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    Speaking of Neil Young and The Byrds…

    …The Byrds’ cover of Young’s “Cowgirl in the Sand” sounds A LOT like some of these Dave Davies songs that we’ve been discussing over the last few days:

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    What ties these together is that Creeping Jean echoes Rainy Day in June with

    “Are creepin' to their doom”
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    I agree with this.
    I love some great singers, and I dislike some great singers.
    I love some vocalists, and I dislike some vocalists....

    One thing I have found with unusual vocalists, is if the songs are good enough I can get used to, and even enjoy the style and timbre of a vocalist I initially didn't like.
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    And that might be just the case for many people with Neil Young. I suppose for some his "whiny" vocals are just too much, however great the song in question might be, but I prefer to characterize him as "unusual" as well, and again really thought I could hear his style presaged on "Rainy Day in June" (especially how Ray sang those opening lyrics - "A misty shadow spread its wings and covered all the ground"), which set the whole foreboding (but brilliant!) tone of this piece.

    Here is the song reposted for those who might have missed it the first time around in this thread, and a refresher for everybody else who previously "felt the rain": :winkgrin:

  5. Zeki

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    I don’t think this is true at all. I know it isn’t for me. If it was true they’d be like Laura Nyro; maybe put out a few albums but rely mostly on other artists having hits with their songs.

    Neil’s delivery on Helpless or on Tonight’s the Night (“Early in the mornin' at the break of day
    He used to sleep until the afternoon
    If you never heard him sing
    I guess you won't too soon”)...
    who else can do that? So, yeah, vigorously (!) disagree.
  6. Steve62

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    The discussion of Muswell Hillbillies should be pretty good.
  7. Fischman

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    I don't want to hear anything sung by Steve Perry!. :D

    Now given Dylan's reach as a songwriter, a whole lot of artists have covered a whole lot of his songs.... and I invariably prefer the covers.
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    Well, at least we can agree on Steve Perry!
  9. jethrotoe

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    I wish Hendrix had lived long enough to do some sort of Dylan cover album, like what Bryan Ferry did.
  10. Wondergirl

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    Are You Ready?
    another new one to my ears. Very Dylan to lyrics and sound.
    I like it.
  11. Wondergirl

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    Creeping Jean
    I've long heard of this song,but never heard it until tonight.
    the chorus is an earworm. It gets into my head and won't leave. wow.
    I like it rawness. Still trying to get my head around it. but I think i approve.
  12. FJFP

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    Sorry I’ve been quite quiet after the opening couplet here, but outside if those killer couple of opening tracks, I’ve never felt that compelled by the Dave material here, especially due to it’s limited release. I agree that there’s a lot to like about Creeping Jean, but I don’t find myself reaching for it all that often (then again, Hold My Hand is paired only with You Still Want Me for Pye era 45s I lack in original copies). I might pop in again before the end, but likely I’ll chime in again once Plastic Man crops up.

    Thanks for making me really take note of that bass slide however! I for some reason relatively ignored it before, but now I realise just how good it is!
  13. Pawnmower

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    "This Man He Weeps Tonight" is a great rocker. The guitar and drums really stand out. I never thought about the Byrds while listening to it, but after @donstemple mentioned it, I can totally see that. They wouldn't rock like this, though. Lyrically, it's very straightforward. Not mysterious like "Susannah." It does the job. "The days have gone and past while dreaming away / The lighting here is dim, and the room closes in around me." Been there.

    "Mindless Child of Motherhood" is another outstanding jam. It has a great intro with that piano lightly doing it's thing. "I've been traveling a long time, to be just where you are" kicks us off in a new direction. My only issue with the song is I don't care much for the chorus. Not because I don't know what MCOM means exactly, but the rest of the tune tells a story and the chorus just seems like a diversion. Other than that, thumbs up.

    "Hold My Hand" is catchy in that you can easily sing it's chorus the first time you hear it. But do you want to? Dave kills it on the first two songs but the passion seems missing here. It's a gospel-y Procol Harum sound but his chorus vocal especially sounds weak and whiny. Not a confident vocal and not an interesting song.
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  14. Pawnmower

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    "Do You Wish To Be A Man" - This is my first time hearing this one. I like it more than 'Hold My Hand' but the chorus is just as repetitive as that one and MCOM. I don't hear Dylan, but I do hear early 60s folk. I can easily picture drunks singing this in a pub. The first verse after each chorus rhymes better than the second. It's not the worst, variety is good, but it drags.

    "Are You Ready" - This is another dull pub song that drags. And I'm noticing this trend where the choruses on this album are repetitive AF. However, the longing in his voice helps and this being placed perhaps at the end of the album like @Steve62 said, could improve things. You have to judge this one out of all other context. I'm a bit torn because I thought it was super boring but there's a vibe I like that is keeping me from being too hard on it.

    "Creeping Jean" is an average rocker to me. I don't dislike it, it just doesn't grab me like it does most of you. The "don't look back, it is too late, no story to be told" section is my favorite bit.
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  15. All Down The Line

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    It's a gestation oversight that can be easily forgiven.
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  16. All Down The Line

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    Interesting you say that as I hadn't noticed that line but something musically had reminded me of that song but I hadn't quite put my finger on it!
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  17. mark winstanley

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    I'm Crying.

    stereo mix (2:41), recorded 20 Dec, 1968 at Polydor Studios, London

    Are you loving him just the way,
    That I loved you when you walked away?
    Whoa, I'm crying, crying.

    Do you need him just the way,
    That I needed you when you left that day?
    Whoa, I'm crying, crying.
    Crying, crying.

    Do you think that he's so glad[?],
    Do you think he loves you so?
    Do you think that he'd be mad,
    If you never come on home?

    I'm crying, crying, crying.

    Now my days are spent in sin[?],
    Now that you are loving him.
    Whoa, I'm crying, crying.

    If you suddenly realize,
    That he's not the one to spend your life with,
    Whoa, I'm crying, crying.
    Crying, crying.

    Written by: Dave Davies
    Published by: ?

    I think this actually is just a demo, but I really like it, and I think it works really well in and of itself.

    If I remember rightly Dave said that this track goes a long way to tell you how he was feeling at the time all this was going down. I'm not sure if he means from the perspective that he was in a reflective mood about Sue and was actually crying, or if he means he was distracted and not interested...... but I think this comes over well.

    This is a pretty straight forward chord arrangement and I really like the vocal melody he puts on top of it.
    We open with a little guitar noodle, that actually reminds me a bit of Hendrix.... I don't mean in a thoroughly technical way.... I mean in the way it has an off the cuff noodling with success kind of feel and fits well as an intro.
    From there we move into the chord progression, again accented by a minor chord.
    In the background we have a sort of moaning backing vocal that works well also.
    We have an organ that changes between held chords and stabs and is also very effective.

    During the course of the song we get some really nice little guitar fills and I think they add a cool feel to the song.

    Not an essential Kinks/Dave track, but I really like it as a song, and I think it works well included on here.

  18. mark winstanley

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    Mr Reporter.

    recorded at Pye studios 3/69 and 6/69

    Hey, Mr. Reporter,
    How 'bout talking about yourself?
    Do you like what you're doing,
    Or is it that you can do nothing else?

    Hey, Mr. Reporter,
    I'll believe all that you put down.
    I'll believe the sun is going up,
    Even though it's going down.

    Hey, Mr. Reporter,
    Don't you twist my words around.
    I'll kill you, rather than let you,
    Distort my simple sound.

    Hey, Mr. Reporter,
    How 'bout talking about yourself?
    Do you like what you're doing,
    Or is it that you can do nothing else?

    Hey, Mr. Reporter,
    How 'bout talking about yourself?
    Do you like what you're doing,
    Or is it that you can do nothing else?

    Did your daddy stop you playing
    With your friends when you were young?
    And is that why you run down
    All the young folks having fun.

    The reason I am stupid,
    Is 'cause I read you every day.
    You misquote all of the true things
    Because it rubs you up the wrong way.

    Hey, Mr. Reporter,
    How 'bout talking about yourself?
    Do you like what you're doing,
    Or is it that you can do nothing else?



    Written by: Ray Davies
    Published by: Carlin Music Corp.

    First ...
    Dave re-wrote some of the lyrics for this version I believe, as they are slightly different.

    This starts off fairly similar to the Kinks version, but as it goes along it grows in density and we get a sort of New Orleans horn section come in and to me it adds a bit of swing to this track.
    I actually like the original, and I know a lot of folks found it a little one paced and the lack of a bridge, or change up put them off it a little. With this version we get little horn interludes, a nice key change ..... and of course Dave's vocal inflections instead of Ray's.

    I probably don't have too much to say here, as we have looked at this, but it is different enough to warrant another look. Personally I like both versions for different reasons and the swinging horns here certainly add a little bit colour.

  19. ARL

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    "I'm Crying"

    Another one I've not heard before - if it's meant to be a demo, it sounds pretty much fully-formed to me. Builds nicely, good hook, great guitar playing, decent vocals, doesn't outstay its welcome - what's not to like about this one? Sounds like a typical Dave track of the late 60s, and there's nothing wrong with that. I think it's a good candidate for the "prestigious" penultimate track slot on the album.
  20. Fortuleo

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    (I'm) Crying sounds like the rocking sequel to Are You Ready. The answer was yes, she was ready to move on with that other fellow, and now poor Dave's left alone cryyyyyyying. Pretty sad, especially when you think all he could do was weep at night, just a few songs ago… Musically, it follows a rather common drone-sy psychedelic template, somewhere between a few Bee Gees Revolver copycuts (like the sensational The Earnest of Being George, graced with Vince Melouney’s best guitar parts) and the Stones' Child of the Moon, of which it recycles some circular licks (heard around the 30’’ mark). But of course, this one is just a superb demo, with a rudimentary (but pretty effective) rhythm section, some strident organ and those double Dave vocals that hesitate between harmonizing and double tracking. I think the bridge' got the most poignant singing, much better than the draaaaaging title line. Overall, I'd say it works fine as a vintage artefact, making up for its lack of originality by undeniable gusto, swagger and conviction.
  21. mark winstanley

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    Reference guide

    Oct 1963 - Nov 1966


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    I'm Crying
    Mr Reporter

    Rasa Didzpetris Davies

    Preservation Live

    Starmaker Tv Play
  22. croquetlawns

    croquetlawns Forum Resident

    I'm Crying - not too much to say on this one. For a demo it's very good. On the verses in particular, I can imagine Steve Marriott singing it.

    Mr Reporter - a good song made great, with Dave's version being much better than the original.
  23. ARL

    ARL Forum Resident

    I don't remember much about "Mr Reporter" from the first time we covered it, other than it didn't do much for me. This version is much better - more focussed, more driving, and the horns and the key change give it some extra colour. Feels to me as though it might have been intended as the album closer, which means that "Are You Ready" would have to be bumped to the side one closing spot.
  24. ajsmith

    ajsmith Senior Member

    ‘I’m Crying’: I like the sway and passion of this one even though it’s a bit on the slight side and doesn’t say much that isn’t already covered elsewhere in this batch of songs. A while back @Steve62 observed how ‘This Man’ was made more interesting by having the chorus switch to the 3rd person, but here we actually do get Dave singing about being in tears in the first person in the chorus. Middle 8 seems like a bit of an echo/retread of the bridge in ‘Got My Feet On The Ground’ from 4 years earlier melodically.

    Said it in the first discussion about ‘Mr Reporter’, but Dave’s 1969 remake is such a superior rearrangement to the 66 version, what with additions like the solo, key change, extra passing chord and horns etc sprinkling enough fairy dust over the track to really make it cook. If the 1966 one is a bit like early finger pointing folkie Dylan, this one is more like compactly garage-rocking 65/66 Dylan: in fact that plonking bass line particularly puts me in mind of ‘From A Buick 6’.
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  25. croquetlawns

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    Is I'm Crying only available on Hidden Treasures?

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