SH Spotlight The Limeliters, Glenn Yarbrough video from 1963, amazing live performance from Dutch TV!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Aug 27, 2015.

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    Nice clip! Really enjoy it.

    But Steve, it's not Scandinavian (which is not a country anyway) television. This was recorded by Dutch tv channel Vara. One of them even gives a shot at speaking Dutch in the video.

    With kind regards from Sweden, one of the three countries in Scandinavia ;)
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    Loved this and I'm sure all the folk singers we know from the early 60's were huge fans.
  4. Yost

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    First thing I noticed was that this video was broadcasted by Dutch public television (VARA) on one of their digital channels (Best24). :angel:

    Edit: ah, D.H. already mentioned this…
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    2" Quadraplex PAL video ran at 15 IPS linear tracks, which explains why the audio was excellent on that format.
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    Brilliant in every aspect.
  7. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Exquisite! Thank you for highlighting this, Steve.
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    Wow that was incredible!
  9. Steve Hoffman

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    Well, it seemed to me that he was trying to speak Swedish but I heard that they toured in Norway as well so I just made it vague. But now that I know, I'll change.
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    That looks like a reeeeeeeeeally good kinescope rather than 2" video. I see some film speckles and drift, but otherwise the quality is great. BTW, did a Steve Hoffman Forums member leave this comment?:

    Donovan Moore
    3 months ago
    That music really sucks. Thank God the Beatles came along or we would be listening to this **** today.


    dan c
  11. Steve Hoffman

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    Not a kine, not with that sound.
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    Always loved The Wabash Cannonball. The first time I heard that song was back in the 60s on Captain Kangaroo during a "magic blackboard (?)" segment.

    Excellent harmonies by the Limeliters. Beautiful.
  13. MaltairX

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    I recognized the voice the moment I heard the man on the right side of the screen sing. Thanks to him being identified here as Glenn Yarbrough I was able to confirm that he was the voice on the animated Lord of the Rings (LOTR).
    Check it out:
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  14. drh

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    THANK YOU for sharing that. The Limeliters were a staple of my household when I was growing up, and they retain a special warm spot in my heart to this very day. I know them entirely through records, however; I'd never thought to seek out video, and I must say it's really neat to see them and the teamwork that fused them together into such an effective entertainment group. Interesting how they seamlessly shift back and forth for their solos before a single microphone instead of being individually miked. By the way, my daughter (age almost 11) is a figure skater, and this year she's doing a program of ball tricks on ice to none other than the Limeliters' Wabash Cannonball (as cut down a bit from the album by her doting dad :angel: ).

    When someone mentioned one had essayed to speak in Dutch, I just knew it would be Lou Gottlieb; he was fluent in several languages, and I think in "real life" he was a languages professor at one of the northeastern colleges.
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    Thanks for posting this Steve. My Dad was also a fan of The Limeliters and other folk groups that were popular in the early sixties. Around '63, he purchased a Penncrest (J.C. Penny's store brand) console. Among the albums in heavy rotation were The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters and Sing Out! I loved how clear and clean these recordings were. However, by the next year, some guys from Liverpool showed up on T.V. here and Folk was lost to history once again. Today, I have these and many other albums from the great folk scare in my collection but regretfully they get little play. Your post has me pulling out the Limeliters, Kingston Trio, Burl Ives, Joan Baez and early Bobby D. I was only 10 or 11 when I first heard these but they are as vivid a memory as Elvis, The Beatles or Stones. Thanks for reminding me.
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    Thank you for posting this. This is 2 years older than me. I grew up in Holland and watched TV for the first time in 1968 so this is for me completely unknown and new. The little story in Dutch was quite remarkable and spoken with a slight Belgian accent. The broadcasting company still exists. And the Limelights, whaugh, great vocal work with extra noises, the train whistle and the real whistling, a treat, an absolute treat. And the instrument use, fantastic. So again, thanks a lot for putting this up, I greatly appreciate this.
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  17. Steve Hoffman

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    Can you please tell me what Lou is saying in Dutch? I'm very curious, he seems so serious...
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  18. Donfrance

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    Vesoul, France.
    He says:

    Voor het volgende liedje heeft Alex een gitaar nodig die hij nog moet stemmen. Ik niet. Mijn baas kwam al gestemd van die fabriek.

    It is supposed to be a joke and I think nobody paid attention to what he said but this is the sort of as close as I can get, translation.

    For the next song, Alex needs a guitar but he has to accord it. Not me. My boss came already accorded from the factory.

    Note that in Dutch he makes a mistake. He does not say: the factory but that factory. Still, this was absolutely remarkable because it sounded, well, like normal Dutch. The Liza Minelli remark was absolutely justified.
  19. Yost

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    "For the next song Alex needs a guitar and it requires tuning by him.
    I don't have to tune, my bass comes pre-tuned from the factory."

    He's joking. I think he looks serious because he has to concentrate on saying it right. And he is perfectly understandable (he only makes one small error). But his tone is off for a joke, also in Dutch he sounds to serious.

    BTW. I don't think he sounds Belgian at all.
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  20. Jayson Wall

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    ....and the LIMELIGHTERS biggest hit was the 1963 jingle "Things Go Better With Coke"

    Back in the early 90's I picked up the entire LIMELIGHTERS output on RCA for $1.00 an LP, all sealed, original Stereo preseings. Still have them and just played FOLK MATINEE last weekend---fun album. Their first LP they released was on Elektra which is not bad and the last LP from the 60's was on WB, which I just bought a few months ago (and it's in the stack of LP's I need to listen to at some point)---regardless, most LIMELIGHTERS LP's can still be found for a few bucks in great shape, as well as Yarbrough's solo albums today. Alex Hassilev has at least one solo LP on RCA and not sure if Lou Gottlieb made one----
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    I too like the "look" of these type of recordings. I recorded a boatload of 60's Prague Jazz concerts from Czech TV while I lived there that look just like this clip.
  22. Steve Hoffman

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    I must say this thread has received a lot more responses than I would have imagined. You never know..
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    Take the glasses from the bass player & you have Bill Graham
  24. Jimmy B.

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    Love it! I grew up with The Limeliters, even saw them live (when I was about, or almost, 7) at Fleet Center I believe it was, with the original lineup, got Alex Hassilev's autograph; have all their albums, and Glenn's too. The Limeliters were great til Glenn quit, then besides the albums I would find later in my 20's missing his voice, the material was mostly wanting. I wish they didn't allow others to perform now as The Limeliters, it's not right to me.
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