The last movie you watched was...? (take five)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Ken_McAlinden, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Forum Resident

    Sheboygan, WI
    'Pickup on South Street'. Observant and tough performances, especially from the 3 principals - Richard Widmark, Jean Peters and Thelma Ritter. There's no one to really root for in the first half, and then slowly their better angels emerge. Which ironically , because its a noir, puts them at risk. Samuel Fuller's direction is more subtle than he gets credit for, and his camera movement is much more fluid than I realized. He really knew how to effectively stage a scene, and block out the actors moves. The story is just complicated enough without getting confused with inconsistent motivations. Its slowly growing reputation as one fo the better noirs of its period is deserved.
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  2. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Resident blabbermouth

    The Green Berets.

    I recently watched Ken Burns' The Vietnam War and re-read David Halberstam's The Best and Brightest.

    'Nuff said.
  3. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    After a month of waiting for delivery, I finally got my copy of Blade Runner: The Final Cut. I hadn't seen this version before, and I thought I'd miss the voice-over and be bothered by the steel-green tint that was added. But neither of those bothered me. Based on the screen caps, I had expected it to look almost like The Matrix due to the tint, but that thankfully was not the case. I was very happy with this version, and it reminded me what a masterpiece Blade Runner is.
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  4. RickH

    RickH Forum Resident

    Raleigh, NC
    The Invitation - a somewhat slow-paced suspense film that really packs a punch at the end. I had been intending to watch this for a while and finally got around to it this past weekend - glad I did! Catch it on Netflix.
  5. RK2249

    RK2249 Forum Resident

    South Jersey
    I actually found the movie much less funny this time around and much more scary...what with the jackalopes we have in Washington.
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  6. ando here

    ando here Sitting Weed Floating Bull

    new york, ny
    Now I HAVE to watch it again. :)
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  7. malcolm reynolds

    malcolm reynolds Forum Resident

  8. RogerB

    RogerB Forum Resident

    My wife and I watched The Reader on Netflix last night. Wow what a powerful movie!!! Highly recommended!!!!
  9. Standoffish

    Standoffish Don't you dare call me an ostrich!

    Resident Evil: Retribution

    I'm a sucker for this series, and this my favorite of the bunch. Love me some Milla Jovovich.
  10. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Forum Resident

    The Wanderers.
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  11. jh901

    jh901 Forum Resident

    Rumble Fish (1983)

    Criterion blu-ray disc from Netflix. Interesting. Oddly, haven't seen the The Outsiders (Coppola) yet.
  12. Tim S

    Tim S Forum Resident

    East Tennessee
    Slim Pickens has to be one of the greatest stage names in history.
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  13. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    Indeed...we watched it sad.
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  14. Yovra

    Yovra Forum Enthusiast

    The Hitman’s Boyguard and I have never seen such a collection of factual errors about the Netherlands before. Amusing movie, though....
  15. Nice Marmot

    Nice Marmot I've seen better ways, man. I know better ways.

    Tryon NC
    Stoker (2013)

    I really liked this movie. If you dig the kinetic energy, jump from scene to scene, wink wink humor of today's movies then this movie is not for you. If you wonder what a modern Hitchcock type movie based on characters that Patricia Highsmith might dream up, in today's film making times, would look like, then this is it. It is a slow burn but well worth the time, flick. I'm gonna have to see it again.

    Did I mention the slow burn aspect? Good, I see that I did. You've been warned.
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  16. carrick doone

    carrick doone Forum Resident

    Vancouver, Canada
    Wonder Woman. I really liked the scripting of the ending - very emotional and powerful structure. A meandering build up on the island though maybe because that storyline has been done so many times now. I get that it couldn't be avoided, it's part of the WW canon. I think Gal Gadot didn't have much to act with - she will do better things I'm sure. But she is a really good WW and the female positive message the movie gives is fantastic. I look forward to showing it to my daughter when she is a teenager.
  17. Morpheus

    Morpheus Forum Resident

    Tyler, Texas
    Brooklyn--If you liked The Reader, you might like this one too. I had trouble with the last act, but otherwise, okay.
  18. Marc 74

    Marc 74 Forum Resident

    West Germany,NRW
  19. Mylene

    Mylene Forum Resident

    Blasko (2017)

    Australian singer/songwriter Sarah Blasko has a bad case of writer's block so invites two musicians and a sound guy to a theatre to watch experimental films and write her seventh studio album. Meanwhile her father tries to inspire her by quoting Nietzsche into an iPhone. The sort of film Nick Cave puts out before a new album. Worth a look. Starts and ends with an old interview where her Aussie accent is worse than Charlene from Neighbours
  20. Borgia

    Borgia Forum Resident

    Truth. Robert Redford as Dan Rather, Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes, his producer. A surprisingly good movie. I thought it would be boring, but it was good. Redford comes across as Rather, has the voice down pat...
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  21. DLD

    DLD Forum Resident

    Dallas, Tx
    Split. Enjoyed the journey tho the destination didn't live up to the hype. Did make me want to watch Unbreakable again.
  22. vinyl_puppy

    vinyl_puppy Forum Resident

    Santa Rosa, CA
    Justice League
  23. Karnak

    Karnak "81-82-83-84..."

    Southern Ont.
    Jeremiah Johnson in Bluray -
    "Ride due west of the sunset,
    turn left at the Rocky Mountains."
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    BILLONEEG Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    A great movie with a great cast!
    Several stars that I recognized
    by name & others I remembered
    by their faces. I am so glad that
    this is part of my library so I can
    revisit it again real soon!
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  25. Miriam

    Miriam Forum Resident

    Guys and Dolls (1955) :righton:

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