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    exactly. I often avoid ranking things I love so much because I feel like it's similar to ranking your children... PLEASE don't make me do it. It hurts.
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    This just in!

    Ray and Dave talk about what the Everly Brothers meant to them, in a sidebar in the November 2021 issue of Uncut.

    My favorite quote, from Dave:

    I loved all their songs, but one that me and Ray would occasionally play on stage was ‘Bird Dog’. I didn’t really know what it meant. ‘Hey bird dog, get away from my quail!’ What’s a quail? Oh. I learned pretty quickly.
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    I can't make any playlist, and I won't ! I just won't pick, I want it all !

    But I thought I'd tried an "objective" summary of our discussions so far in the "album tracks" department.

    What follows is the Kinks' sixties albums represented by their two best/most iconic songs, based on my impressions of this thread's consensus.

    Kinks : You Really Got Me / Stop Your Sobbing
    Kinda Kinks : Tired of Waiting for You / Nothin’ in the World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘bout That Girl
    The Kinks Kontroversy : Till’ the End of the Day / Where Have All the Good Times Gone
    Face to Face : Sunny Afternoon / Rosie Won’t You Please Come Home
    Something Else by the Kinks : Waterloo Sunset / Lazy Old Sun
    Village Green Preservation Society : Village Green Preservation Society / Village Green
    Arthur : Some Mother’s Son / Shangri-la

    You'll note that a lot of the above tracks were singles, which must say something about the band's ability to pick the most appropriate tunes for the Charts. Of course, the Village Green and Arthur picks are the most debatable. Animal Farm and All of My Friends Were There (two personal favorites) proved more divisive in our discussions than I thought they'd be. Victoria is sorely missed… but take Shangri-la out, and the thread's consensus would be broken, wouldn't it ? On Something Else, Two Sisters would edge out Lazy Old Sun if I was the reigning Emperor of the Kinksdom. Thankfully (?), I'm not… Anyway, I won't call it a playlist but that's a pretty fabulous 14 tracks "sixties Kinks" sampler right there.
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    Trying to come up with the top ten songs we have covered so far is impossible for me, and a long playlist could include almost every song. Does anyone know how many songs we have covered? Nearly every one has been a masterpiece and worthy to be on a playlist.

    I'll try for a top 25 songs so far and make another playlist for myself. Although, the best playlists are the albums!

    1. Big Sky
    2. Sunny Afternoon
    3. Dead End Street
    4. Animal Farm
    5. Lazy Old Sun
    6. Autumn Almanac
    7. Rosie Won't You Please Come Home
    8. Big Black Smoke
    9. The World Keeps Going Round
    10. Too Much On My Mind
    11. Sitting By The Riverside
    12. Who'll Be The Next In Line
    13. Yes Sir, No Sir
    14. Some Mother's Son
    15. Shangri-La
    16. Days
    17. Waterloo Sunset
    18. Village Green
    19. Starstruck
    20. I've Got that Feeling
    21. Look For My Baby
    22. Do You Remember Walter
    23. Davis Watts
    24. All Of My Friends Were There
    25. Village Green Preservation Society

    That was kind of ridiculous. I could easily add 25 more songs without any dip in quality, but these are among my favorites, and some songs that quickly came to mind.

    Looking on my iPod, I have a couple of Kinks playlists I have made for friends and myself. One has 30 songs from 1964-1968 and one has 25 songs from 1969-1973. I do think that Arthur fits in better with the early 70s albums.

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    Hickory was a country music label. Clive Davis managed to get Donovan away from that label to Epic/Colombia, but there was a dispute w/Pye Records that involved Allen Klein which meant that Donovan's albums/singles including "Sunshine Superman" wasn't released in the UK for about a year, which diluted the impact of his new sound there. As for Cadet Concept, it was owned by Chess Records & represented the "rock" material. Rotary Connection was also on that label. Over here, Status Quo was/is a one hit psych-pop wonder rather than the much loved (?) boogie
    band in the UK
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    Me too
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    Gonna be pretty tough, but I'll do my best to contribute a tip 25 (order couldchange at any moment anywhere across the list, so fine is the distance between any two from top to bottom, just as just about any other song from the katalog could appear at random on any given day)

    Waterloo Sunset
    Last of the Steam Powered Trains
    Where Have All the Good Times Gone
    Picture Book
    All Day and All of the Night

    The Village Green Preservation Society
    You Really Got Me
    A Well Respected Man

    Dedicated Follower of Fashion
    Party Line
    Love Me Till the Sun Shines
    David Watts
    Stop Your Sobbing

    Got My Feet On the Ground
    Till the End of the Day
    Animal Farm
    People Take Pictures of Each Other

    Do You Remember Walter
    Two Sisters
    Yes Sir No Sir
    Phenomenal Cat
    Sunny Afternoon

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    I have them all ;)

    Anyway, it seems like my fellow Avids are making out lists & checking them twice to see what Kinks songs are naughty or nice. I'll jump into the fray & make the list of my favorite obscure 60s Kinks songs:

    1. "She's Got Everything"
    2. "I'll Remember" I've always loved this song. This & the next song on this list
    showed the influence of Buddy Holly on the Davies boys.
    3. "When I See That Girl of Mine" (demo version) Buddy Holly '65
    4. "Time Will Tell" It sounds a bit incomplete & Ray's voice goes at one point, but a
    great rocker nonetheless.
    5. "All Night Stand" (demo) I wonder what a full Kinks band version would have
    sounded like.
    6. "A Little Bit of Sunlight" (demo) a nice little song that I can imagine Jonathan
    Richman doing
    7. "And I Will Love You" my friend Jimmy actually lent his copy of the acetate of
    this song to the compilers of the Kinks Konterversy deluxe set.
    8. "Creeping Jean" a fine Dave rocker w/a great riff
    9. "I Go To Sleep" (demo)
    10. "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" why did the Animals reject this gem of a song?
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    I do too now lol

    I want the Muswell box to get released :)
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    I just picked up the 50th anniversary 2 LP Arthur from a local shop. I already have the mono LP, but I couldn’t resist the stereo after our discussion. The bonus LP and the booklet made it an easy decision. Anyone have this copy? I imagine it will be harder to get soon. It’s been sitting in this shop since 2019.

    The Arthur listening party continues tonight on the turntable.
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    New vinyl and it's seriously flawed. Side A played fine and sounded pretty good. I flip it over and of course my favorite song "Shangri-La" is unlistenable. So much surface noise! I'm not sure why side B is so much worse than side A. It continues for all of Side B. I cleaned both sides, but I think it's just a bad pressing. Anyone have this problem with this record? Would you return it? This makes me crazy when brand new vinyl is this noisy. I hate being the guy returning new vinyl to the local shop. If it was from Amazon I would have no problem.

    Edit: I just sampled through the bonus album and it sounds fine. It's only side B of the original album that is defective. It's very frustrating, but I guess I am stuck with it.
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    Something Else
    Face to Face
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    Ranking for today:

    Face to Face
    Something Else
    Kinda Kinks

    This is the "which albums am I most likely to actually play in their entirety the most often" ranking. And Kontroversy could even switch places with Face to Face here. I admit I'm an oddball about Kontroversy -- but I just love to listen to it. Hey, the top 5 here are strong enough that I almost put them all on the same line.
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    You're not an oddball about that album at all; Kontroversy is great! In fact, those rankings would probably match mine based on how often I actually listen to the titles in question. :righton:
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    Village Green Preservation Society
    Something Else
    Face To Face
    Kinda Kinks
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    The Kinks ‎– The Kinks
    Genre: Rock, Pop
    Style: Beat, Rhythm & Blues, Pop Rock
    Year: 1970


    Alternative Australian cover

    A1 You Really Got Me
    A2 Long Tall Shorty
    Written-By – Covay*, Abramson*
    A3 All Day And All Of The Night
    A4 Beautiful Delilah
    Written-By – Chuck Berry
    A5 Tired Of Waiting For You
    A6 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
    Written-By – Miller*

    B1 A Well Respected Man
    B2 Till The End Of The Day
    B3 See My Friends
    B4 Don't You Fret
    B5 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
    B6 Sunny Afternoon

    C1 Dead End Street
    C2 Death Of A Clown
    C3 Two Sisters
    C4 Big Black Smoke
    C5 Susannah's Still Alive
    C6 Autumn Almanac

    D1 Waterloo Sunset
    D2 The Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
    D3 Wonderboy
    D4 Do You Remember Walter
    D5 Dandy
    D6 Animal Farm
    D7 Days
    So in 1970 Pye released a double Anthology/Best Of, and it seems like it didn't really get much exposure or isn't really acknowledged or something, because there is little to no information about it.

    It would actually be a pretty good anthology of the sixties recordings if we dropped the two covers on side one and add a couple of tracks from Arthur. I suppose at the time they figured that Arthur was the most recent album, and so they left tracks off.
    All in all though it's a pretty good compile of stuff, and as I think most of us discovered in the last couple of days, it is really difficult to put together a compile of 25 songs to represent the band's output from 64-69. The band's singles and albums are so chocked full of Kinky goodness that they almost dare you to even try.

    I like the fact that they had the courage to include album tracks, and not just use the singles, and I think the tracks do a pretty reasonable job of giving us a Kinks collection that works to show the variety of the band on one album.

    To some degree I am not sure the covers are really necessary, but I suppose they thought it was essential to have something in there. I would have just included Milk Cow Blues, but really on a 25 track compile, I probably wouldn't have put any.

    I believe that for some folks this was their first Kinks album, as the 72 release of Kinks Kronicles was the first album for some of the other folks. To some degree it would have been interesting to look at the albums together, but Kronicles has too many tracks that we haven't looked at yet, so we'll get to that in due time, and we can always look at the comparisons when we get there.

    So please let us know your thoughts on this album, and how it fit into your music, what it made you think about the band, particularly if it was your first Kinks album.

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    I agree that the covers are an odd inclusion for a band with so many amazing originals. I especially find the inclusion of I'm A Lover Not A Fighter odd as, for me, it has one of Dave's most pain-inducing vocals!
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    Reference guide

    Oct 1963 - Nov 1966


    Apr 1967 Mr Pleasant - Alt version - Beat Club - live - beat club - instr (whistling)
    This Is Where I Belong - Ray live - Ray with Francis Black

    May 1967 Mr Pleasant EP
    Mr Pleasant
    This Is Where I Belong
    Two Sisters - Ray live (with chat)
    Village Green - Instrumental - Ray

    May 1967 Waterloo Sunset - instr. - live 73 - Ray live 78 - live 94 - Ray and Damon Albarn - doco excerpt - Ray and Bowie - Ray live (Peter dedication)
    Art Nice and Gentle

    May 1967 Waterloo Sunset EP


    Jul 1967 Death Of A Clown - Dave Live - Dave live 2002

    Sept 1967 Something Else By
    David Watts - Live 84 - Dave live 97 - Ray live 2010 - Alt mono - alt version
    Death Of A Clown
    Two Sisters
    No Return
    Harry Rag - BBC - Ray 2010 - alt version
    Tin Soldier Man - Sand On My Shoes (original) - Alt backing track
    Situation Vacant - mono
    Love Me Till The Sun Shines - BBC - live 69 - Dave 97 - stereo
    Lazy Old Sun - alt version
    Afternoon Tea - German Stereo - Alt stereo - Canadian Mono
    Funny Face
    End Of The Season
    Waterloo Sunset

    Little Women backing track

    Dave And Ray interview sixties

    Echoes Of The World - The Making Of Village Green Preservation Society

    Oct 1967 Autumn Almanac - stereo - Top Of The Pops - live fan jam - Ray - breakdown

    Nov 1967 Sunny Afternoon LP

    Nov 1967 Susannah's Still Alive - stereo - video

    1967 BBC sessions - Sunny Afternoon
    Autumn Almanac
    Mr Pleasant
    Susannah's Still Alive
    David Watts
    Death Of A Clown
    Good Luck Charm

    Jan 1968 Live at Kelvin Hall
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Jan 1968 Wonderboy - video - Top Of The Pops - stereo mix
    Polly - stereo mix

    April 1968 The Kinks EP

    June 1968 Days - stereo mix - Glastonbury 2010 - live 1969 - video edit - Basil Brush - Alt stereo - Acoustic - 1991 EP version

    Aug 1968 Lincoln County - stereo mix - Dave live
    There Is No Life Without Love

    Colour Me Pop Medley

    She's Got Everything Promo film

    July 1968 Colour Me Pop - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion A Well Respected Man Death Of A Clown Sunny Afternoon Two Sisters Sitting By The Riverside Lincoln County Picture Book Days

    Nov 1968 The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society - the gold disc award
    The Village Green Preservation Society - Alt mix with studio banter - Live 73
    Do You Remember Walter - Euro Stereo - Backing Track - live 94
    Picture Book - real stereo - live 69 - live 73 - Ray 2011
    Johnny Thunder - alt mix - stereo - original stereo - Ray (+VGPS) 2008 - Ray 2010 - Crouch End Chorus
    Last Of The Steam Powered Trains - alt ending - live 69 - live 70 - Dave live
    Big Sky - alt stereo - live 69 - Crouch End Chorus
    Sitting By The Riverside - Stereo
    Animal Farm - alt stereo - Ray 2004 - stereo
    Village Green - alt vocal - backing vocal
    Starstruck - alt vocal - video - stereo - Ray 2008
    Phenomenal Cat - alt mix - stereo - stereo US link
    All Of My Friends Were There - stereo
    Wicked Annabella - stereo - Dave 97
    Monica - stereo
    People Take Picture Of Each Other - Euro stereo (big band) - stereo - live 73
    extra tracks
    Mr Songbird - stereo
    Berkley Mews - stereo - single mix
    Rosemary Rose - mono
    Misty Water - stereo - alt stereo
    Did You See His Name? - mono
    Till Death Us Do Part - stereo - Chas Mills vocal - Anthony Booth vocal
    Lavender Hill
    Pictures In the Sand - instrumental
    Easy Come, There You Went
    Egg Stained Pyjamas
    Mick Avory's Underpants
    Spotty Grotty Anna
    Where Did My Spring Go? - video
    When I Turn Off The Living Room Light
    Darling I Respect You
    Village Green At The BBC

    Waterloo Sunset
    Love Me Till The Sun Shines
    Village Green Preservation Society
    Animal Farm
    Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
    Picture Book
    Do You Remember Walter?
    Dedicated Follower Of Fashion/Well Respected Man/Death Of A Clown
    Picture Book
    Preservation Overture
    Ray in Denmark with the Denmark Choir And Orchestra
    Colour Me Pop

    1968 International EP's

    1968 Four More Respected Gentlemen

    Pete Quaife - interview - Kast Off Kinks - I Could See It In Your Eyes - Dead End Street

    67-69 Dave Davies Solo Album
    This Man He Weeps Tonight - mono - acoustic
    Mindless Child Of Motherhood - mono - live 69 - BBC
    Hold My Hand - demo - mono - acoustic
    Do You Wish To Be A Man?
    Are You Ready?
    Creeping Jean - stereo - live 99
    I'm Crying - better master
    Mr Reporter
    Mr Shoemakers Daughter
    Groovy Movies

    Climb Your Wall
    Dave Live various

    Rasa Didzpetris Davies

    March 69 Plastic Man - stereo - beatclub 69
    King Kong - stereo - video

    Oct 1969 - Arthur - liner notes
    Victoria - mono - live 69 - live 73 - live 1980 - live 2010
    Yes Sir No Sir - mono - alternate
    Some Mother's Son - mono - live 1970
    Drivin' - mono - alternate
    Brainwashed - mono - live 69 -live 72
    Australia - mono - single
    Shangri La - mono - 2019 remix - backing track - Ray live
    Mr Churchill Says - mono - BBC - live 69
    She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina - mono - live 72 - Ray 2010
    Young And Innocent Days - Dave 2001 - mono
    Nothing To Say - mono
    Arthur - mono

    The 69 US Tour - Then Now And Inbetween - God Save The Kinks
    Fillmore West, November 27th 1969

    A day at the Zoo with Ray Davies

    Oct 1969 The Virgin Soldiers
    The Virgin Soldiers March - version 2
    Ballad Of The Version Soldiers

    Mick Avory

    Kinks stuff pt1 - Part 2

    The Kinks at Pye

    Sixties Kinks pt1 - Part 2

    The Sixties charts

    1970 The Kinks (anthology)

    Preservation Live

    Starmaker Tv Play
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    So I'm very much looking for to @ajsmith 's run down of The Long Distance Piano Player next week, and I am looking forward greatly to getting back into the band's albums that come out during the seventies.

    It's actually pretty cool that the break came at the time it did, as it somewhat delineates the sixties and the seventies, gives folks a chance to catch up who may have slipped behind, and with this having been such an intense journey so far, it gives us all a chance to catch out collective breath.

    I'll be around probably, but just on my phone, and I really hope everyone stays on the ride with us. There are a lot of different opinions on the seventies and eighties Kinks material, and for me, it is certainly a little different from the sixties output, but we have some fantastic albums and songs over the whole period, and I reckon it is very worth revisiting this material, particularly if initially you weren't so taken by it. As long as you approach it from the perspective that the band was exploring different avenues, I think we find that Ray's writing and style changed a little, but I think there are very good reasons for that, and we'll explore this new decade of the band over the coming months.

    Thanks for joining us on the ride, and I am really looking forward to starting back up on either September 26 or 27.... if I am up for it I'll post the album intro on the Sunday, if not it'll be the regular Monday.

    Cheers guys
  20. ARL

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    Have a great break Mark!

    Can't wait to get stuck into the 70s material. Even more so since just receiving a copy of Preservation Act II through the post.
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    The 1970 'The Kinks' compilation double album is most notable for being compiled by Ray Davies himself, which on paper makes it more 'canonical' than most of their comps as it reflects the artists vision. This was somewhat acknowledged with the comps inclusion in the 2016 'The Mono Collection' box set which is otherwise made up of the well known sequence of regular 60s LPs.

    Unfortunately what this comp also bears out is that often an artist isn't the best curator of their own work, as I think most fans would agree that the 1970 double LP isn't as compelling a proposition as the fan compiled double LP 'Kink Kronikles' from 2 years later, which remains an oft eulogised collection, whereas despite being on paper more 'legit', the 1970 comp remains pretty obscure and never attained that kind of Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy -style 'seminal comp' status that it was likely intended to and that instead Kronikles nipped in and assumed.

    Why was this? I think a main reason is that Kronikles captures more of the essence of the Kinks late 60s purple period, not to mention it has tons of non LP rarities that make it more essential and allow it play more as a unique experience, whereas the 1970 record is a bit more of a 'here's the story so far' round up that largely follows a chronological path and offers no extra bang for buck for fans who'd already collected everything. Plus, let's face it, Kronikles was on Reprise so it probably got adequate promotion, whereas the 1970 record was on Pye so they probably dumped it onto shelves without even a press release!

    One further note: The sleeve design of the 1970 Kinks LP always puts me in mind of a box of luxury chocolates you might typically buy for a female relative for Christmas.
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    This 1970 anthology' is fine but any Kinks sixties' comp' is likely to be just as nice. Yesterday's attempts at doing our own personal "playlists" showed that given its brilliance, you just can't go wrong with this katalogue. I mean, if I was to try a playlist of my 4th and 5th song favorites from every album, it would still be a marvelous listening experience !
    As far as I'm concerned, the real frustration was their decision to include this 1970 double disc in the Mono box. Why would they do that, since half its songs are already present on the original albums from the box ? They should've gone the "Past Masters" route and just put all the missing singles sides in there.

    Anyway, have a nice break, Mark. This is a special thread for everyone around you here. Already 377 pages of wonderful insight, info, opinions and analysis by all involved. No bickering, no posturing. Not one "the Kinks were so much better than the Beatles, the Stones or whoever" or "the only real genius is Dave" trolling. Just genuine admiration for the music and genuine respect for one another on this thread. If the Kinks were only to be judged on the quality of their fans here, they would be at the very top of the pop Olympus. Which they already are anyway, but you see what I mean.
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  23. All Down The Line

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    Yes I have it also.
  24. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Senior Member

    I don't recall ever spotting that Australian compilation in the wild in these here parts!
  25. ajsmith

    ajsmith Forum Resident

    I think it’s cos it’s the ‘canonical’ comp from the time curated by Ray himself, and so on those terms can more ‘authentically’ stand alongside the original run of 60s LPs than a practically more useful ‘Past Masters’* style collection compiled after the fact would do. It’s appeals to a weird nuance of collector mentality that I’m afraid to admit I understand while acknowledging it’s nonsensicality!

    *the 1987 double LP ‘The Kinks Are Well Respected Men’ is pretty much The Kinks equiv to Past Masters.
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