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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mark winstanley, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Zack

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    Where's Picture Book on these lists? Props to @All Down The Line for including Big Sky. To me, those two are indispensable, but cutting to 25 is hard to be sure.
  2. donstemple

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    25 ain't enough! "Animal Farm" and "Do You Remember Walter?" stand out personally for me in the pantheon as Kwintessential Kinks Ksongs. The thing with my list is... I'd rather listen to ALL of VGPS and Arthur. Where as with the pre-Face-to-Face era, I'd rather listen to specific songs from Kinks, Kinda Kinks, and Kontroversy. So it's a bit more heavy on the earlier songs because of the "pick and choose" factor. Whereas later, just gimme the whole damn album. But then I'd take up all 25 spots with just VGPS and Arthur.

    I also realize I left off “Sunny Afternoon”.
    That needs to be there too. 25 is not enough…
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  3. jethrotoe

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    Long Tall Shorty is awful too.
  4. Zeki

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    Yes. I’ve adjusted my playlist philosophy (! if we’re talking heresy in this thread I may as well elevate my thought process to a philosophy) to a take-no-prisoners approach. I used to deliberately impose a cap; perhaps a six song maximum on a single album, and a few more on a double. Now, I’ll include anything I unequivocally like. If I It doesn’t get included. So I have all but one song from Village Green firmly ensconced on my playlist. No more forced culling. I usually play on shuffle so that provides the difference (than just playing the album).
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  5. markelis

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    As far as the songs, rather than just a top 10, let me lay out my top 10 before we started this thread and the top 10 now, so we can see how my love for the kinks has changed thanks to the past few months of intense Kinks worship:

    1. You Really Got Me
    2. Sunny afternoon
    3. Till the End of the Day
    4. Tired of Waiting for You
    5. All Day and All of the Night
    6. Victoria
    7. Set Me Free
    8. Days
    9. Stop Your Sobbing
    10. David Watts
    Obviously, mainly the biggest hits. How embarrassing!

    Now though:
    1. You Really Got Me (sorry, still #1, like Satisfaction, it may be overplayed but there is a reason, its just that great)
    2. Picture Book
    3. Dead End Street
    4. Time Will Tell
    5. I’m Not Like Everybody else
    6. Days
    7. Shangrila
    8. We Are The Village Green Preservation Society
    9. I Need You
    10. Waterloo Sunset
    Still focused on the hits to some extent, but that’s ok, sometimes the masses are not wrong. Not sure what this says other than, with only two holdovers from the original list, I am on a whole new level with my Kinks love affair!
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  6. Purple Jim

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    Thanks to this great thread, I've been coming back to The Kinks recently and was struck (again) by the sheer genius of the mighty Ray.
  7. Luckless Pedestrian

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    Great list!

    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

    Salem, MA
    Thank you, Avid Luckless Pedestrian & as I said before, I get much joy just seeing your avatar.
  9. joejo

    joejo Well-Known Member

    Okay Okay you talk me into it I will rank:

    1. FTF
    2. (tied) the rest thru Lola

    But I will be thinking about Something Else By The KINKS next time in light of these discussions.
  10. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Senior Member

    I almost typed an additional 12 songs following the 25 welcoming anyone to feel free to swap any of them into the original list so here it is:

    David Watts
    Picture Book
    Too Much On My Mind
    Where Have All The Good Times Gone
    Dead End Street
    Tired Of Waiting
    Village Green
    Yes Sir, No Sir
    I'll Remember
    This Is Where I Belong
    Afternoon Tea
    Big Black Smoke
  11. joejo

    joejo Well-Known Member

    I make it there are a clear 12 essentials thru 1968:

    You Really Got Me
    All Day
    Tired Of Waiting
    See My Friends
    Well Respected Man
    Dedicated Follower
    Sunny Afternoon
    Dead End Street
    Waterloo Sunset
    Autumn Almanac

    All on the Black Album
  12. jethrotoe

    jethrotoe Forum Resident

    United States
    My top 25 of the 60s (in no particular order):

    See My Friend
    Come On Now
    I Need You
    This Strange Effect
    Too Much On My Mind
    Rainy Day in June
    Little Miss Queen of Darkness
    Dead End Street
    Big Black Smoke
    Two Sisters
    Situations Vacant
    Love Me Till the Sun Shines
    Lazy Old Sun
    Waterloo Sunset
    Lavender Hill
    Big Sky
    Johnny Thunder
    Wicked Annabella
    This Man He Weeps Tonight
    Mindless Child of Motherhood
    Some Mother’s Son
    Young and Innocent Days
  13. Fischman

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    Picture Book was on my list (all the way up in the fourth slot even). As was Big Sky.
  14. jethrotoe

    jethrotoe Forum Resident

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    My newly revised Face to Face tracklisting:

    This Is Where I Belong
    Rosie Won’t You Please Come Home?
    Too Much On My Mind
    Session Man
    Rainy Day in June
    A House In the Country
    Holiday In Waikiki
    Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
    Mr. Reporter [Ray version]
    Little Miss Queen Of Darkness
    I’m Not Like Everybody Else
    Sunny Afternoon

    Party Line EP

    Party Line
    You’re Looking Fine
    She’s Got Everything
    I’ll Remember
  15. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Senior Member

    Not to mention the dreadful kwerky title!
  16. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Senior Member

  17. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Senior Member

    Great effort, sides 2 & 3 are corkers!
  18. The MEZ

    The MEZ Forum Resident

    So such great this.
  19. skisdlimit

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    Ugh, those are hideous, but thanks for posting them! :wave:

    I agree that The Kinks Are Well Respected Men, good as it is, doesn't quite mop up all the fine songs that appeared on The Great Lost Kinks Album and Hidden Treasures (both of which I'm very glad to have), so if it were ever reissued in an expanded edition (even as part of a reimagined box set) perhaps it could do just that, but I'm not exactly holding my breath. I think if I were to take my "deep dive" over again, I might go the easier route for their studio stuff and just get the deluxe editions of the main albums where most of those stray tracks now apparently reside.

    While I did post a 10 favorites list earlier, I mentioned that my more comprehensive stab at a 25 "best of" might look a lot like Spotlight On The Kinks, which slightly tweaked ends up basically being:

    1. You Really Got Me
    2. Till The End Of The Day
    3. Come On Now
    4. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
    5. See My Friends
    6. All Day And All Of The Night
    7. Tired Of Waiting
    8. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
    9. Lazy Old Sun
    10. Shangri-La
    11. Do You Remember Walter?
    12. Mr. Reporter
    13. Sunny Afternoon
    14. Dead End Street
    15. Fancy
    16. All of My Friends Were There
    17. Well Respected Man
    18. Waterloo Sunset
    19. Rosemary Rose
    20. Animal Farm
    21. Rainy Day in June
    22. She’s Got Everything
    23. Big Sky
    24. Autumn Almanac
    25. Days

    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

    Salem, MA
    The rebroadcast of American Top 40 with Casey Kasem this weekend is from September 19, 1970 & "Lola" is at #36 this week, it's second week in the Top 40.

    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

    Salem, MA

    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

    Salem, MA
  23. Steve E.

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    Ray mentions that they have picked covers on a "couple occasions" from the "Authentic R&B" album. hm!! Indeed they have, in 1964. Slim Harpo's "I Got Love If You Want It", Lazy Lester's "I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter" and Jimmy Anderson's "Naggin' [Woman]" all come from this 1964 compilation on EMI's Stateside subsidiary label.

    Various - Authentic R & B
  24. jethrotoe

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    I forgot “Animal Farm” and “Where Have All the Good Times Gone” on my list above. Gah!
  25. Fortuleo

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    Telling us this without saying which songs you're taking out is cheating, pure and simple, and you know it ! :tsk::laugh:

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