The Monkees complete TV show on Blu-ray box set.

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    Had I not already bought both of those original DVD boxes, the original Head DVD, and then much later downloaded a hi-res version of Head from the film box set, I would probably purchase the BD box for $160. But considering how rarely I ever pull any of that stuff out to watch, even half that price would give me pause now if it would ever get anywhere near that much use to be worth it. The older I get, the less I care about seeing this kind of stuff again.

    The same for Batman, my wife bought me the first two DVD sets of the Adam West TV show over a year ago -- it used to be my favorite show as a kid. We still haven't gotten even half way through watching the first box.

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  2. ZackyDog

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    Sorry if this is a repeat; I'm too lazy to scroll through 78 pages.

    Pretty impressive, I think, and nice that you can see an entire episode.

  3. dasacco

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    The Fall season always puts me in a nostalgic Monkees mood, so tonight I popped in Disc 1 of this Blu-Ray set and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I was 7, about to turn 8 when these early episodes first aired. Monday nights at 7:30 had me glued to the TV set to see the Monkees' latest antics, but more, to hear the songs. I had the "Clarksville" single and really wanted that first LP, and was so happy to get it for my 8th birthday.

    Watching this again brought me right back. A few mis-steps aside, this set is a truly remarkable achievement. If you are so inclined get it before you can't anymore.
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    Wreay, Cumbria, UK
    Just finished watching the complete set, including most of the extras (it took me about 3 weeks). It was nice to have a Blu-Ray Head in 16x9 which wasn't previously released in the UK - only a 4x3 DVD. I have the DVD sets which I watched a few years ago but the picture quality on the Blu-Rays make them quite redundant. As a fan since 1967 (when they became popular in the UK), I'm a sucker for all things Monkees and have all the various box sets and looking forward to any future releases.
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  5. Chip TRG

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    I've got to get around to having a nice scan done of my ABC Saturday Rerun print of that episode scanned. It gives a nice insight to how the editing-for-time was done back in the day--2nd season opening as an intro, the cold open, and then straight into the episode, all of the commercials spliced in, some parts of the episodes literally chopped out, and MULTIPLICATION ROCK tacked on at the very end. It's a nice little 35mm time capsule, for sure!
  6. Midwest Rocker

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    @cChip TRG,

    That would be cool if you got it transferred.

    Have you ever tried to find a company that could do a high quality scan? What method they would use? What scanning resolution? And of course, what it would cost to have it scanned?
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  7. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Forum Resident

    I'm involved with a company that does telecine transfer and restoration from 8mm to 70mm. It's just a case of getting the time to get it done. ;)
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  8. Midwest Rocker

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    Sounds like a very fun job to have! Once you get the time to do it, at least you won't have to worry about the "cost" of having it done!:agree:

    I'm guessing that your company didn't work on the Monkees TV series Bluray restoration? As a Monkees fan, that would have been a thrill!
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  9. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Forum Resident

    Not really a job as much as I'm just heavily involved with a buddy who *does* do it for a living, but either way it's cool to work with your hobbies, even if it's on a small scale!

    And way involved with Rhino. I just own one episode, as a few years back a stash of them started popping up on eBay. I missed out of the first initial round but got my episode from someone who had outbid me a little while after. There were some really cool prints going up for auction at the time. Even though mine is a rerun print (there *were* network airing prints sold), I'm still happy with it.

    A few years back when I still worked with a theatre that had 35mm capabilities, I slapped it on the projector one night and ran it. It is VERY cool watching something like that on a big screen!
  10. mBen989

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    Scranton, PA
    Which Multiplication Rock segment is on your print?
  11. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Forum Resident

    This one:

  12. MarkTheShark

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    Just out of curiosity, I checked this out...the first thing on the bonus disc is the series of screen tests. Before each of the individual screen tests, there is a little bit of leader film with some Sharpie (or equivalent) writing on it. I froze and frame-advanced these and was able to read what it says before each of the screen tests:

    Peter Tork: PETER TORK
    Micky Dolenz: CHADWICK
    Dallas Williams: (Crossed out)
    Davy Jones: JONES
    Michael Nesmith: NESMITH

    Micky's screen test is jointly done with three other guys, one of whom is mostly off-camera. When it begins they are in the process of playing a song (Micky and one of the others have guitars) but we only get to hear a tiny bit of it.

    In the various versions of the test scenes for the pilot episode, there are various Monkees and two or three other guys, one of whom is Dallas Williams. I thought one of the others had to be Bill Chadwick. Have these other applicants been identified?
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  13. t-man 54

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    There is a guy sitting with Micky on the couch who has blonde hair and a cap on. That guy is Paul Wheatbread who went on to be a drummer in The Hard Times in 1966 and 2 years later joined Gary Puckett and the Union gap
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  14. MarkTheShark

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    I have been watching several of the episodes. Sometimes just for kicks I put the subtitles on. The songs are subtitled as well as the dialogue. In a wonderful homage to those early 1980s Japanese lyric sheets included with the reissue albums, there is this gem from "Papa Gene's Blues":

    "Pick it, loser"
  15. Drifter

    Drifter AD survivor

    Vancouver, BC, CA
    My brother and I always used to think that was what he said. We both figured he was mocking the studio guitarist who played on the record in place of the actual Monkees. :D
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  16. FJFP

    FJFP Forum Resident

    What does I think actually say?
  17. karl.dyer

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    gardiner, maine
    I've always heard it as "pick it Luther".
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  18. t-man 54

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    I always heard it before as " pick it, Wilson" as in Wilson Pickett. I know now it is actually "pick it Luther" as in Luther Perkins.
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  19. MarkTheShark

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    I always misheard it as "lizard."
  20. MarkTheShark

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    Listening to some of the audio commentaries. There is a newly-done (2016) one on the Christmas Show featuring Andrew Sandoval and Gary Strobl. At one point they briefly mention some of the reunions over the years, and around 17:47 Andrew says:

    We were very close, 2011, I can tell you first hand, that it was so close, that all four of them were going to be together on stage again, but (sigh)
  21. Michelle66

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    And if they had gone down that road in 2011, how long would the goodwill have lasted? Would the later tours (the ones we got) have happened? Would they have been willing to get together for the Good Times LP?

    Everyone knows the Monkees are their own worst enemies. Throughout their history, they've shown a distinct penchant for shooting themselves in the feet.

    Who knows? Maybe Davy's death was the catalyst for the later tours and the new album.

    I mean, who could have fathomed on Leap Day 2012, that the group would be together on stage – with Mike – some six months later?

    The 1997 reunion collapsed under the weight of the group's collective egos. If there had been a four-member reunion in 2011, I'd wager it would have met with the same fate.
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  22. Dee Zee

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    That’s the story of so many groups: the Byrds, the Rascals, to name two.
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  23. mne563

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    DFW, Texas
    I always thought it was, "Pick it, Wilson". That made perfect sense to me! (Wilson Pickett)

    I guess I'll have to listen again...
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  24. MarkTheShark

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    That actually makes sense.
  25. Chip TRG

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    "Luther" is exactly right. It's a joking tip-of-the-hat to Johnny Cash's guitarist at that time (he sadly died around '67/'68).

    It's kinda along the same lines of Micky saying "One more George for Ringo, one time!" in NO TIME.
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