The Monkees complete TV show on Blu-ray box set.

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Pizza, Sep 8, 2015.

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    I'm not gonna argue that you got shi**ty service from them in regard to the Blu-Ray box set (you documented it well in this thread), but from what I remember, when the Blu-Ray set was first released, people were getting replacement boxes, and in many, many cases, a completely new Blu-Ray set when they contacted Rhino.

    I don't know what happened in the 6 years since it was released, but you got shafted whereas the original people that ordered had it pretty good as far as their concerns being taken care of. All I can think is that there may have been a change in management or something?
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  3. The Beave

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    Ah, Symantec’s! Michael meant that the BluRay box SET WAS not included in rhinos “box set sale”.
    But the way he worded it you could construed that he was saying that they were selling the set WITHOUT the actual Box that holds the contents.
    Happy to help!
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    I don't care.
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  5. The Beave

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    Or……management found out that someone was just sending out new boxes without getting the defective one back, so basically giving away a free one, and put a kabosch on that.
    But in doing that they blew it with the customer service big time.

    What they SHOULD have done was to partner with Amazon, whose return policy is well known and easy, that would have solved this logistical problem nicely.
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  6. audiomixer

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    Thank you! yes, I finally figured that out. But who knows with these Rhino people. "Parts and pieces were missing"..."it's sold out, now it's not"...:blah:
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  8. BeSteVenn

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    … if they could just find some copies of the OOP deluxe editions of The Monkees’ albums …
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    this for real. i passed on those at first due to price and my feeling about those albums not being so great. but i'd take them now just to have them.
  10. SmallDarkCloud

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    Going off-topic, I like how Rhino's cartoon depiction of the band on their website makes Mike inadvertently look like a member of Devo.
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  11. Upsiditus

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    It gives me pause to consider purchasing it. However in addition to lacking the $ for it, I don't even have a Blu-Ray player.
    Forgive me, I forget why the Monkees TV show is not available for streaming somewhere like Amazon or YouTube (or apparently anywhere actually, even for sale). Is it all because of music lyp synching rights?
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  12. audiomixer

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    ...or just rights in general.
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  13. MarkTheShark

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    I am not sure but I seem to recall a few years ago there was an attempt to get them out there streaming but they were taken down, and I think there was a legal question of who owns the streaming rights -- Warner has physical media and Sony has TV rights. I don't know if that was ever settled.

    HELLOLARRY Forum Resident

    It has been back and available for quite sometime. Of course people will still drag their ass then complain when it really sells out that the secondary market prices are outrageous. I wonder if they lost money on this set. It was a first day buy for me and I'm glad I did it. I didn't have any of the problems that were reported with the packaging so from a personal perspective, I didn't have a gripe with the collection. Although, I understand why so many did, it was a big ticket item and left a lot to be desired for those who had problems. All I know is that if there is money to be made, this set will remain available over time. Maybe not in this configuration but somehow. Some of the items they have been releasing over the last 6/7 months or so are just such a waste of money IMO. Personally, I'm done with the concerts and have long since felt the re-release of the albums on the different color vinyl is just pointless. Only thing I'm waiting for is the PAC&J Super Deluxe and that will be it for me as far as my Monkee purchases for the foreseeable future.
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    It is available on "tubi" which is a free channel available if you have Roku streaming service.

    Although they use the remastered versions of the show (both seasons), the picture quality isn't great. Oh, and you also have to sit through a lot of commercials.

    You can get a used Blu-ray player at a Goodwill store for about ten bucks.

    The Monkees
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    Tubi had The Monkees for a very short time, but it was quickly removed because they didn’t have the streaming rights. It is available on a weekly basis on the AXS Channel. Tubi does have the TV movie ’Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story’ and The Monkees are guests on an episode of The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.
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    Few are as crazy as I am with it, but I ripped all the episodes off my Blu-ray set and now have them in iTunes so I can stream them through my Apple TV. (Watching TV episodes is so much better when they’re all available with a few clicks.)
  18. audiomixer

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    6 of 1 half dozen of another...
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  19. Michael

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    remember when it sells out the Sharks will be selling the box for Triple the price originally charged.
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  20. FredV

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    At $200, that’s the cheapest price you’re going to find it at. And Blu-ray players can be found at very decent prices at Walmart and Target. Better jump on it soon while it’s still available.
  21. Michael

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    remember when they stopped selling it and most thought it was sold out or missing parts? $500.00 plus on ebay and others......
  22. Michael

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    commercials of the worst kind on those free over the air networks ...not worth it at all...remote must be in hand when watching. ; 0
  23. FredV

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    I found Tubi to be much more thoughtful in how they place the commercials in the programs. For television shows the commercials are usually placed in the original spots for advertisements, and for movies in a natural break in the film so as not to interrupt the flow in the storyline.
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    I like Tubi but yeah, the quality of prints varies greatly. I don't like that they cut off credits.
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  25. Michael

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    ...gotcha as I am not familiar with Tubi...thanks, good to know.
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