The last movie you watched was...? (take five)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Ken_McAlinden, Dec 8, 2014.

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    My Summer of Love (2004), directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. A very English setting, with all the social realities that it entails, with two girls falling in love with each other over a summer. So, nothing special, not until you actually see it. The cinematography is stunning, and the pacing just right. It draws its drama out of human emotions that are easy to identify with. To top it all off is a memorable soundtrack, most prominently featuring "Lovely Head" by Goldfrapp.
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    Hellboy 2019.

    Not a patch on the original two. Harbour did a reasonable job with a tough act to follow though.
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    The Line Up (1958) Another from the Parker Noir Box Volume 3. Possibly the best film so far on this volume; which unfortunately is not close in quality to Vol's 1 & 2. Most of the films on all 3 boxes are 50's Columbia, which prior to doing a few films with Bogart wasn't far from being a poverty row studio. In the other 2 boxes most films had at least 1 or 2 known "stars". Not the case here; this set has pretty much been bottom of the barrel stuff. I'll give this one 6.5 of 10; being one of the better films in the box so far (I have 2 to go).
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    Stay Away Joe (1968) Rodeo champion Joe Lightcloud (Elvis Presley) convinces a senator to give his lazy/crazy family a herd of cattle. Joan Blondell looks and acts like Divine. One half decent song (All I Needed Was the Rain) and three bad ones (including one about an impotent bull). Elvis looks too old for the part.
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    In the last ten days...

    Little Women (cinema)
    Knives Out (cinema)
    1917 (cinema)
    Jojo Rabbit (cinema)

    Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (DVD)
    Absolute Power (TV)
    Marriage Story (Netflix)
    Christine (the 1983 Stephen King adaptation, not the Rebecca Hall Christine Chubbuck biopic) (Netflix)
    10 to Midnight (1983 Charles Bronson: typical eighties Cannon fodder) (Netflix)
  7. Raylinds

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    I've been on a 60s movie binge for the past week. Viewed so far on DVD or BD:
    Fireball 500
    Thunder Alley
    Beach Blanket Bingo
    Beach Party
    Paradise, Hawaiian Style
    Tickle Me
    Viva, Las Vegas
    Dr. No
    Where the Boys Are
    The Honeymoon Machine
    The Horizontal Lieutenant
    Bachelor in Paradise

    Recent purchases that are on deck for the next few days:
    Ray Harryhausen Ultimate Collection
    The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
    Jason and the Argonauts
    The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
    Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
    The 3 Worlds of Gulliver
    It Came From Beneath the Sea
    Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers
    Francis the Talking Mule Complete Collection
    Ma and Pa Kettle Complete Collection
    Man's Favorite Sport
    Strange Bedfellows
    A Very Special Favor
    From Russia With Love
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  8. Rne

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    Last night:


    Gena Rowland's acting is simply fascinating.
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  9. jlocke08

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    1917-while at times it felt like a film created specifically to showcase the editing feature, with story continuity suffering, i did enjoy and do recommend.
  10. malcolm reynolds

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  11. Deuce66

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    From 1951 - very effective.

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  12. Rne

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    A post the Gorts would never erase :nyah:
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  13. keefer1970

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    New Jersey
    "The Assignment" (2016)
    After being double-crossed, a hit man wakes up to find out he has been changed into a hit woman by a crazed plastic surgeon. Naturally this does not sit well with him/her, and he/she sets out to get revenge. I guess a more accurate title would've been "The RE-Assignment?"
    It takes a little while for this gender-bent "John Wick" variant to get into gear, but once bodies start dropping it's a watchable B-grade action movie.
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  14. LeBon Bush

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    Follow That Dream (1962): Yet another Elvis flick. Probably tied with Viva Las Vegas and Flaming Star as my favorite of his films. Laughed during this movie way harder than I probably should have, considering the plot is waaaay beyond mere stupid. Elvis as a naïve, well-meaning dude who makes opening a bank account look like a robbery was just perfect :unhunh: also featuring the great Simon Oakland as a mobster whose hitmen run away from Elvis in sheer terror - terrific :biglaugh:

    Flaming Star (1960): A rather serious Elvis movie dealing with racism in a western setting. Presley is a half-blood looking for his place in a society which has no good opinions about strangers, and in a world where "his" tribe won't accept him as one of them, either. Directed by the amazing Don Siegel. Also shows that Elvis had lots of acting potential when being handed proper scripts instead of mere excuses to show his singing and dancing.
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  15. kanakaris

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    Worst movie in years. The lead 'actress' was horrible.
  16. kanakaris

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    The Bank Dick.
    Still hilarious after all these years.
  17. Pinknik

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    The Season of the Witch (1973) A George Romero film. Bored, put upon housewife turns to witchcraft for answers. An arty, chatty exploration of feminism in the early 70s. Not Dawn of the Dead, but not awful. Acting on par with the original The Crazies, but less shouty. Original title is apparently Hungry Wives, but it does feature the Donovan song, thus the updated title.
  18. Michael

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    great list! I own most of them on DVD & BD!
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  19. Michael

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    I can watch this weekly! everything is funny about it!
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  20. Michael

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    The Grey
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  21. DLD

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    Dallas, Tx
    Star Wars; The Rise Of Skywalker. Decent movie and a nice coda to the series. Nothing can capture the sense of wonder and awe we experienced with the first cupla flicks but this one does have some pretty good scenes and sets were off the chart.
  22. Fastnbulbous

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    Washington DC USA
    Strictly Ballroom - not my choice, as the whole dancing with the stars things bores me s-less, but it was surprisingly entertaining and well done.
  23. Somewhat Damaged

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    Jezebel (2019) on Netflix about a woman 'camming' in late 90s Las Vegas.

    This was very much the definition of average. It was a bit slow and it doesn’t really go anywhere or develop its characters or plot in any significant way, but it held my attention. Very, very average. Then it abruptly ended in the middle of nowhere with plenty of plot still to go. The sudden ending took me completely by surprise as it was only about the end of the second act. The disappointing non-ending is more baffling than annoying since it’s not like it abruptly curtailed a brilliant film.

    This is known as Tomboy in the UK. It's a fun film. Walter Hill, in the bonus features (I think), summed it up accurately as one of those obscure B-movies that isn't well-regarded or thought much about but you actually secretly enjoy more and revisit more than the Oscar winning A-movie you claim to prefer. For me the problem was that the lead actress was not in the least convincing as a man. Her complete inability to pass as male damaged the film in a significant way. I liked it for the oddball story but it would have been much, much better with an actress who could pass as male and with a better make-up crew.
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  24. Mylene

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    Speedway (1968) Steve Grayson (Elvis Presley) is in deep trouble with the internal revenue. To help him pay his back taxes the US government assigns to agent Nancy Sinatra. Almost every cast member is from a sixties sitcom (My Favourite Martian, Patty Duke Show, McHale's Nave. Here's Lucy .. the list goes on). Elvis sings Let Yourself Go.

    Elvis and Bill Bixby's characters in the film influenced Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
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  25. Jazzmonkie

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    Tempe, AZ
    The Tiger of Eschnapur (1959) Fritz Lang exotica.
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