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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mark winstanley, Apr 4, 2021.

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    I suppose something like this for soundtrack music isn’t uncommon. Think (on a more successful scale) the soundtrack vs single versions of Nancy Sinatra’s You Only Live Twice.
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    they were hanging in Dave’s room with Jean’s friends.
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    Here’s the trailer for the movie:
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    Creeping, I assume.
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    Definitely creeping Jean.
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    And a Level 2 question goes onto The Quiz!
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    Knowing that like most R&R composers Ray does not "write" music properly, I am assuming he did this much as McCartney did for the "The Family Way" by humming or otherwise presenting a melody to an arranger (John Schroeder? Peter Greenwell?) who then scored it for musicians? Was this in collaboration with someone--(Schroeder, Greenwell) who he worked with on other Kinks stuff, such as the future orchestral instrumentation in Percy or "Holiday Romance?"

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    Everybody's In Showbiz was my first ever Kinks album, Dynaflex wobble & all. Soap Opera followed it soon after, a $1.99 bargain bin find from my local Ann & Hope Department Store.

    As for Preservation Acts I & II, they were 2 separate albums, although Rhino put out a CD set in 1990 that combines them both, which I have.
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    Listening to it now. I have only heard a couple of the tunes before. I love it. Definitely has a bit of The Kinks in it. I always thought I would like this band based on the hit songs, but for some reason I never listened to their albums. I will need to pick up a copy of this album!
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    So love Madness. I know that Madness are from the north part of London like the Kinks (believe more from the Camden area).
    However, i never heard Madness and thought they sounded like the Kinks. I will keep an ear out for that though. But certainly they sang a lot of tunes about London. And they also have lyrics looking at the little things in life like the Kinks.

    I have tickets to see Madness next year (after having to postpone TWICE due to the pandemic). Let's hope it happens as I love my Nutty Boys.
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    I posted before that Suggs said that "Our House" was inspired by the VGPS album.
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    Ah yes. i do recall reading that. Inspiration is one thing though. I don't think it necessarily sounds Kinks-ish. The lyrics...sure.
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    Yeah, I don’t think it sounds like The Kinks either. Maybe a bit like “Coming Dancing,” but even not that close to that.
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    :D I took a moment away from Lola to search Madness. And don’t hear anything Kinks-like. Back to Lola for me.
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    This one seems pretty Kinks esque to me…

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    That's rather good - similar, but not too similar, making it interesting. I've never seen the point of covers that exactly copy the original except for a different vocalist. I wonder what Ray thought (if he saw it!).
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    As for The Virgin Soldiers theme - I don't believe I've ever seen the movie. The theme sounds like a typical piece of late 60s soundtrack music, which isn't a bad thing. Nice and evocative of the era, and worthy of an occasional listen.
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    Is this discourse simply implied or is it actually described somewhere?
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    Agreed. It screams of that era. Sounds ok, but it's not very exciting to me.
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    The bus part I had read years ago possibly in Uncut magazine but can't be certain if it was that publication.
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    From the Disc and Music Echo 9/17/1966. Ray Davies on John Lennon's cutting his hair for his role in How I Won the War:
    has a habit of growing and
    shaving off hair and moustaches
    at an astonishing rate, said that
    if he wanted to he could shave
    all his hair off and it wouldn't
    make any difference.
    "I think John's is all right
    as long as he doesn't start wear-
    ing Brylcrecm."

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    From the same issue of Disc and Music Echo:

    AFTER SCORING a hit with the Mick lagger-Keith Richard
    .song "Lady Jane," David Garrick could have been forgiven
    for wanting another Stones number.
    Bug instead, he asked Kink Ray Davies to write a song for him.
    Ray, who is under the same management, agreed-but so far he
    has been too busy on :he Kinks' new LP.
    So David has had to be satisfied with an American-penned song
    "Mrs Applebee." But he hopes his next one will be by Ray.
    "I just think he is the most talented writer in the country,"
    David explained. "And that includes the Beatles and Stones.
    "Mick Jagger and Keith Richard are good writers, but I think
    'Lady lane' was a freak for them. I don't know where they got
    the idea from.
    "It was beautifully done and very clever, but most of their
    material is mediocre. It's just that they're a big name.
    "Same with the Beatles. Their LP is quite good—*Eleanor
    Rigby' is a beautiful song. But 'Yellow Submarine' is a big dirge.
    "But Ray Davies is two years ahead of everybody else and
    everyone seems to copy his music, Everybody says the Beatles
    and Stones introduced this weird Eastern music.
    "Well, I lived in Egypt far ten years and Ws obvious that every-
    one's copied it from the Kinks' See My Friend' of two years
    Besides recording a Davies song, David's big ambition is to
    introduce opera into pop!
    "I definitely think this could be a big thing if someone could
    do it—and I reckon 1 could," explained David, who studied
    opera for four years.
    "The Mario Lanza sort of thing would sell to teenagers if it
    was done in the right way. There are so many identical groups
    around that I think fans would go for classical type musk with
    a pop treatment."
    David added that he's even written a pop opera with versions
    of hits over the past five years.
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    "Nothing to Say" - I don't have the brain space to analyze these lyrics as deep as you guys do. It's my least favorite and IMO weakest song on the album. I can relate to much of it, but I still don't care for the voice he uses. It's just never a song I wanted to hear.

    "Arthur" - Now this one is great. Love the riff.. super bouncy and catchy. Great finale, and sounds like a finale too. I always thought the line was "Arthur the world's gonna pass you by" instead of "Arthur the world's gone and passed you by." I can hear both. Both mean basically the same thing, just one is letting him know it happened and the other is telling him it will. There are so many hooks in this song. "Don't you know it!" and "We love you and want to help you." It's an earworm for me and I never even notice it's close to 6-minutes long. It flies by.

    "Virgin Soldiers Theme" - I remember having this on a bootleg and not knowing what to make of it. Nice dated movie music. I can dig it. Nothing I'd want to go back to, but I don't hate it.
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    :kilroy: In his autobiography (below), Howard Kaylan goes into some detail about the recording of this album, which (not surprisingly) involved a lot of drug usage. By this time, the only three original members of The Turtles left were him, Mark Volman and guitarist Al Nicol. They were on their 2nd bass player (Jim Pons) and their 3rd drummer (John Seiter). By far, the best tunes on the LP are the four that feature Kaylan on lead vocals, "Love In The City," "Somewhere Friday Night," "The House On The Hill" and "You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain."

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