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    Can’t add much to the discussion of Waterloo Sunset. Agree that it’s a work of art. One of the finest songs of the rock and roll era. The narrator is alone (is he elderly, disabled, or has he simply chosen a solitary life?). Out his window, he (or she) is surrounded by hundreds of people traveling through the streets each day. He lives vicariously through the lives of those he watches. And all that he needs to be happy or at least content is to see this couple’s romance blossom amidst the bustling urban chaos.

    Act Nice and Gentle works as a great change of pace. If the flip side was another masterpiece, they’d be showing off, wouldn’t they.
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    Can't add much to the discussion about Waterloo Sunset. I will say my life would be less without it.
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    I have been thinking about this. I am ok with that rhyme, but I can see how you can criticize it as obvious, or even.. lazy. So later on, he says “I am so lazy”, he could have done the “lazy” rhyme there too and completed that line as “Makes me feel crazy”, but he decided to not rhyme at all with “don’t want to wander”. Just an observation!
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    Beautifully summarized ! That's what makes it the ultimate humanist song for me. The narrator may be an agoraphobic – as @Mark said – or even a misanthrope. But helped by the clearing of the sky represented by the acoustic strumming and the rays of light that Rasa sings, when he focuses on those two loving kids, he sees the whole of humanity in them.
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    Everyone’s comments about Waterloo Sunset have been inspiring; the song is SO beautiful I am at a loss for words.

    Though I may be jumping the gun on the thread as there’s another song in this link, this particular performance of WS moves me to tears every time…

    Cheers fellow Kinks fans!

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    I was at this gig; you can see me in the crowd in the opening shot of this video (yellow t-shirt, hat & shades, next to the guy holding the drum thing above his head on the left) & I distinctly remember Rays dedication to Quaife & how emotional it was. If I recall correctly, Ray also dedicated a choral version of See My Friends to Pete, which was gorgeous & moving.

    It was my first time seeing Ray live & it was excellent; drawing the biggest crowd anyone had ever amassed playing the Sunday afternoon ‘legends’ slot on the main Pyramid stage.
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    The best song he wrote. But Aretha Franklin's version of it is definitive in my book.
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    You're welcome, ADTL. :)
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    Anyone pick up Percy yesterday? I attempted to visit a couple record shops and both places had a line of about 70 people. That's not for me, so I didn't stop. I went ahead and ordered a copy off Discogs. Today I went to see what the leftovers might be from record store day at a local shop. Of course they didn't have any of the other albums I was considering, but they had like 10 copies of Percy! Must not be a popular album around here. I thought it would sell out since it's a rarity on vinyl. Too bad, it has several amazing songs and a couple of my Kinks favorites. Wish I could listen now, but now I have to wait until I get my shipment from Discogs which could be weeks. :doh:
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    I ended up getting Percy with the Lola deluxe ... is there any particular difference? Is it just a case of having the album on record?
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    There are no bonus tracks and it uses the original mixes. Your CD has some Percy bonus tracks. If you don’t care about it being on vinyl or a limited addition picture disc there is no reason to have it.
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    I don't have Lola deluxe, so I don't know. I'm sure it sounds good. I have this on a 1989 CD only, so the vinyl would most likely be a big sound improvement. The new vinyl is also a picture disc that was mastered by Kevin Gray and supposedly sounds great. Nice textured album cover as well. It's the first vinyl release in 20 years.
  13. mark winstanley

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    cheers mate
  14. mark winstanley

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    No doubt. When I was looking around for Percy it seemed like it was pretty much only available secondhand... but when I saw the Lola Deluxe I just thought that was the most sensible way to get it.
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    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

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    When you say the "Lola Deluxe" do you mean the 2 CD reissue from 2014 or the more recent box set? I don't think the latter includes Percy.

    Also, in regards to the posts involving the live version of "Mr. Pleasant" from 1971 & how people seem to know about prior to The Kink Kronkiles, Greg Shaw wrote an article called "Kinks Kompendium" in issue #7 of his zine Who Put the Bomp? (summer 1971), which was pretty thorough considering the available info at the time. It can currently be found in Bomp 2 Back in the Garage.
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    The deluxe being the 2cd version... I ended up getting the "super deluxe", because essentially I have mental issues lol
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    I feel like I'm treading holy ground here. There is, after all, paradise in this song.

    Musically exquisite of course... and lyrically intoxicating.

    Paul McCartney gives us an idealised Liverpool with blue suburban skies and pretty nurses. John Lennon gives us a dream Liverpool world where nothing is real.

    Ray Davies gives us an idealised London sublimated by two lovers who escape the madding crowd to spiritually join him across the river in beatific contemplation of an unwordly sunset.

    Neither single made number one in the UK charts, only number two.

    They can both wear this as a badge of honour.

    Both singles represent exactly the feel of early 67 with a heady mix of nostalgia, detached observation and quasi-religious aspirations.

    Eyes closed or open, gazing from a window as if at a play ... with Ray we're safe and sound.
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    As the proprietor of this thread, the mention of “mental issues” is clearly redundant
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    That's a good example of going with a lyric that drives the narrative rather then heeding to the necessity of finding a rhyme. It's a sign of a confident songwriter in control of their craft. Which is why I'm slightly put off by the easy rhyme of "busy" and "dizzy." But I'm sure Ray has his reasons for the choices he makes. If writing "Waterloo Sunset" was easy, then anyone could be Ray Davies.
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    Back in 2015 I went to 12 different music sites (including this one) and asked everyone to list their top 10 Kinks songs. With over 300 lists I expected Waterloo Sunset to win easily but I didn't think it would win by such a large margin. Here is a list of the top 1o Kinks songs and how many lists they appeared on. I was also shocked to learn how many people didn't know the song,

    Waterloo Sunset 223
    Sunny Afternoon 139
    Lola 120
    You Really Got Me 114
    Days 112
    Shangri-La 103
    Victoria 97
    Tired Of Waiting For You 95
    All Day And All Of The Night 93
    Celluloid Heroes 83
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    Yes it's not all about an......Imaginary man!
  22. All Down The Line

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    Have you heard Otis Redding cover it?
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    Three Dog Night.
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    I'm glad that we still have half of the songs on that list to cover. Waterloo Sunset is the pinnacle song-wise, but there's plenty of great stuff to come.
  25. FJFP

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    Before we dig in today, I also need to cover Act Nice And Gentle. Thanks to both CD versions of Something Else I've owned, this track naturally follows on from the album, and having it as the B-Side to WS, this makes perfect sense! Sure. it's not a unique tale or sketch, but I think Ray does these little sort of songs well, too, and the sonic uniqueness for it at this stage of The Kinks' career makes it pop IMO. I love the guitar that (roughly) follows the melody line too, especially in the chorus. It's playful, fun, and a nice bit of rest bite.

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