The last movie you watched was...? (take five)

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    I've only ever watched the original theatrical version. I tend to shy away from director's recuts, with some exceptions, such as Ridley Scott's 2007 Bladerunner which I think is the definitive one (I'm sure I'm not alone in that opinion). My experience is that most directors are not good editors. Exhibit A: John Landis' extended Blues Brothers (terrible IMO), and Cameron Crowe's extended version of Almost Famous, i.e., "Untitled," in which I found the additonal footage pointless (e.g., the birthday cake scene) or just terrible (when they sit around and listen to whatever Led Zeppelin song).
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    I kinda like the bootleg cut on Almost Famous, but generally I agree.

    Slingbade is crap in extended form. Donnie Brasco also comes to mind. Gofather all edited together. heck no!
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    SOLO - A Star Wars Story
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    O' OK, thanks...
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    great movie!
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    : )
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    Grizzly (1976) - I can't believe someone went to the trouble to make a two-disc special edition of this. I guess I am not alone in this world. Grizzly can be enjoyed as a by-the-numbers Angry Animal horror flick, but when you realize that it's almost a beat for beat rip-off of Jaws, only in the forest and with a 2000 pound bear, then it becomes kind of sublime. With Richard Jaeckel as Hooper, Andrew Prine as Quint, and Christopher George as Chief Brody. William Girdler made an even more ridiculous Nature Strikes Back movie a few years later with 'Day of the Animals'.

    A Shot in the Dark (1964) - Really the first full on Clouseau movie and, for my money, the best of the lot. Everything was still fresh here - Inspector Dreyfus, Kato, and more importantly, Clouseau was still an actual human being in this movie as opposed to the walking cartoon that he later became. For me, this is just a first rate, old fashioned farce. George Sanders reactions to Clouseau's antics are priceless, Herbert Lom is hilarious and on top of all that, we get Elke Sommer looking scrumptious as ever. A definite feel good movie that always puts a smile on my face.
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    Lemora Lady Dracula...
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    I replaced one of the last VHS tapes I still own with a DVD copy.

    The Couch Trip (1988)

    An escaped psychiatric patient (Dan Aykroyd) pretends to be his despised shrink and takes over a LA mental health radio programme for a depressed psychiatrist (Charles Grodin).

    The story for this was very appealing. If it was competent then I’d enjoy it. Which was the case. It’s competent rather than brilliant or inspired. It’s only intermittently funny. This is due to it not being quick-fire with the jokes rather than because the jokes fail. It could be argued that Dan Aykroyd’s character was a bit of an arsehole and Dan Aykroyd himself was a bit too smugly pleased with himself. It’s a film that flatters the actor’s ego as to what a brilliant and funny guy he is via his brilliant and funny character.

    Logic was pretty sketchy and contrived but it’s a comedy with no pretences to real world authenticity so I let it slide, but it did bug me more than it should have. It’s a very rare film that feels too short. It runs through its plot too fast. That speed introduces many of the logic issues as he’s instantly smooth on the radio and becomes an immediate hit with everyone and has the world eating out the palm of his hand within seconds. The feel-good ending is also nonsensical with highly unlikely character behaviour.

    It’s a film with problems but I liked the story premise and enjoyed the film. Less generous viewers might not be able to shrug off its issues as readily as I did. I’m uncommonly fond of bad 80s comedies so take my positive reaction to it with a grain of salt.


    Curiously it only has 23 reviews on IMDB which suggests it’s a little seen obscurity nowadays.
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    Army of Darkness
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    1922--adaptation from the Stephen King novella, I was skeptical, but it's pretty well made.

    Full Circle or The Haunting of Julia--up on YT, stars Mia Farrow, taken from a Peter Straub story, I somehow never heard of this one, but it's pretty good about a woman dealing with the grief of the death of her daughter. Pretty good.

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    One False Move - 1991 - Pretty decent movie.
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    BLUESJAZZMAN I Love Blues, Jazz, Rock, My Son & Honest People

    Essex , England.
    La Haine - Not as good as i'd hoped!
  16. The Zodiac

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    The Strangers
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    The Axe Murders Of Villisca
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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
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    'Quién Te Candará' (2018) as part of the London Film Festival. Spanish mystery about a singer with amnesia and a superfan who helps her. Quite interesting but very much style over substance.
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    The Arena (1974) - What to do when you've beaten the Women in Prison genre literally to death? Why, do a WIP film in Roman times of course! Margaret Markov and Pam Grier are sold into slavery and forced to compete in a Gladitorial contest that must always end in death, so they tend to go through Gladiators rather quickly. Will these ladies rise up and lead a revolt against their sadistic captors? Pretty much. One thing I'll say for Roger Corman - even though he definitely shows the requisite boobs and blood, he always does so in a tasteful manner. This is Couples Exploitation. Margaret Markov is pretty ferocious and makes a great foil for Pam. I want to see more of her work. As for Pam herself, well her acting isn't always the best in these earlier roles (though you can see her getting progressively better) but she more than compensates by committing 100% to whatever they throw at her, which can often be pretty degrading. And always with that regal bearing of hers that makes her stand out so much. A star is born so to speak.

    Stiletto (2008) - Other than my avowed fetish for Andy Sidaris and Anna-Nicole Smith movies, I typically avoid direct-to-video flicks like the plague that they are. They look like crap and seldom have even a hint of creativity about them. As such, I was pleasantly surprised at how decent this was. They make an effort to shoot it like a real film and there are actual Hollywood actors in the thing. The plot is a bit of a muddle but suffice to say that Michael Biehn, Tom Berenger and William Forsythe are criminal associates who are all on the verge of betraying each other. Stana Katic is a Russian assassin who wields a switchblade the size of a flashlight and wants to know which one of them f'd up her sister. Much killing ensues. Gotta love that. Berenger is such a good actor - makes me wonder why he doesn't pop up more in character roles instead of DTV crap like this. Katic is kind of a badass - someone should put her in a real movie. She would make a great Aeon Flux. Where are Golan Globus when you need them?
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    Knuckleball (2018)

    Weird. This is essentially Home Alone, played straight. Plot holes and loose ends abound. If Home Alone comes to mind, you won't be able to stop laughing at the parts you're supposed to be surprised by. Well enough made, but the reality is, it should have been deep-sixed long before the production started.

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    The Hateful Eight - Great film!!
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    "Satan's School For Girls" (1973)
    When her sister dies under mysterious circumstances, a woman poses as a new student at the exclusive girls' academy she attended to find out what happened to her. Eventally she discovers Satanic cult activity going on behind the scenes. Yikes!
    This irresisistibly titled, semi-classic slice of 70s made for TV horror cheez was produced by the legendary Aaron Spelling and stars two of his future "Charlie's Angels" (Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd). Enjoyably silly junk.
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    "The Palm Beach Story" (1942)
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    Dave Made a Maze

    Pretty strange. But enjoyable and creative, if you’re in the mood for something pretty off the wall.

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