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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deesky, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Deesky

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    What about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? The two shows are very, very different, but I think CXG deserves just as much recognition (with many more eps per season).
  2. costerdock

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    Finished Season 1. Meh.

    Kidding! Loved it. Rachel Brosnahan is amazing. Really great to eat Christmas leftovers by - lots of BBQ turkey sandwiches and home made macaroni salad - wish I had some pastrami.
  3. Splungeworthy

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    Star-making performance by Rachel Brosnahan.
  4. Hot Ptah

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    Great show. It has really high quality writing and acting. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I find it interesting to compare this show to the film "Inside Llewyn Davis," which was also set around 1960 in New York and featured a performer at the Gaslight. The two works have very different moods and vibes.
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  5. socorro

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    I love them both (binged Mrs. Maisel the past two nights), but Crazy Ex Girlfriend is pure genius and Rachel Bloom is a force of nature.
  6. GentleSenator

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    glad this show won the awards it did. it's truly something special and i loved it from start to finish.
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  7. I enjoyed it. Gilmore Girls, not so much but this is more my cup of tea.
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  8. Dillydipper

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    She had a pretty spicy role on the WGN historical series about the Manhattan Project as well...too bad that one didn't catch fire. Apparently led to this role, though.
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  9. tommy-thewho

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    I caught some of it as my wife watched it.
  10. scottM

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    Really exceeded my expectations. Acting, cinematography, set design, costumes and music all top shelf. Started a bit slow but then got into a nice groove. Glad we will be seeing a season 2. Smart, Adult programming that had me laughing and waxing nostalgic.
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  11. peopleareleaving

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    Excellent show. Very funny. Amy Sherman-Palladino has done it again with her signature "rat-a-tat dialogue." Rachel Brosnahan is a star in the making.
  12. WillieDaPimp

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    Great performances and dialog.
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  13. peopleareleaving

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    Agreed. Excellent performances all-around. Well done !
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  14. Electric

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    Vancouver, CANADA
    Saw all 8. Me and my shiksa wife loved it. The only thing she didn't appreciate was me trying to explain the jokes from time to time. Looking forward to season 2.
  15. dlokazip

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    I just watched the Season 1 this week.

    Watched "Thank You and Good Night" twice. It is easily one of the ten best television episodes I've seen in my life. Doesn't quite best The West Wing's "Two Cathedrals", but damn if it ain't in the ballpark.

    Can't wait for the second season. They've left it so wide open that the story can go all sorts of different directions. Absolutely brilliant!
  16. Vidiot

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    Hollywood, USA
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  17. antoniod

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    Sammy's conversion to Judaism was well known enough nationally to be a joke on the ALL IN THE FAMILY that he guested on, so I think enough non-New York viewers will get it.
  18. Dan C

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    The West
    Really looking forward to binge watching this, hopefully this weekend! Everything I've heard about the show is positive.

    dan c
  19. Dan C

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    The West
    Omg that's brilliant. Amazing choreography of cast and crew. TV is so cinematic now...

    dan c
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  20. Steve Hoffman

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    Amazing how those non-jiggle cameras work. My cell phone video has the same thing.

    This type of thing started with the West Wing. Check this amazing SteadyCam tracking shot, backwards. The first of its kind. Changed the industry.

    The West Wing 1x04 - Longest walk and talk scene
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  21. Homage to Goodfellas?
  22. EddieMann

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    My loving and tolerant wife and I are really enjoying this show (probably on episode 5). Everything about it is standout in our opinion. The script, the sets (I love those apartments!), the cast (she loves Tony Shaloub!), the cinematography (man, those colours just, POP!), even the props (I was scrambling to identify all the vintage audio stuff in that record store basement lol). This is a must see.
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  23. musicarus

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    Enjoying this slowly as to savor the goodness.
    It's, um, Sofa King good!!!
  24. Vidiot

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    One of the toughest parts of the infamous Aaron Sorkin "walk and talk" scenes is that everybody is talking all the time, and it drives the sound department absolutely crazy. A buddy of mine who was one of the sound people on the show in the 1990s and early 2000s told me they would routinely go through like $150' worth of batteries a day on the wireless mics on all the actors, like 20-25 people going 12 hours a day. Nightmarish to deal with, particularly when you have a 3-minute shot and people are crossing and doing one line of dialogue and quickly leaving the frame. There's a whole ballet of technicians following the Steadicam guy in order to make the scene work, including lights fading up and down, cables being pulled, people on walkie-talkies to cue actors to make an entrance, camera assistants pulling focus, sound people moving booms and also fading wireless mics in and out.

    Don't forget that on West Wing, part of the White House set was on one sound stage, and then when they'd round a corner that would actually be in another soundstage, which is where they'd slip in a cut. It looked like the actors walked 10 feet... not 150 feet to another soundstage next door. Absolute magic.
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