The longest major label music LP ever (Barry Manilow 20 Greatest Hits; pics inside)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by kwadguy, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. Does K-Tel count as a major for these purposes? I would think that some of those notoriously lo-fi compilations they put out in the '70s must have pushed the 80-minute mark.
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    Did you know that the Foul Play soundtrack, with the stereo "Ready To Take A Chance Again" and the single mix/edit of "Copacabana" is available on a limited run CD? (And, no, this is NOT a bootleg);jsessionid=0a01025a1f43d266362f82964eb8b923f8fcd32361cb.e3eSbNySbxiNe34Pa38Ta38QaNr0?sc=1&category=-101&it=A&id=6146
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    The longest LP I own is "Slade Smashes," an 80's compilation (of 70's material) on UK Polygram. 21 songs total, all unedited. The timings aren't given, but it may have the Manilow disc beat (and it's sure a better album...)
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    I have that one too and it sounds terrible. Unfortunately, it's the only one of the three "Bat out of Hell" albums that wasn't on vinyl in North America. If they ever re-release it that way, I'm getting it.

    Strange, but the next Meat Loaf album also wasn't released here on vinyl, but was in the UK. It was on a two-record set. Go figure...
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    Pretty sure 48:08 qualifies as "around 50 minutes"! ;)
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    Greg Calbi. The star next to the STERLING stamp is one of his signatures.

    and this is pre-DMM so I bet it was a real chore to cram that much onto those sides.

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    I thought there was a Radio Shack album of classical music that was 90 minutes long.

    J. D.
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    Wow. That must've sounded terrible..........

    I have the Beatles BBC Lp that has a side 35 minutes long but the material sounds bad anywway so I doubt the long side makes any difference in that case.
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    I can't remember for sure, but weren't many of the hits on those albums heavily edited? For sure, some of these most have had a running time of over an hour, but I can't remember any K-tel comp pushing the 80 minute mark. Not that I owned many of these back in the day...

    Two of the longest running LP's in my collection are Deepest Purple, a 60+ minutes compilation of Deep Purple hits, including the 10 minute version of Child in time, and a Holland-only compilation LP of Golden Earring.

    The best of Golden Earring.jpg

    This album, subtitled 10 years - 20 hits, was released in the mid-seventies by a company called Arcade, a kind of UK/Holland equivalent to K-tel. The running times aren't indicated, but IIRC most songs were unedited, although it had the 5 min. single version of Radar love. I suppose it runs well over an hour, maybe even close to 70 minutes.
    It was one of my first album purchases and back then I felt it offered great value for money. I still have a copy, but sound-wise it's pretty bad, just like that DP comp.
  11. They were indeed edited, but that was so they could jam even more songs onto one slab of vinyl. Perhaps they didn't hit 80 minutes, but I'm sure several ran well over an hour, if memory serves.
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    I just saw a sealed official copy of beatles BBC on vinyl. Only 2 platters, with upwards of 17-18 songs PER SIDE. Definitely the highest song count for a vinyl LP, but probably a bit shy on the total running time against Barry.
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    With all due respect, everything on both discs was done on Arista. The one record he did on RCA is truly tragic though. I've heard "I'm Your Man" and it's...uh...shall we say...out of character.

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    They definitely needed to make that a double LP. Wonder why they would even attempt to put so much music on a single LP when his first greatest hits album from 1978 was a 2 LP set? That compilation doesn't run as long as the 20 greatest hits one does!:confused:
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    Boy, I bet if you tried to blow dust off the record surface
    it would leave an audible scratch. :winkgrin:
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    According to Wikipedia:
  17. Spyder

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    And yet googling 'Judy Garland Collectors Remembrance Album' only seems to supply the Wikipedia article that references it. Is there no other evidence on the web that it exists? Or even proof that it played at 33 and not 16?
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    Here's one ebay listing of the Arthur Fiedler 90 Minutes album from Radio Shack, and there are other listings. So, it's easy enough to get a copy.

    I have a copy of this somewhere found at a thrift shop. I've never played it. I remember it was easily available at all Radio Shack stores and it was featured in the monthly flyer that they used to mail.

    The back cover has some text about their amazing new mastering process. -laugh- (Don't ask, it would take me a year to find my copy of it.)
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    Yeah, there are these weird > 80 minute LPs around...I knew there were a few around, but none on a major label. Hence the qualification of the assertion that started this post "MAJOR LABEL LP'. Still...interesting to see a list of those weird 33 1/3s that actually broke the 80 minute barrier.
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    Longest vinyl release of all time?

    What's the longest duration of a vinyl release that you have come across? I was surprised to see Miles Davis' "Get Up With It" (a 2 LP set) contains more than 60 minutes of music on each LP - would the sound quality on this be noticeably lower than other LPs (I thought the limit was around 45 minutes)?
  23. Colocally

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  24. godonnygo

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    Sorry, I searched for longest release and nothing similar came up :( Thread closed!
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    It depends on the speed too and genre, because there are a number of spoken word records that were on the speed of 16. If we're limiting ourselves to 33 1/3, the Manilow one in the linked thread is one. De La Soul's 3 Feet High And Rising made an attempt to squeeze a 74 minute album on two sides and failed, easily one of the worst sounding records of the era. When the album was rereleased as double vinyl years later, word has it that it had loads of tape hiss, leaving some to wonder (maybe jokingly) that it was mastered from cassette.
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