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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deesky, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Deesky

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    Anyone catch this? If you're a fan of Amy Sherman-Palladino and quick witted fast talkin' repartee, as I am, you'll love this.

    It's a 60s period piece dramedy starring Rachel Brosnahan as an aspiring standup comic. She's absolutely fabulous and totally charming in the role. I've seen 4 eps so far and think it's terrific.

    The show is backed up by a fantastic soundtrack throughout. It's well worth a look if you're in the mood for something uplifting.
  2. eddiel

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    Toronto, Canada
    I saw some promo ads for this. It actually slipped my mind until I saw your post. I've got prime so hopefully they're showing it here in Canada.

    MARTHY Forum Resident

    This is one of the best drama/comedies ever! Rachel Brosnahan is amazing, in her acting -- and her delivery is perfect. Have watched the first three eps so far, and each one gets better and better. Be forewarned: the dialogue is x-rated, so you'll not want to watch this in front of young/innocent minds.
  4. Brenald79

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    It's on Prime in Canada, which isn't always the case. I'm going to check this out.
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  5. Deesky

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    Seen the final 4 eps and loved them to bits. Rachel Brosnahan is absolutely amazing. She's pitch perfect in everything she does. The quality level has been consistent across all episodes. I'm sure there will be a season 2, but dammit, I want more than 8 eps per season!
  6. Brenald79

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    Do you know why the Amazon shows are sometimes only available in the US?
  7. So I’ve completed 6/8 episodes of Mrs Maisel It’s worth watching and I love most of it.

    The lead is great as is most of the supporting cast. There are some really wonderful segments and some that are fair but all in all it is a great show. Great art direction. 1960 New York.

    Just very upbeat for a change despite the story line. A very different approach than most of the tv dramas like the Duece. It’s not gritty or so realistic but has the feel of a show actually made in the early 60s but with mild profanity

    Happy they have a second season on tap.

    Recommended. .
  8. Deesky

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    Agreed. I find the bits that didn't work as well as they could have, revolved around the lackluster Joel character and his entire sub-plot. Everything else is near perfect. Current IMDB rating is at 9.0, which I think is about right.
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  9. Best line in Maisel (paraphrasing):

    When the Rosenbergs got the electric chair, Ethel kept shorting out and sparks flew out.....
    .... Jewish women are so difficult.
  10. chrischerm

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    Great show so far (half way through). Rachel Brosnahan kills it.
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  11. tman53

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    I agree, watched the first three episodes and it is one of the better productions out of Amazon.
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  12. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Portland, OR
    About 4 episodes in and I have to say that this is a fantastic show. Pollack and Shaloub are amazing.
  13. downer

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    Have watched 4 episodes so far - first one was a good establishing episode and Rachel Brosnahan is fabulous, but it really hit its stride in episode 2 with both these guys...

    'Can I see you in the bedroom...?'
  14. Clark V Kauffman

    Clark V Kauffman Forum Resident

    Des Moines, Iowa
    This might be the very best TV series I’ve ever seen. It’s so good — the note-perfect acting, the witty dialogue, the inspired casting, the truly original storyline, the stunning set design and high production values, the perfectly paced editing, the breathtaking tracking shots, etc — I can’t believe it’s TV. Every aspect of the show is of such high caliber that each episode seems much more like a movie than a mere small-screen production. I’m just kind of stunned. This will be an automatic buy on BluRay.
  15. Deesky

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    Welcome to the world of original content streaming, unshackled from broadcast constraints. :) There is so much excellent content on these platforms now, and this is certainly one of the finest examples.
  16. John Moschella

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    Christiansburg, VA
    I have enjoyed the two episodes that I've seen. I love the music, it's so spot on. The whole show has a great feel to it, like a mid 60s rom-com, or like the movie My Favorite Year.

    However, I wonder how broad the appeal can be. I'm almost 60, a native New Yorker and married to a Jew. So many of the jokes almost require that kind of resume to understand. A reference to "dreidels signed by Sammy Davis Jr." is just one example, it's pretty damn funny, but what percentage of the populace will understand it. I can see this going over most people heads.
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  17. John Moschella

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    Christiansburg, VA
    Yeap, this comment is so true. The cinema now is basically a super hero action machine, and pretty dumb at that. I think most of the good writing has shifted to these limited episode productions.
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  18. I originally thought that too however most of the shiksas I know are loving this. :tiphat:
  19. tman53

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    Spoken like a true New Yorker:) I have a buddy from NY, he too thinks only New Yorkers get Seinfeld and the like. I kid him all the time by saying in a sarcastic voice "we cornpone's sure are dumb, can you explain it to me".
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  20. musicarus

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    Saratoga, NY
    Well, except for an egregious lack of violence and sophomoric humor it's pretty good...

    Love it! What a treat! Agreed - it's hard to believe it's TV.
  21. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe Forum Resident

    No, it's not. My wife has seen 465 films in the theater this year, and only a dozen were super hero films. Plenty of dramas and comedies out there, but they play for a week or two and disappear - mostly because of the belief that films for adults are not being produced. It's really unfair.
  22. chacha

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    mill valley CA USA
    I’ve heard you say this before and it’s remarkable. Does she do this professionally or purely for the love of cinema? That’s considerable time & expense. Thanks
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  23. Chris DeVoe

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    Pure love. She has MoviePass, and it lets her see a new film every night for less than what a subscription to Netflix costs. The last one she saw was a sneak preview of "Alpha", set 20,000 years in the past, about the start of man's relationship with dogs.
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  24. Well it got a Golden Globe nom today for best musical comedy tv show.
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  25. Clark V Kauffman

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    Des Moines, Iowa
    It should get an award for Best Television Series In The History Of Television. I finished watching it two days ago, and I think I'm just going to start watching it all again tonight. It's a show that, totally aside from the plot, characters and story, is a joy to just sit back and watch because of the set design, direction and editing.

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