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The last movie you watched was...? (take five)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Ken_McAlinden, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Larry Mc

    Larry Mc Forum Dude

  2. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    City Island
  3. harmonica98

    harmonica98 Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Birdman (2014) - enjoyed it a lot. Fresh approach, outstanding acting.
  4. mj_patrick

    mj_patrick Forum Resident

    Elkhart, IN, USA
    Ratatouille (2007). Had never seen it (why?!), finally sat down with it- what a great film. Might be my favorite Pixar film.
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  5. Geithals

    Geithals Forum Resident

    This evening I finally caught up with a film, Eagles Wing 1979, that I saw in cinema 25 years ago.
    The film, I remembered was about a settler in a southern US in early 1800's who came home to find his wife kidnapped by an Indian warrior and went off to doggedly hunt for her return, about nobility and honour transcending lesser propensities. The actual film barely resembled my memories but nevertheless was as enthralling as my original experience.
    A lovely film, not a perfect film.
  6. GlamorProfession

    GlamorProfession Forum Resident

    Watched Maleficent last night. Enjoyed it. Jolie looked stunning in pretty much every shot.
  7. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    Bullet In the head...
  8. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    YES! it's a blast...what a concept a rat that cooks.
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  9. progrocker

    progrocker Forum Resident

    Goodfellas for the thousandth time. Man this film is sooooo good.
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  10. EdgardV

    EdgardV Forum Resident

    Paul Newman
    Patricia Neal
    Brandon de Wilde
    Melvyn Douglas

    Martin Ritt
    Irving Ravetch
    Harriet Frank, Jr.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2015
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  11. EdgardV

    EdgardV Forum Resident

    Funny, at first I thought of "Where Eagles Dare," 1968 Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood WWII film. ;-) Totally different
  12. EdgardV

    EdgardV Forum Resident

    Never saw it either — sounds like I needn't rush?
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  13. EdgardV

    EdgardV Forum Resident

    Made me think of the film Ronin, with De Niro. Had chase scenes that may have been precursor to Bourne Identity. It was pretty good.
  14. Lord Summerisle

    Lord Summerisle Forum Resident

    Deliver Us From Evil. I couldn't wait for it to end so I could be delivered from the film.
  15. DesertChaos

    DesertChaos Forum Resident


    Sometimes silly base inane stuff makes me laugh, if it's well done....say like the first Dumb & Dumber. This one however was just unbearable to me, really awful film.
  16. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    yes, we watch it a few times a year...
  17. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I thought it was a blast and now not far form the truth...we are going there. LOL!
  18. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    or you can just watch it and make your own decision...
  19. DesertChaos

    DesertChaos Forum Resident

    Maybe that's why I didn't like - too close to the scary truth!
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  20. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    LOL! gotcha...
  21. Claus

    Claus Senior Member

    Paddington.... nice movie
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  22. DoctorDave

    DoctorDave Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ohio
  23. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident

    that's one way to look at it - great movie
  24. Dee Zee

    Dee Zee Once Upon a Dream

    Saw Imitation Game yesterday. Very Good.
    today watched Ida, a Polish film from 2013. Also Very good.
  25. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    Joy Division (2007). Except for the claim the band rebuilt the whole city of Manchester it was pretty good. No one's made the villain of the piece.

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