The last movie you saw in the theater

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Chris DeVoe, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Monosterio

    Monosterio Forum Resident

    South Florida
    Do you recommend Emily the Criminal? At $5 a pop, I may well go back next Tuesday.
  2. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report! Thread Starter

    Vickie's off seeing some films that I don't have any interest in - Fire of Love and Fall.

    Both are about people going places that sane, rational people avoid, wandering around on top of lava flows and teetering, rusty transmission towers respectively.
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  3. brownie61

    brownie61 Forum Resident

    I would love to see Fire of Love. I saw the trailer for that twice at a local AMC, but there is no sign that it will actually be coming to a local AMC. :p I’ve complained about this before, but I have no solution. It’s very frustrating. It actually doesn’t seem to be playing any longer at any AMC in the entire region. It is, however, playing at Angelika Film Center in NYC, but it takes about $30 to get there from here nowadays, and that’s before buying a ticket to the film. :p

    Tonight I’m going to see the recent West Side Story, being shown for free at my local performing arts center. This will be my third time seeing that. So great.
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  4. rockerreds

    rockerreds Senior Member

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  5. Hyacinth House

    Hyacinth House Forum Resident

    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial in IMAX

    It looked fantastic, but the real star of the show was that soaring score by John Williams, it sounded magnificent in a big theater.
  6. Paper Shark

    Paper Shark Forum Resident

    NJ, USA
    I saw Fall over the weekend. It was entertaining. We seemed to be going to the movies every weekend this summer.
    Other than Nope (which I thought was terrible), most of the movies have been pretty good.
    Nice to see people back in the theatre.
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  7. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report! Thread Starter

    Tonight's film was A Love Song with Dale Dickey as Faye.

    She plays a woman living in a trailer at a desert campsite, waiting to meet up with a man that she hasn't seen since they were teenagers.

    After various misadventures with other people visiting the campsite, the man, played by Wes Studi arrives. They fill each other in the lives they've had married other people, and part.

    Some critics have described this film as "lyrical" which is critic-speak for incredibly slow moving. That's not a problem for us ordinarily, except that it gave us the time to think about what was happening, some of which made no sense at all.

    For instance, a group of four cowboy brothers show up, who let their little sister do all the talking, and the engine in their truck "blows a rod" and Faye swaps the engine in her truck with one in their truck.

    I've done an engine swap. It requires a lot of power tools, and an engine hoist. But somehow Faye accomplishes this with a small red toolbox. Twice.

    Seriously writers, if you have no idea how hard something is, don't put it in your movie. If you don't know any mechanics, at least find a forum where they hang out, and ask one.

    On the other hand, it did have an excellent soundtrack, with songs by Valerie June, Blaze Foley and Elizabeth Cotton.

    Not recommended. Well, maybe if Nomadland was your favorite film of 2019 and you want to see something similar.
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  8. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    Finally just saw Nope last nite, as looked like it should be seen on a Big Screen.
    Was it good? Nope
    I left thinking what the ‘ell was that all about?
    Nope started out ok, but just went downhill.
    Best(or most horrifying) parts of the Movie, were the scenes with the Chimpanzee.
    Poor Steven Yuen, First having Negan/Lucille demolish his dome in TWD, now as a kid child actor watching a chimp brutally kill his Sitcom Family, then later as an Adult being taking by a spaceship.

    I loved Get Out, thought US was ok, but not great, so was hoping Peele would come back better with Nope.
    Maybe, he should have made just a Western, instead of trying to combine a SciFi with a Western.
    I think the best way to describe it was Boring. Anyways, YMMV.
  9. brownie61

    brownie61 Forum Resident

    Sundown (2021)

    Tim Roth and Charlotte Gainsbourg star in this film about members of a wealthy family who go on vacation to Acapulco and then things start to go awry. Things are not what they seem to be, and the surprising revelations come late in the film. Tim Roth does a fabulous, understated job, although you don’t realize quite how good he is in the role until later.

    I would have loved to see this on the big screen - beautiful Acapulco scenery! - but it never came to a theater nearby. I eventually saw it for free on Kanopy, thanks to my local library.
  10. GillyT

    GillyT Forum Resident

    Wellies, N.Z
    The big-hearted Good luck to you Leo Grande. Was funnier than I expected. Top notch performance from Emma Thompson as always. Off to see German film The Conference today. Looks gritty and compelling.
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  11. brownie61

    brownie61 Forum Resident

    Oops, sorry, wrong thread and too late to delete.
  12. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report! Thread Starter

    The last thing we saw in the theater, just last night, was a Hindi language film called Dobaaraa based on a Spanish film called Mirage.

    There were only four of us in the theater, Vickie and me and an Indian couple. We got to talking to them afterwards, really nice folks, big fans of this particular director.

    Taapsee Pannu starred as a nurse who winds up in a bifurcated timeline, where all the sudden she's a very successful doctor. It was one of the best time travel/alternate universe films I've seen in a long time.

    I'd hesitate to call it a "Bollywood movie" because there was no dancing, and while there were songs, they just happened over montages.
  13. jlocke08

    jlocke08 Forum Resident

    two in the last week-Mack and Rita and Where The Crawdads Sing. having not read the book and seeing some poor reviews, we went into Crawdads with low expectations. boy were we wrong. young lead actress held the film together nicely, writing was pretty good, David Strathairn as usual was strong and the twist was a surprise. ignore the overly picky critic reviews and check it out IMO. Mack and Rita was the single worst thing we have seen in '22. boy Diane Keaton must be desperate. dumb premise poorly executed. definite avoid.
  14. Jazzmonkie

    Jazzmonkie Forum Resident

    Tempe, AZ
    Korean flick Emergency Disaster. Despite it's great cast, it was too long and reminded me of the old Airport disaster flicks.
  15. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    The first Airport was a decent movie. The others were campy fun disaster flicks...
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  16. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report! Thread Starter

    It's film was Alienoid, a Korean science fiction film about an alien race storing their condemned criminals in unsuspecting humans. The story jumps back and forth between current day and 600 some odd years ago, with the conceit that back in 1390, there were actual sorcerers.

    We were literally the only people in the theater, and I can't quite figure out how this one got a screening, although we're glad they did. It's gotten some good reviews, particularly one from the New York Times.

    Basically, if you want to see a Korean take on Chinese Wuxia films, and aren't particularly insistent than a film has to make sense in order to be entertaining, this is a couple of hours of fun.
  17. GullGutt

    GullGutt Hei hopp

    Argento's latest, Dark Glasses, a return to his Giallo-roots

    First 10 minutes was promising, but after our heroine had her accident and having to wear Dark Glasses it got very very boring, blind woman chased by serial-killer, making stupid choices time and time again, the movie even had to throw in an annoying Chinese kid to appease the Chinese market
  18. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report! Thread Starter

    Tonight's film was the documentary Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song about the songwriters most beloved song, and how it took on a completely independent life.

    I don't believe I've seen another documentary concentrating on a single song. The filmmakers did an incredible job, reaching out to singers, musicians, songwriters, filmmakers and one critic who championed him throughout his entire career "Ratso" Sloman.

    Vickie and I were lucky enough to see Jeff Buckley at the Metro in Chicago, although we were kicking ourselves when we did, because we could have seen him at the Green Mill.

    Cohen was one of those artists that I respected without ever having dived deeply into his music, so in some ways we were the perfect audience for this documentary - we could be surprised, and not hypercritical.

    Highly recommended.
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  19. TOCJ-4091

    TOCJ-4091 Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
  20. harmonica98

    harmonica98 Forum Resident

    London, UK
    'Official Competition' (2021) - film industry satire with Penelope Cruz. Lots of genuinely funny moments but the pacing was off and it dragged somewhat. Worth seeing though.
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  21. brownie61

    brownie61 Forum Resident

    3000 Years of Longing

    Idris Elba is a djinn and Tilda Swinson unknowingly lets him out of his bottle. Many stories of the djinn’s 3000 year journey to the present follow. How can a djinn survive in the modern world? This is a very colorful, very charming, very romantic movie. :love: It drags a bit in the middle, but the last part of the film makes up for it. :love:
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  22. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report! Thread Starter

    The part that most moved me most was the story of Sophia, the young woman who wished for all knowledge. There's a quote by Steven J. Gould:

    "I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops."
    Or, in Sophia's case, valued as nothing more than a warm receptacle.
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  23. brownie61

    brownie61 Forum Resident

    What I found most interesting about her story is
    that he didn't just instantly grant her wish by placing all the knowledge in her head, but instead he provided all the books and resources for her to learn. I loved that.
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  24. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report! Thread Starter

    Saw two films today.

    The first was our second viewing of Three Thousand Years of Longing in the Dolby Cinema theater. Absolutely stunning image quality, and even more emotionally powerful this time.

    The second was a revival of Spider-Man: Far From Home also in Dolby Cinema.

    Vickie was up for a third one but I wimped out on her.
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  25. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    I’m surprised it took you that long to discover Crawdads. We loved it! Was just pure luck we saw it. We were downtown for dinner, and we have a little, very old 3 screen theatre with the vintage neon sign outside and the very sticky, old floors inside. We just felt like seeing a film, my wife had heard it was good so we took a flyer on it. Was fantastic, and that is exactly the kind of film we like, and what Hollywood rarely makes anymore. I’m stunned the film even got made, and I hope it did okay. I can’t imagine many made it out to see it. The sad thing is, I recommended it to a friend and their comment was they will wait to stream it. Not a good time to own a theater!

    That Keaton film must be extraordinarily awful. I don’t hear about many films these days, but somehow that one keeps popping up on my radar as being terrible.
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