SH Spotlight The Limeliters, Glenn Yarbrough video from 1963, amazing live performance from Dutch TV!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host Thread Starter

    When I was a kid I saw their albums (on RCA-Victor) in the stores but never really heard them. I have an Alhambra 10p Spanish guitar that I can't really play and a few days ago was trying to figure out what to do with it so I did a search on "folk groups who used classical guitar" or something like that. This Limeliters clip came up. I watched it for several reasons. First, they were a GREAT folk group, second, they were playing Spanish guitars which I thought was pretty cool, third, the sound and picture quality from DutchTelevision in 1963 is amazing and I now see where THE FOLKSMEN come from!

    Since no one here cares a hoot (pun intented) for this kind of thing I'll stick this and let the search engines find it!

    Watch this all the way through, it's really great.
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  2. David Bostock

    David Bostock Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
  3. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host Thread Starter

    Amazing what a single microphone can do if you stand back from it far enough...
  4. David Bostock

    David Bostock Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    Yeah, and back in 1963 too. I was very impressed with the sound quality. It was fun seeing the group bounce back and forth to get more focus on the mic. Real time mixing. :)

    Folks you gotta watch this, it is excellent.
  5. rxcory

    rxcory Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    The tones that mic picks up sound fantastic! And what a great classic bluegrass trio.
  6. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host Thread Starter

    We prefer the term "Folk Trio", bucko...:)
  7. OldShiftyEyes

    OldShiftyEyes Forum Resident

    Very enjoyable. As everyone has commented, the sound is really good. Lots of good trios at the time. As well as The Limeliters, of course, you also had The Kingston Trio, The Chad Mitchell Trio, and the less well known, but excellent, Easy Riders.
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  8. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host Thread Starter

    Are you speaking of Terry Gilkyson & The Easy Riders? They started it all, the best.
  9. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    Tonight In Person would be a perfect AF SACD if more people were familiar with the Limeliters. One of the best folk albums ever.
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  10. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Well its clawhammer pickin style. But yeah, that aint bluegrass.

    Enjoyable folk music though:)
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  11. OldShiftyEyes

    OldShiftyEyes Forum Resident

    Yes, indeed. Love those guys. They recorded a Western-themed album which has been one of my favorites since I was a kid.
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  12. The Beave

    The Beave My Wife Is My Life!

    Auburn, Washington
    Obviously my old acquaintance Dave Peck from 'Reelin In The Years' has been hitting pay dirt again.
    Damn, that guy has a way of just scoring this type of stuff.

    That's all, Just Stunning. And Steve......

    One Mic.........

    the beave
  13. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    That is one long neck on that banjo.

    Because I haven't spent much time devoted to this style of music I had forgotten that Glenn Yarbrough was a Limeliter.

    And, you nailed it re: the Folksmen.
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  14. Folknik

    Folknik Forum Resident

    I give more than a hoot about this. I'm not called Folknik for no reason. Great group indeed, especially in the original configuration shown here(Dr. Lou Gottlieb, Alex Hassilev, and Glenn Yarbrough). One of the finest folk trios modeled after the Kingston Trio which also became the template for the Chad Mitchell Trio, Peter, Paul and Mary, and of course, the Folksmen.
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  15. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    They're pretty good, aren't they? No, I think excellent would be a better word. :)

    I've heard the name before but not much else. :hide:
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  16. Mr. Bob Dobalena

    Mr. Bob Dobalena Forum Resident

    Portland, Maine
    Fantastic find! They sound wonderful. And how strange to see stand-up guitarists playing without straps.
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  17. WayOutWardell

    WayOutWardell Forum Resident

    This is awesome!
  18. Larry B

    Larry B Forum Resident

    The lack of straps was one of the first things I noticed, too. Do you think that it was a "coolness" thing of the day, a presentation thing or just their preference? The shorter man of three gave them their classic Limeliter sound.
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  19. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host Thread Starter

    The "shorter" guy is Glenn Yarbrough, he had a big hit a few years later with "Baby, The Rain Must Fall."
  20. dude

    dude Forum Resident

    milwaukee wi usa
    Love the last tune. Wonder if it was released on an album back then?
  21. It looks like they're using a strap that hooks into the tone hole. With either a neck strap attached to that or a shoulder strap.
  22. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host Thread Starter

    That's the great Weavers song, written by their bass voice, Lee Hays.

    No idea if the Limeliters version was issued, I'd say yes, on one of their albums.
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  23. Larry B

    Larry B Forum Resident

    I see that now. Didn't know such a thing existed. Nice touch, Glenn (thanks SH). The banjo player used a regular shoulder strap but there is something hanging on the front of his jacket. Very energetic music.
  24. thrivingonariff

    thrivingonariff Forum Resident

    Yeah, and, more specifically, flamenco (the golpeador).
  25. ServingTheMusic

    ServingTheMusic Forum Resident

    I found most of their albums on 7.5 ips,reels at a hifi shop. Great stuff.
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