The last movie you watched was...? (take five)

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    My Lover, My Son (1970): A very, very weird mashup of ideas. Imagine The Graduate shot by Antonioni and you get a first idea of this rarely seen Romy Schneider vehicle in which she stars as a mother whose former lover drowned and who now becomes sexually attracted to her son she had with this lover. Romy is as great as ever here but that doesn't really help the viewer to look past the many logical holes of the film and the hasty revelations that do nothing but confuse the viewer. Interesting for fans of Romy and late-60s-swingin'-London completists, the rest will probably have a very hard time sitting through this.
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  2. Rachael Bee

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    True Romance UHD-BD ...still bloody after all these years! Catch 22 on DVD, still daft after all these years.
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  3. Jimmy B.

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    Ever watch a movie that you see people watching IN a movie? (Christ, this could have its own thread)
    Well anyway I was watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape last night, and I saw at one point that Gilbert, his mother, I forget what other members of the Grape family,
    are watching a movie with Montgomery Clift. I did not recognize this footage on their TV. I then saw Jennifer JONES!!!! Who one might guess as I write that, I love (translation: she was beautiful).
    So I thought, "what the hell IS this?" and I looked it up online,
    and it was called,
    Indiscretion Of An American Wife.
    The first reviews - the "most helpful" - are like, 8's and such.
    The rating *overall* though is 6.2
    Anyway this was just terrible.
    I paid a massive 99 cents to rent it from Amazon in SD
    and watched near half of it last night (taking about 3 or 4 sittings to get that far - I would stop and give up - seeing it after such a great movie made it only worse to me, and phony overall, the feeling)
    Jennifer Jones plays the woman who loves Clift's character (duh)
    In it...
    So basically, they're in love, and the music, OMG, is SO overdone, but anyway, he tells her early on that since he is Italian, if he got mad, he might hit her, or maybe he said beat her. This BTW was a shortened version - it normally runs at 88 minutes or else 71 - the latter including an 8 minute thing by Patti Page (I know not what exactly)
    So anyway they're in this train station and at one point he DOES hit her, smacks her on the left side of her face. People shout how a man hit a woman etc.
    Anyway it took me two separate times - the times I tried last night, and now, to get through 64 minutes that seemed interminable. Their being so in love came off more phony than anything I'd seen in a long time. I saw some review ask if they were trying to redo A Place In The Sun - the romantic part - but failed. Jones *does* look like Elizabeth Taylor a little in this - how she's made up, that is. The whole thing was just terrible, IMO.
    Photo of Jones as Elizabeth Taylor, Jr.:
    [​IMG] and one of Monty, who clearly is in love - the eyes, the look, etc :rolleyes: [​IMG]
    This felt as phony as a $3 bill.
    Overblown music, overblown "romance" etc. (Overblown acting!) The first truly awful movie I've seen with Jennifer Jones or Clift in it.
    I can't recall another mainstream film with dialog this bad or syrupy or as poorly written. I expected something artistic or meaningful but it delivered something like an Ed Wood flick--it was THAT bad. The repulsive gushing and mushiness of the dialog is practically stomach-turning, as Clift and Jones slobber all over each other and whine about their love. Sure, a tiny bit of this might have been okay, but to extend this self-indulgent claptrap for practically the length of the film was unforgivable. Also, some amazingly stupid dialog was in the film about how Clift loved Jones so much he wanted to make her his wife and beat her regularly to show he loved her. In fact, later when he was angry about her spurning his love, he back handed her---wow, now THAT'S a great way to show her you love her!! And Jones, being a total low self-esteem weasel, actually apologizes to him later after this altercation!!
  4. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Doomed bird that can't fly.

    Well I saw a masterpiece again. This time I rented it in HD rather than watch the non-anamorphic DVD, with no subtitles etc.
    What I'd give to be able to buy this in HD, even in digital streaming (the Blu-ray is Region B locked, so I'm outta luck with it - just like in life)
    The Defiant Ones!
    The best movie I can't own in HD - offhand, that I know of anyway........

    Lon Chaney Jr. gives a fantastic performance as well in this.

    I'm kind of glad, very, that Robert Mitchum actually turned down the part that went to Curtis as John "Joker" Jackson.

    Edit: wow, I just read this on IMDB:
    Tony Curtis believed in the movie so much, he helped raise the $1 million budget through "Curtleigh," the production company he had formed with his wife Janet Leigh.

    Hmm, also glad it wasn't Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr. I forgot about that. I didn't know Davis was the first choice to play Cullen though. I like him, but he's no Poitier. It wouldn't have been nearly as good.

    Oh and Theodore Bikel is excellent in this too. Poitier, Curtis, Cara Williams and Bikel were all nominated for Academy Awards.
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    Death Proof , makes me think I should get 4 inch oak bumpers on my car, just in case... ;)
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    "Wonder Woman 1984" (2020) - sequel to the 2017 hit moves the action to the 1980s and pits Wonder Woman against Maxwell Lord, a shady business man whose wish-granting powers threaten the entire world, and the villainous Cheetah.
    The first "W.W." was a home run but this one's a double, at best. Gal Gadot does her best (I could watch her beat up bad guys all day) but the movie is over-long, the tone is inconsistent, and the villains are underwhelming. A let down compared to the first.

    "Cosmic Sin" (2021)
    Bruce Willis has apparently entered the Nicolas Cage Zone period of his career, turning up in cheap direct-t0-video B Movies like these to make a quick house payment. "Cosmic Sin" is set 500 years from now and Bruce sleepwalks through his role as a legendary space soldier of some sort, called back to active duty to lead a crew against an alien invasion. The story is a hopeless muddle, the effects are cheap, and the supporting cast is bland. Skip it.
  7. MikaelaArsenault

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    Only You (1994)
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    "Play Dirty" 9.5/10 with Michael Caine and Nigel Davenport. Very occasionally I come across a movie I've never heard of that deserves attention. This is one, a terrific WWII film that's among the best I've see in the that genre. Will probably start a thread, though it's possible not many have seen it.
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    Billy Bang – Lucky Man (2021)

    Fabulous documentary about my all-time favorite jazz violinist's trip back to Vietnam. In a general way, the first half of the film deals with Billy's feelings about his wartime service in the country, and trips to the War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, the rural villages he fought in, the tunnels he searched, the settings that reminded him of the booby traps he dodged, etc. It overwhelms him at times, and his comments on the plight of Vietnam vets is heartfelt, powerful and tragic. The second half of the film (generally) is given over to Billy's listening to and playing music with local musicians. Some of this is pleasant and charming -- jamming with bar bands, enjoying rural folk music groups and pop singers. And some of it is beautiful and ferocious, prime Billy Bang, which is as good as it gets -- specifically a killer duet with a monster lithophone (stone marimba) player, a through-composed piece with a regional classical ensemble, and a wild jam with folk dance band.
    Highest recommendation. Available on Vimeo for rent or sale
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    In Harm’s Way (1965)
  11. Kaskade10729

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    Sounds really friggin' in the vain of the porn classic Taboo with Kay Parker...:eek::shh:
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    You bet! While watching, though, it felt more like a slick melodrama with elements of a psychological thriller set at the tail end of the swingin' 60s. So, nothing really explicit to see. :shake::D
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    Trouble In Paradise (1932): My third Lubitsch now. I just love how each of his characters - no matter how flawed - remains sympathetic and amusing in a good-natured, classy way (I mean, he even managed to churn out a wonderful, flat-out comedy on WW2 while it occured!). There's so much sexual tension between the three protagonists, it's amazing this film is 89 years old! Fantastic film, definitely gonna watch more Lubitsch :agree:
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    Judy (Judy Garland bio-pic)
    It didn't really hit the mark for me, a film that had a weak story and kind of went nowhere....
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    The Lubitsch bug bit me several years ago. I haven't seen one of his films that I didn't like. I hope "Design for Living" is on your list if you haven't seen it yet.
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  17. LeBon Bush

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    It most definitely is! :agree:
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  18. LeBon Bush

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    Oh well... definitely looking forward to her more raunchy stuff like Le trio infernal and The Innocents With Dirty Hands :D:cheers:
  19. Jimmy B.

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    Odds Against Tomorrow (1959)
    Okay, so last night about an hour after watching The Defiant Ones, I was trying to figure out a movie to watch.
    I don't know what possibly led me to this, looking through movies and actors on Xfinity, you know, but the title, I before thought "That's a really great title."
    And it's praised as, by some, as an "essential film noir." However from the start, which I recalled seeing once (just the very beginning, what Ryan's character says to a little girl),
    I realized I was watching a second movie in a row about racism (though The Defiant Ones covers much more topics), and I figured, "this is gonna pale so bad from what I just saw."
    So after 20-odd minutes I gave up. Went back now, and actually I thought was a pretty good movie.
    Hell, if the Blu-ray was cheaper, I might buy it. (30 is too much for me this; I'd give 30 right now for The Defiant Ones though! - plus, this was free on cable)

    Robert Ryan plays a very convincing racist, or bigot - the second time I've seen him play one (the first was Crossfire). Belafonte, I think but am not sure, that this is the first movie I've seen him in.
    This also has Ed Begley in it, Shelley Winters (boy she got billed big for such a small part), and Gloria Grahame in a small part - always nice to see her, though she wasn't the raving beauty
    she was in previous movies I've seen, but then who cares? Esp. in something like this.
    Anyway this was more a crime drama than film noir to me, but it was good - didn't start out so great, but got better as it went along. (Oh yeah - a very small part by Wayne Rogers, later of MASH)
    Robert Ryan was a very good actor, I think.

    Anyway I liked this.
    (rate? 7/10)


    [​IMG] Oh yeah this also had Cicely Tyson in it, and Mae Barnes, a singer. She sang "All Men Are Evil."
  20. Al Kuenster

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    Las Vegas, NV - US
    Reflections in a Golden Eye BR watched the gold-hue version directed by John Huston. Starring Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor and Brian Keith and also a young Robert Forster.
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  21. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Doomed bird that can't fly.

    Blackboard Jungle (1955)
    I was planning on watching the Blu-ray of the movie Breaking Point starring John Garfield as it was sitting out, and I bought it after seeing it in SD on cable, and never got around to it yet.
    But I found I was in the wrong mood, another time, so I searched and watched Blackboard Jungle in HD stream I purchased ages ago but hadn't watched since before then.
    It's a pretty great movie, maybe dated but still good performances, Glenn Ford's great in this, I love Anne Francis as his wife (I hadn't seen this in so long I forgot it was her in this).
    Vic Morrow, he's good at playing a delinquent (King Creole)
    I guess everybody's seen this, almost.
    I think BTW that Rock Around The Clock is TERRIBLE as closing credits. Hell, it doesn't even fit the movie as opening ones in my opinion; but they're not so jarringly out of place there.

    Good movie, I think.

    Anne Francis with a strange caller, above...

    (so Glenn Ford as Richard Dadier takes a job teaching these horrible, VIOLENT kids in this school. His wife's expecting. Margaret Hayes is a fellow teacher. Sidney Poitier is a student in his class. etc etc)
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  22. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Doomed bird that can't fly.

    Sudden Impact (1983)
    The one movie I hadn't seen in my Dirty Harry 4 disc set (I just wanted the original, but it was cheaper to get this; I'm glad)

    Not sure what I can say.
    I thought for a good while the violence, the gore, a bit too much for me, but it got better as it went along.
    I was also stunned at how beautiful Sondra Locke, (then Clint's partner, I know), was.
    I had only previously seen her in my beloved The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter from 15 years before, where she was only 23 or 24 and had clearly toned down her looks greatly for the part.

    A good film!
    The first one was the best still to me, and my least favorite of them would be Magnum Force by far.
    I really liked this.

    the photos I see now online just can't do justice to how she looked on screen, in motion, and in HD.........


    I won't say what happened of course, but I loved the ending, and it totally surprised me; PERFECT!!
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  23. jason88cubs

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    better than i thought
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  25. Philip Airtime

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    United States
    Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’Eclisse (1962), stunningly photographed by Gianni Di Venanzo. I was particularly delighted to see, in the first few moments of the film, the remarkable water tower, Il Fungo, that memorably appears in Sidney Salkow and Ubaldo B. Ragona’s The Last Man on Earth (1964). I half-expected to see Vincent Price riding around Rome in his station wagon!

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