The Liberace thread... talk about anything you like about his music, videos, etc.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Twelvepitch, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident

    I had a relative who was obsessed with Liberace and had seen him a bunch of times (a liberacaniac?) and would plays old vhs tapes of his tv appearances and tell us how he was the fastest pianist in the world (which ofcourse wasn't true but I didn't want to burst her bubble) he could definitely tinkle those ivories though!
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  2. frightwigwam

    frightwigwam Talented Amateur

    I'm familiar with Liberace from his TV appearances when I was a kid, but I've never listened to any of his recordings.

    Is there a consensus on his best, or most representative, album or collection?
  3. Man, this guy, Liberace, what an ace dude!

    This queer guy comes out, and everybody knows he's gay, but he makes everybody - including the anti-gay crowd - forget all about it and just listen to his music.

    People were crowded around their B&W TVs to watch him play. Then later their color TVs to watch him play. Then later they'd tape him on VCR. In other words, whole generations dug this dude's charisma. It's pure camp and talent!

    Now, after he finished playing, people might make snide remarks about his sugar pants, but that didn't stop their assess from watching, did it? :D

    He was a true pioneer because of his talent and a true pioneer because he didn't give a damn. He would win people over his own way. This is the true definition of "punk." That's right, it wasn't rock, but Liberace carried the punk ethos under his wig, man.

    Put on a record, close your eyes, and you know its him without anybody telling you.

    Nobody will ever be like this guy again.
  4. See, who can look away from such a performance? That's flair, man!
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  5. Retro Hound

    Retro Hound Forum Resident

    Pittsburg, KS
    I had a big garage sale with over 1000 albums, and some kid comes in asking for all my Guy Lombardo. He was serious, not ironic or camp, he really liked it. I should have just given him all of it for free. (I had just made a couple of large buys at estate sales and had a ton of stuff like that.)
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  6. Retro Hound

    Retro Hound Forum Resident

    Pittsburg, KS
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  7. Greg braun

    Greg braun Well-Known Member

    Fernley, Nevada
    Got free tickets to see him at The Nugget in Sparks Nev. In the 60s. Did not think iwould like it but it was amazing. He even had Chopins piano !
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  8. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    In early 1985 I was in the Pan American Club Lounge in New York at Kennedy waiting for my flight back home, brooding over a Tonic and lime. While sitting at the bar (those of you who got to fly first class will remember it well) a guy sits down next to me, also orders a Tonic and Lime. I look over and it's Liberace. Just by himself. I plucked up courage and said "Lee, I loved your movie "SINCERELY YOURS."

    (I really did, it changed my young life, got me to want to play the piano and got me to want to protect my hearing. Every time it played on The Million Dollar Movie I watched it.)

    At any rate, he beamed and said "Thank you, I didn't think anyone remembered it."

    I told him that it inspired me and asked him where he was going. He had a few gigs in California and was going to San Diego for one of them. He was nice, we chatted, I was nervous because it was friggin' Liberace but he was low-key and friendly.

    When my flight came up I said goodbye with real regret..

    Seems like only a short while later I read that he died. Made me quite sad, still does.

    Don't have any of his records, the real beauty of the guy was visual, watching him play. Don't get that on records..
  9. Twelvepitch

    Twelvepitch Singer Songwriter and Independent Record Producer Thread Starter

    Dadeville, Alabama
    I agree Mr. Hoffman. His videos were great, his records were great as well, but you couldn’t see the talent, you could only hear it. So very nice you met him. I know he was a great guy. He sounded like he was very humble and kind to you. Great post to this thread!
    Thank you,
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  10. Jack Lord

    Jack Lord Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    I grew up in the 70s and spent more than a few moments laughing at Liberace. Even after Elvis, Little Richard, Hendrix, Glam Rock, and Disco, he was the poster boy of decadence.

    Sometime in the 80s, he was on Letterman and was dressed a bit more conservatively, well, relatively speaking. For once I actually watched him play and finally realized the man was a very talented musician. He did an incredible medley of Christmas songs and while the Joker had nothing on his rictus grin, his sincerity came through.

    A shame he is not around today. He'd fit right in with a lot of what is going on.
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  11. Mike24137

    Mike24137 Well-Known Member

    Penhook VA
    I went to his museum in Vegas several years ago. Sadly, I don't think it is there anymore. It, like him, was fun. I picked up several CDS after that but he is better when you can watch him. One of a kind.
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  12. coffeetime

    coffeetime Senior Member

    Lancs, UK
    Apologies for crashing the thread. I’ve just introduced my son to Misery, the film adaption of the Stephen King book. Liberace’s music is used through out the film on the soundtrack, and played by Kathy Bates’ character to ‘inspire’ James Caan’s author character. The soundtrack album isn’t readily available and isn’t too easy to track down (all based on a quick eBay search, admittedly).

    Could anyone recommend any of Liberace’s albums or compilations? Ideally weighted towards the classical side of his recordings, but I’ll happily listen to anything. I’ve tried a couple of compilations on streamings that came up top of a search; they’re clearly live show recordings with all of the aides to the audience throughout. I’ve no idea how many recording studio albums he made, as most histories and guides focus on his live and TV shows.

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