Your friend was right to charge a nominal figure. People usually don't appreciate things that are free or given to them.

    Also, I have to admit that I never have watched an episode of the Sopranos. We never had HBO, just poverty level cable, w/just the broadcast channels and some other channels like MeTV. The library that I work in has it on DVD and I see DVD sets on sale for cheap in my local thrifts, but I'm not compelled to watch it. I've managed to gleam information on it, like the appearance of "Living On A Thin Line" on my web surfing over the years (is it still called web surfing? :laugh:). It's just that I can't find the time to watch it, especially these days when a lot of my time is spent reading and commenting on this Krazee Kinks Thread you may have heard about :laugh:.

    I think it's great that we will be discussing about the Return to Waterloo movie since it's rather interesting that Ray, of all the "classic rockers", has the most interest in video/movie production dating back to the 60s. Return to Waterloo was the culmination of his interest and ambitions in this area.
  18. ThereOnceWasANote

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  19. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Senior Member

    Great story @Zeki
    Brisbane gave home to a British expat from the late 80's for a couple of decades named Buzz who used the name Buzz And The Blues Band.
    He was very popular and a great catalyst for giving opportunity to and helping young musician's meet, connect (such as your truly) and also jam with him onstage.
    We were very lucky to have him as he was like our John Mayall and so many fine group's sprouted from directly refining their chops with him!

    Sadly I don't recall his real name or know (as he would be close to 80) if he is still active so i wonder if any of our UK folk know of him?
  20. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    Unfortunately, he died six or seven years ago so, no, no more venue.

    One further add to the story. The boys were all happy because “we made the girls cry!” when they played one of their songs (a ballad titled ‘Favorite Surprise’).

    edit: I’ll see if I can find a Roundwound song.
  21. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Senior Member

    Hard to pinpoint for you as it's not a direct lift but more tone and accents.
    Try 0.27 & 0.57 on Dave's tune and then listen to Big Sky at 0.17 only try imagining it slowed down or if easier Dave's sped up!
    If iam going mad and sometime can hear it being closer to phrases from another Village Green track please make some noise about it.
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  22. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    I can’t find a RoundWound song on the internet to save my life…even while staring at the two cd’s in my lap. Anyway, I did find his profile and see that he’s been active as a songwriter, including writing for one of the large (as in, numerous members) girl groups: AKB48 2012 song (‘Tomo yo’ (Friends).
  23. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    Well, since I have now deep-dived down memory lane, I’ve discovered that Shin Aoki (RoundWound) has been quite successful as a songwriter (many girl groups, including singles released as recently as December of last year). Also, promotional music for towns, video game music, pretty much everything. Here’s one of his songs (not performed by him) used in ending credits of tv show:
  24. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    And one more: again, he’s the songwriter, not artist:

    RoundWound, by the way, was much rawer. More rock.
  25. Rockford & Roll

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    Midway, KY
    That was a really neat story @Zeki. I’m sorry about your friend.

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