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    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

    Salem, MA
    That makes sense since I used to buy Hot Rod Magazine when I was a kid & I noticed the UPC code on the cover starting around 1975.
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    Where Do You Come From
    The album opens with a strong hard rocker I really get into. The vocal lines are clearly at the ragged edge of Dave's range and capability, but I don't find that to be a distraction. A strong opener.

    Doing the Best for You
    I enjoyed this today more than I recall. If you can survive the bargain basement Casio keyboard opening, it gets better after that.
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    Visionary Dreamer.

    stereo mix (4:29), recorded Jan-Feb 1980 at Konk Studios, Hornsey, London

    By your smile,
    I know you think
    I'm just a dreamer
    And that the way I act seems
    Often kind of foolish,
    But eyes can lie,
    And sometimes words are oh so useless.
    Oh you're part of me,
    The rest is history.
    There is a light that shines above you when
    I'm near you
    That somehow tells me all the things we
    never say.
    And in my heart,
    I sense a love that lasts for always.
    Yes our dreams were true,
    It's just we never knew.

    I love you,
    Yes I do,
    There is no doubt.
    I love you,
    And there ain't no doubt about it.


    In your eyes I see you a visionary dreamer,
    And all at once they say you're acting like
    a fool.
    The world may change,
    But it can never really harm you,
    For there's a love that's true,
    That's deep inside you.
    Soon the time will come for us to say
    But all the visions of our friendship will
    And every time I see a child look to the sky,
    I will remember you.
    We shared a love oh so true.

    I love you,
    Yes I do,
    There is no doubt.
    I love you,
    And there ain't no doubt about it.

    Now as I gaze out of my window to
    the stars,
    It seems somehow our little lives are oh
    so strange.
    I close my eyes and feel the universe within
    And you're part of me,
    And you will always be.

    I love you,
    Yes I do,
    There is no doubt.
    I love you,
    And there ain't no doubt about it.

    Written by: Dave Davies
    Published by: DABE Music Limited, London, 1980

    Maybe I am completely offline here, but this kind of sounds like Dave trying to do Journey to me.... now somewhat of a disclaimer .... I had the Journey debut album and Escape, and I liked them both well enough but never felt the need to go any further... Journey barely even got a mention in Australia. No charting albums, only four charting singles, and only one in the top fifty Open Arms (41) ... so I may be completely wrong, because I never really got particularly exposed to them, but of course in the US they were huge... anyway, enough on that.

    This is a love song, with Dave singing about this relationship that by the second verse we are left wondering if it is a couple or just some friends from the lyrics, but Dave's singing of it makes it seem like this is the most important relationship that ever happened.

    We open with a nice guitar arpeggio and some lead that keeps things nice and melodic.
    We are in a melancholic minor, and we get a steady flow of key changes and a sort of rotational theme, almost like Dave was looking at the circle of fifths while he was writing this one.... Now that doesn't mean it isn't well written.

    I think the chord progression works really well, and the melodic flow is really nice, and at times a little surprising..

    After we get passed the opening, we initially have a clean guitar strumming the chords, and as we get towards the first chorus the way Dave is going to approach this becomes apparent, as we get these layered guitars with plenty of buzz, playing harmonised melodic lines to lead us in and out of each section.
    A bit of lead dropped in here and there.

    When we get to the second verse these guitars are now harmonised into the chords, and it is always an interesting effect, and it does thicken the sound up a bit.

    We get stacks of layering here, and I guess depending on whether you can connect with the song or not is going to result in whether you like the way this is done or not.
    I'm kind of in the middle on it.... I can see what he was going for, and I really like the flow of the melodic chord structure, and I even like the harmonised guitars and the general arrangement...

    I suppose to some degree on this one, I find Dave's vocal in the chorus to be a little over the top... He carries it off ok, but he is singing this love song, and it is sort of really over the top

    There is a lot to like about this song, and for the most part I really like it, but on some listens it feels a little too over the top

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    Nothing More To Lose.

    stereo mix (4:10), recorded Jan-Feb 1980 at Konk Studios, Hornsey, London

    Get out of that house,
    Stop watching T.V.
    Have you heard the news,
    Well there's a new world here,
    And it's staring straight at you,
    Don't want no politics,
    Religion too.
    They've got nothing left to prove,
    Well my heart's beatin' rhythm,
    And my soul keeps singin' the blues,
    I know we can make it happen,
    Anytime we want it to,
    I know we can make it happen,
    Now it's all up to you.

    We got nothing more to lose,
    Nothing more to lose,
    Nothing more to lose.

    We're so proud of our intellect,
    Arrogant selfish fools
    Who can look no further than,
    A bunch of separative rules.
    Well if we're all so clever and technology
    Why is it we're so scared.
    I got a rockin' psychosis,
    And my juke box blown a fuse.
    Don't look there's someone watching,
    Though they're many light years away.
    Don't stop,
    They may be listening to every single word
    you say.

    Nothing more to lose,
    Nothing more to lose,
    Nothing more to lose.

    Can you feel something strange in your
    In your brain,
    But it's not what you think.
    You're just waking out of sleep.

    Nothing more to lose,
    Nothing more to lose,
    Nothing more to lose.
    I know we can make it happen,
    Anytime we want it to,
    I know we can make it happen,
    Now it's all up to you.

    You got nothing more to lose,
    Nothing more to lose,
    Nothing more to lose.
    Can you feel something strange in your
    In your brain,
    Nothing more to lose.

    Written by: Dave Davies
    Published by: DABE Music Limited, London, 1980

    The song starts with some good advice that we've heard many times before and since.
    Get out of that house and stop watching TV.
    Dave proclaims a new world is here, and it is staring straight at you.
    He doesn't want politics or religion, but nobody gets much choice in that. politics has become the new religion for many, and no matter what stances any of us take they are going to be related to, or based upon those things... A choice of no politics, is a form of politics, and a choice of no religion is still a religious choice, so as well meaning as the lyric is, it is a bit naive.

    Then Dave quotes Chuck Berry's Roll Over Beethoven My heart's beatin' rhythm and my soul keeps singing the blues.
    Then we have a teen rebellion type lyric.
    I know we can make it happen,
    Anytime we want it to,
    I know we can make it happen,
    Now it's all up to you.

    The chorus is just "Nothin' More To Lose"

    The second verse is a little more thoughtful and works a little better.
    The very justifiable question of how is it we think we are so intelligent comes up.... and that has been a continual thought in my mind through my life, as we as societies continue to make all the same mistakes over and over.... The definition of insanity - keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?....
    Dave complains about rules ...
    Well if we're all so clever and technology
    Why is it we're so scared?
    This is the best line in the song so far, because it is a justifiable question and not just some pop revolutionary nonsense... The modern era's want to keep feeding information to the masses to keep them scared has been one of the major things over the course of my life. It is stunning that people are still manipulated by this obvious propaganda.

    Then Dave revisits Chuck with a slight variation
    I got a rockin' psychosis,
    And my juke box blown a fuse.
    In light of the state of things, Dave has psychosis, but his jukebox is still blowin' a fuse.
    It's a pretty decent turnaround.

    Don't look there's someone watching,
    Though they're many light years away.
    Don't stop,
    They may be listening to every single word
    you say.
    This is an interesting section of lyrics. It initially seems to point to the common Big Brother talk of the eighties, but then it suggests that these watchers are many light years away..... aliens?
    They may be listening to everything you say, preceded by Don't stop.... so we want them to hear us?

    The bridge works pretty well. It suggests that the feeling in our hearts and brains is that slightly confused feeling as we wake up. In this context, I believe he is talking to the big wake up, about the world and how it functions, not getting out of bed in the morning.

    I love Dave, and he has plenty of ideas, and he likes to think about the big things, but he always seems to struggle putting it down in a coherent way.

    Lyrically this is like a teen rebellion type song, that addresses some of the problems in the world in the eighties, or at least our perception of them at the time....
    I don't dislike it, but it just ends up being a bit of a jumble as a lyric....
    As a song it works fine. It sings well, and Dave has managed to put together a nice rocker, but as a lyric, it's a bit naff really.

    Musically though, this is really pretty good.
    We open with the straight beat and the grinding chunk of the rhythm guitar and bass.
    This is accented nicely by some intermittent double stabs of chords that give it a really nice punchy rock texture.
    The whole verse works based in this setup and it works well to create a certain tension that is broken nicely as we roll into the crescendo part of the verse.
    Dave comes in with a nice riff that repeats as the intensity builds, and the chorus works as the big release, and the whole song opens up into some joyous rocking delight.

    We have some nice lead guitar inserts that add a bit of colour, and the whole way this comes together just works really well.

    Dave's vocals on this track are really good, and suit the song well.
    He even shows a slight leaning towards putting some character into the vocals in several spots, that open it up a bit more for us.
    Most of the shouty Dave sections on this song are in the background, and I think that also helps to keep the song in a zone where we can enjoy the song without worrying about Dave's more extreme vocals.

    I also think Dave did a good job with the mix here.

    The bridge is really interesting too. I really like it.... it reminds me of something, but I think something that came later....
    The laid back music, and the harmony vocals work really well, and the heavy guitar accents towards the end work really well also.

    Dave employs the repeated bridge technique we have seen from Ray recently, and again in the context of this song it works well.

    The song fades out on the chunk guitars with Dave adding some ... kind of textural lead guitar bits to colour it up a bit.

    I really like this as a song. I can take or leave the lyrics.
    I think Dave captures a really good rock feel, adds in some nice musical hooks and links, and we get this hard rocking, melodic track that is full of adrenaline and attitude.
    Good track.

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    Another decent two tracks, with a bit of variety to keep things interesting. But I'm glad I'm listening to them two tracks at a time as I don't think I could handle a whole album of this, especially with Dave's vocals.
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    For some 40 seconds, Nothing More to Lose could almost appeal to me, a kind of re-imagined early eighties mix of retro rockabilly and new recording techniques. But the first big change ("I know we can make it happen…’’) all but ruins it for me. Then the chorus is a lesson in radio blandness or even worst, it sounds like it’s submitting its application to appear in a bad movie's soundtrack . When this chorus comes in, it’s like sirens during a bombing, my instinct is to look for shelter. :hide: I can see how I react to style over substance, here, but it prevents me from accessing whatever substance there might be.

    Visionary Dreamer is much better for me. I like what I gather from the lyrics, each verse could be a reflection of a different stage of a relationship. In each one of them, Dave also blurs the past, present and future. The verb tenses change all the time, making it hard to decipher if the singer conjures memories or projections into the future, "visions", "dreams" or present reality. Musically, Dave certainly sings over the top of his range. Boy, does this man scream. I don't understand how nobody told him that this singing style was not for him at all. I've read on Youtube and also here An Overdose Of Fingal Cocoa: Dave Davies that Linda Ronstadt's may be the soaring voice on the chorus ? I find it doubtful, maybe our own encyclopedi-@ajsmith will shed some light on this. Whoever that is, this voice on top of screamin' Dave is like being blessed with aural honey while an open wound is attacked by salt water. I like the guitar tones @Mark described so well and I think the last verse, treated like an acoustic bridge, is a very nice touch. But the best thing, by far, is the 1'43'' chord change with the processed guitar, to get back to the verse. This moment is heart stopping and makes the song for me, if not the entire record.
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    Visionary Dreamer

    The title is one that Van Morrison might employ, though he would certainly take it in a different direction. Dave doesn’t have a very elastic vocabulary on his lp’s; fool/foolish seems to be a favorite, government/politics another. There is some strong guitar work on offer which makes the song for me. The over the top vocals too, although I get that for many they’re a dealbreaker. Dave has said ‘it’s a love song to someone who has always been very close to me and always will be.’ Sue? Lisbet? As for Linda Ronstadt, I would eat my Homburg hat if she appears on this number. Certainly Dave has never mentioned her. I think it’s those internet gremlins having fun.

    Nothin’ More to Lose

    Inspired by Eddie Cochran, this song worked it’s way into a few Kinks concerts and generally did well live. I like it as recorded too, and as @mark winstanley points out that second stanza is quite good. Interesting that Dave shows some alien/other concerns on this album and the next before he was contacted by them in ‘82. What gives?
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    Visionary Dreamer: Steve Marriott-ish vocals (I finally figured it out!) on a song that doesn’t seem quite finished as there’s a couple of changes that jar.

    Nothin’ More To Lose: Straight ahead foot-to-the-floor rocker, milking the guitar hero thing for all its worth. At least Dave sings in a lower register.

    I went back and looked at song credits: Both these tracks are all-Dave. Drums, bass, everything.

    “Dave Davies: Vocals, all tracks
    Guitars, all tracks
    Keyboards, all tracks
    Bass guitar and drums on the following tracks:
    Doing the Best for You*
    Visionary Dreamer
    Nothin' More To Lose
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    Did I miss something? How did Linda get in here lol

    "Calling occupants of interplanetary craft" :)
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    Just For Interests sake.... here are a batch of compilations to check out from all over the world I assume

    Some Compilations Part 1.


    The Kinks – The Kinks Best Collection


    Label:pye Records – UPS-664-Y
    Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Stereo
    Genre:Rock, Pop


    A1 You Really Got Me 2:14
    A2 All Day And All Of The Night 2:22
    A3 Tired of Waiting For You 2:30
    A4 Set Me Free 2:13
    A5 A Well Respected Man 2:40
    A6 Long Tall Sally 2:10
    B1 Sunny Afternoon 3:29
    B2 Village Green 2:07
    B3 Waterloo Sunset 3:17
    B4 Dead End Street 3:23
    B5 Victoria 3:37
    B6 Lola


    The Kinks – Lo Mejor De The Kinks




    He's Evil 4:20
    Money Talks 3:41
    The Hardway 2:32
    Scrapheap City 3:15
    Salvation Road 3:17
    Jack The Idiot Dunce 3:17
    Flash's Confession 4:26
    Nothing Lasts Forever 3:40
    Everybody's A Star (Starmaker) 2:14
    Have Another Drink 2:42

    The Kinks – Ihre 20 Größten Hits


    Style:pop Rock


    Waterloo Sunset
    Sunny Afternoon
    Mr. Pleasant
    Autumn Almanac
    Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
    Susannah's Still Alive
    You Really Got Me
    Wonder Boy
    Dead End Street
    All Day And All Of The Night
    Tired Of Waiting For You
    A Well Respected Man
    Plastic Man
    Set Me Free
    Death Of A Clown

    4:04 The Kinks – Lola


    Label:Impacto – EL.4005
    Vinyl, LP, Compilation


    A1 Lola
    A2 Village Green
    A3 Wonder Boy
    A4 Funny Face
    A5 Too Much On My Mind
    A6 Picture Book
    B1 Dandy
    B2 Sitting By The Riverside
    B2 Love Me Till The Sun Shines
    B3 Two Sisters
    B4 Party Line
    B5 Moments

    The Kinks – The Kinks


    Label:Vogue – VK 73
    Vinyl, LP, Compilation
    Style:Classic Rock, Mod


    A1 Lola 4:05
    A2 Autumn Almanac 3:08
    A3 Waterloo Sunset 3:12
    A4 Till The End Of The Day 2:18
    A5 Sittin' On My Sofa 3:00
    A6 Don't You Fret 2:42
    B1 Apeman 3:54
    B2 Tired Of Waiting For You 2:28
    B3 I Gotta Move 2:24
    B4 Village Green Preservation Society 2:48
    B5 The Last Of The Steam Powered Trains 4:11
    B6 Tin Soldier Man
  11. mark winstanley

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    The Kinks – All Day And All Of The Night - The Kinks - Vol. 2


    Genre: Rock
    Style: Pop Rock
    Year: 1979


    All Day And All Of The Night 2:23
    See My Friends 2:41
    Sittin' On My Sofa 3:00
    Village Green Preservation Society 2:48
    Afternoon Tea 3:24
    Set Me Free 2:11
    Louie Louie 2:56
    Death Of A Clown 3:11
    Party Line 2:33
    Animals In The Zoo 2:21
    Sitting By The Riverside 2:23
    Tired Of Waiting For You 2:28


    The Kinks – Kinky Gems


    Genre: Rock

    Long Tall Sally 2:11
    You Still Want Me 1:59
    You Do Something to Me 2:22
    I've Got That Feeling 2:40
    Who'll Be the Next in Line 2:00
    Never Met a Girl Like You Before 2:02
    Big Black Smoke 2:25
    This Is Where I Belong 2:23
    Act Nice and Gentle 2:36
    Polly 2:47
    There Is No Life Without Love 2:01
    Creeping Jean 3:09
    King Kong 3:22
    Berkeley Mews

    The Kinks – Second Time Around


    Genre: Rock, Pop
    Style: Pop Rock, Classic Rock
    Year: 1980

    The Hard Way 2:35
    No More Looking Back 4:27
    Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues 3:56
    Motorway 3:29
    Lola 1:40
    Schooldays 3:32
    (A) Face In The Crowd 2:17
    Hot Potatoes 3:31
    Celluloid Heroes 6:20
  12. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Certified dinosaur, who likes physical product Thread Starter


    The Kinks – The Kinks Collection


    Hallmark Marble Arch – PDA 072
    2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation
    Country: UK
    Released: 1980
    Genre: Rock, Pop
    Style: Rock & Roll

    A1 Lola
    A2 Animal Farm
    A3 It's All Right
    A4 I Need You
    A5 Till The End Of The Day
    A6 Stop Your Sobbing
    B1 You Really Got Me
    B2 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
    B3 Just Can't Go To Sleep
    B4 Victoria
    B5 Tired Of Waiting For You
    B6 A Well Respected Man
    C1 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
    C2 Dead End Street
    C3 See My Friends
    C4 Louie Louie
    C5 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
    C6 Set Me Free
    D1 All Day And All Of The Night
    D2 Waterloo Sunset
    D3 Where Have All The Good Times Gone
    D4 Something Better Beginning
    D5 Come On Now
    D6 Sunny Afternoon
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    No thank you! (Not gonna get me on that little teaser again. 1:40 my *#^. :D )
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    Oct 1963 - Nov 1966 - Kinks get a haircut
    Apr 1967 - Feb 1970
    1965 Never Say Yes
    1966 Trouble In Madrid
    Nov 1970 - Jun 1976

    Ray interview

    The Kinks Move To Arista Records

    Feb 1977 Sleepwalker
    Life On The Road - OGWT 77 - ITV 78
    Mr Big Man
    Sleepwalker - Mike Douglas - OGWT - Supersonic - SNL - Outtake
    Juke Box Music - single - OGWT
    Sleepless Night
    Stormy Sky - OGWT 77
    Full Moon - live 77 - Ray live
    Life Goes On - OGWT 77
    Artificial Light
    Prince Of The Punks
    The Poseur
    On The Outside - remix
    Elevator Man

    Kinks Live Feb 1977
    Ray acoustic Apr 77
    Kinks Old Grey Whistle Test show 77
    Kinks Live Dec 1977
    Christmas Concert 1977
    The Pressures Of The Road

    Nov 1977 Father Christmas - video - live 1977 - tv promo - Dave live

    May 1978 Misfits
    Misfits - tv 1978
    Hay Fever - live?
    Black Messiah
    Rock And Roll Fantasy- the hotel room - live Paris 1978
    In A Foreign Land
    Permanent Waves
    Live Life - US version - UK tv
    Out Of The Wardrobe
    Trust Your Heart - live 1979
    Get Up

    1978 The Misfit Record EP

    Lola live in the hotel room

    UK tv 1978

    The Misfits Tour
    Live in Paris 1978

    Sept. 1978 20 Golden Greats

    Jul 1979 Low Budget
    Catch Me Now I'm Falling - remix - alt mix - The Late Man, Sea Cows In Love Mix
    Pressure - live 1983
    National Health
    Superman (ext. mix) - single/album mix - ext fan mix - video - straight mix 12"
    Low Budget - Extended mix - Live 89 - Ray Live
    In A Space
    A Little Bit Of Emotion
    A Gallon Of Gas - Live in 1982 - Full US single version - Alt mix
    Moving Pictures
    studio outtakes
    Hidden Quality
    Nuclear Love
    Maybe I Love You
    Stolen Away Your Heart

    Mike Konopka Restores the Kinks for the Velvel Reissues

    The Low Budget interview
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

    Ray On Wonderworld

    The Kunks

    Ray on the Stones

    Compilations part 1

    Dave Davies - AFL1-3603
    Where Do You Come From
    Doing The Best For You
    Visionary Dreamer
    Nothing More To Lose

    Live In Frankfurt in 1984

    Kinks live TOTP 1994

    2005 Thanksgiving Day Ray live on Conan Obrien

    Oct 2018 Dave Davies - Decade - interview
    If You Are Leaving (71)
    Cradle To The Grace (73)
    Midnight Sun (73)
    Mystic Woman (73)
    The Journey (73)
    Shadows (73)
    Web Of Time (75)
    Mr Moon (75) - Why
    Islands (78)
    Give You All My Love (78)
    Within Each Day (78)
    Same Old Blues (78)
    This Precious Time (78)

    Mick Avory
    Pete Quaife - interview - Kast Off Kinks - I Could See It In Your Eyes - Dead End Street
    Rasa Didzpetris Davies
    John Dalton
    John Gosling
    Jim Rodford
    Andy Pyle
    Gordon Edwards
    Clive Davis
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    Visionary Dreamer
    At first, this song sounds like a straight ahead love song. Then it sounds like Dave is reaching for something more, but it's impossible to tell just what.

    Nothing More to Lose
    Whoa! The 80s have arrived with Dave! If the previous song was Dave doing Journey, then this is Dave doing the main theme to an angsty coming of age 80s teen movie. I get visions of the Brat Pack flying down the road in a convertible signing along with the cassette tape, all about flipping the previous generation the metaphorical bird. In that sense, it's as good as any such example from the day. I agree Dave sings this one really well. Yeah, I may relive a little of my own youth as I drive to the trailhead for my mountain bike ride today.... CRANK IT!!!
  16. Steve62

    Steve62 Vinyl hunter

    I apologise in advance because I'm going to review Dave's first four songs in reverse, which is the order in which I've listened to them. I do have the LP but I see it needs a deep clean, which will have to wait until tomorrow.
    Nothing More to Lose
    This is a fast rocker which Dave says was inspired by Eddie Cochran. It doesn't try to do anything too complicated and doesn't need to. Great song!
    Visionary Dreamer
    I understand Dave wrote this as a love song of sorts. That might well be the case but I can't easily make out the lyrics - which undermines the notion of a love song. It's a good effort but could have been better.
    Doing the Best for You
    There's some nice crunchy riffing on this (as there was on the previous/following song) as well as the synth accompaniment that was popular at the time. The lyrics are weird but I like the chorus and Dave's solo on what is a good song to my ears.
    Where Do You Come From
    The album opens with a medium-paced hard rocker for want of a better description. This has the feel of an exciting song that is inconclusive. There is no climax, which can be a problem - including in songs. So I found this a bit disappointing.

    Overall impression so far
    I'm enjoying this record. It's amazing that Dave played all the instruments as well as produced it. I don't know if that means the angelic backing vocals are Dave double-tracked? He's clearly having a good time with all that freedom - giving the music an uplifting feel.
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    That observation is too good to go without being repeated. :winkgrin::winkgrin::winkgrin:
  18. Zeki

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    Not all instruments on all of the above:
    “Special thanks to Nick Trevisick and Ron Lawerence, drums and guitar respectively, on:
    Where Do You Come From” (but, yeah, I’m always impressed by multi instrumentalists).
  19. Zeki

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    Yes! That @Fortuleo quote is my favorite line of the day.
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    For the record.
    What I will probably do with compilations now, is on a Saturday when we are looking at something from a specific year, I will post compilations that line up with that year.
    I personally don't have too much to say about compilations (I mean the plethora of best of's, not boxes like Anthology, Picture Book, BBC etc) so on the odd Saturday I will post the years batch of compilations and that way with it being the weekend anyone who has something specific to say about any of them, can, and they will have time to do so.
    For example, the next batch will come up during Give The People What They Want, and there were 7 compiles release in 81, and 5 in 82 etc etc ... I hope that works for everyone. It seems like a way of getting them in here without actually spoiling the flow of the albums we are looking at, and also not losing days and time setting them aside for specific days... where there may not be much interest?
  21. Vangro

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    Some weird song choices on some of those compilations!
  22. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

  23. donstemple

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    Maplewood, NJ
    Visionary Dreamer

    Nice, very straightforward song. Funny, I wouldn’t have thought Journey, but I can totally imagine Steve Perry singing these verses, and some of the guitar tones do sound similar to something Neal Schon would add on top. I really like the acoustic guitar and vocal layering in the bridge. It changes the feel in a nice way, before rounding back to the chorus.

    Nothin’ More to Lose

    The opening groove here sounds like a bit heavier, sped up version of Love Will Find a Way by Pablo Cruise (1978). Now there’s a comparison I wouldn’t think I would ever make on this thread! As for this…

    …yes! As I first listened, before reading your post, I had this thought that this chorus seems like it belongs in Rocky IV as he’s driving his car at night, contemplating that he, may, in fact, have something to lose. My only qualm with your statement is that I happen to enjoy both Rocky IV and the song they ended up choosing for that scene, Robert Tepper’s No Easy Way Out :hide:

    Also, never really knew Dave could play bass and drums too, so these two songs today are pretty impressive.
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  24. palisantrancho

    palisantrancho Forum Resident

    It's Saturday, so I will attempt to shake off my annoyance and sour attitude. I had nothing to say about the first two songs and likely don't have much to say about these either. I am surprised that Kinks fans like this music, but I'm sure we all have very wide and eclectic taste, so I guess you never know what someone will love or hate.

    "Visionary Dreamer"
    That's what is sounds like to me. This doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. I don't like anything about it. An instant skip. Sorry Dave.
    I hear what you are saying, but Steve Marriott was far superior. He also got more and more annoying as time went on. I love Small Faces and early Humble Pie, but this is more in line with what he became on albums like On To Victory, which was also released in 1980. Steve is still far better, even at his weakest. I couldn't even get through this entire tune before I wanted to rip my ears off.

    "Nothin More To Lose"
    I completely agree with this. There is a good song in here, but the chorus squashes it. I like the rockabilly flavor and Dave's vocal in the verses that has him playing up the rockabilly swagger. I even like the blasts of electric guitar. He should have kept it simpler and more in line with the rockabilly start. It's not great and I will probably never listen to it again, but it has its moments. It may be the only song on the album that I find halfway listenable.
  25. Vangro

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    Was she hanging about Hornsey at the time?

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