The Monkees complete TV show on Blu-ray box set.

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Pizza, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. MarkTheShark

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    Now I want to check the subtitles for every time "Papa Gene' s Blues" is in an episode and see if that line is subtitled differently each time...
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    After extensively watching TV (and a few films) with closed captioning, it occurred to me that the only sounds that should be captioned are sounds the characters actually here. Otherwise, it takes you out of the scene. I suppose I would make an exception for Monkees songs in Monkees episodes. Those captions would have been particularly useful back in the 1960s as there were many fans who wanted those song lyrics but couldn't go on the Internet to find them in those days.
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  3. Pizza

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    I still keep debating about getting this. At first I figured there would eventually be a non-special edition but now I’m doubting that will happen. When does Rhino do their sales outside of the holidays? (If at all.)
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    Same here. But as soon as I start thinking about getting it, I remember how many times I've watched the series on DVD since I've had it. Maybe once. I'm so torn.
  5. Grand_Ennui

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    spsimmons: Nothing about The Monkees TV series, but I have to ask about your avatar: Did Nesmith write an inscription above his name? If so, what does it say? (It looks to me like he did, but I may just be seeing things?)
  6. spsimmons

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    It says "For Shawn" That's my name. Met him at the Motor City Con a couple years ago. What a dream come true it was! Never thought I'd have the chance to meet him.
  7. pablo fanques

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    Yeah I met the other three several times but Mike remains elusive. I was over the moon when he started touring again and saw him with Peter and Micky twice and on his own in 2012. I have tickets for the Duo on June 22nd but don't have any realistic expectations of seeing him off stage. As long as they do 'Auntie's Municipal Court' that will be more than enough
  8. Grand_Ennui

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    Very cool that you were able to get all four of their signatures...

    And now to turn this thread back to its original topic- I think I've watched the TV series more than it sounds like you have... I've yet to watch any episodes this year, but for the last few years, I've generally watched the show once a year... I remember watching the episodes all in original order, one other time I watched them from the last to the first, and another time I watched it from the last episode of season one to the first episode & then the first episode of season two to the last episode... And I always seem to watch "33 1/3" after all the episodes... "HEAD" gets viewed randomly...

    I do plan to buy the Blu-Ray set eventually.
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  9. Dee Zee

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    The blu-ray set is The definitive Monkees’ TV show presentation, it looks great. For me it was all new as I hadn’t seen the show since 1966 and 1967.

    HELLOLARRY Forum Resident

    Being a first time viewer what did you think?
  11. Dee Zee

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    I’d seen the shows on black and white TV in the 60s, loved it then as a teenager. Seeing it all again was very enjoyable overall. Some the episodes were better than others, especially liked the ones where they broke the fourth wall and started talking about the script for example. 58 episodes was a lot but I spaced it out over 9 months maybe. The color and image and sound was first rate on the blu-rays.
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    I debated getting it too and then I finally bought it as a birthday present for myself.

    Best present I got! It looks awesome, sounds great and it still gives me the same thrill I got when I was a kid!

    I don't know about a non-special edition or Rhino having a sale, but I never regretted purchasing. And not every episode is great, but there's enough there that you'll dig it. Plus HEAD looks great. I had a tough time watching 33 1/3 Revolutions but I'm glad it was included and the other extras are very enjoyable.
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  13. goodiesguy

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    I'm still gonna wait for a regular edition. I'm curious though, what does the UNAIRED Pilot look and sound like?

    The one on the DVD looked awful, and even attempts myself to color correct it were unsuccessful, the print was that faded and beetroot red, and the sound was almost unintelligible (by comparison to the other episodes).
  14. FJFP

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    I feel if remember correctly, it looks and sounds as good as the other episodes.
  15. stereoguy

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    For some reason I *thought* I read they found the negative for the unaired pilot......not sure tho.
  16. Holerbot6000

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    yeah and that sucks. I don't want any of the other movies in that box. I hate when titles get held hostage like that....
  17. I wasn't sure if the box set was still available as there are folks trying to flip it on eBay. Thankfully, it's still around (though no discount after 2-3 years) and I ordered it. It arrived today, and aside from the lenticular picture falling off its frame, everything looks nice. I'm glad they at least lined the sleeves with plastic liners to alleviate scratches. I didn't care for how the sleeves were held in place, but it is what it is. Looking forward to watching some of it this weekend.
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    To any of you who are going to see Micky and Mike ("Micky and Mike who" I hear you shout in unison), firsty, I myself am deeply jealous (a quote from one of the episodes) and secondly, couldn't you have a conflab over the Internet so between you, the whole concert(s) could be videod (e.g. 1st person videos the first 4 songs, the 2nd person videos the next 4 etc). What often happens is everyone videos the opening 3 or 4 songs then stops. I'm not complaining in any way, shape or form. Perhaps it will even be filmed for DVD / Blu Ray release? I just hope they make a short UK tour as well. My little girl in 6 years old and ever since she's been able to talk, has expressed an interest in The Monkees and loves to listen to them in my car.
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  19. Drifter

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    My brother and I used to think it was a bitter Nez shouting "aw, pick it, loser" to the session guitarist. :laugh:
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  20. MarkTheShark

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    Since I am kind of an obsessive geek about this stuff, I went through the whole Monkees TV show Blu-Ray box and made notes on some things, particularly the bonus disc with the extras.

    There are a bunch of commercials included (Kellogg's, Yardley, Kool-Aid). Many are the same ones on the old DVD sets, though some appear to be from somewhat upgraded sources. They have added some black and white ones which seem to come from summer reruns when the main sponsor dropped out and they have a live announcer and a graphic slide. One of the announcers is Don Pardo, not sure about the other one. (They would not have aired in black and white originally, but that is the source available today, probably from kinescopes.)

    But anyway, I checked Andrew's book and Aaron Handy's "Monkees Film And TV Vault" website, and the black and white Yardley billboard promoting the Disney film "The One And Only Genuine Original Family Band" seems to originate from the summer rerun of show #50 ("The Monstrous Monkee Mash") from 7/8/1968.

    All the commercials are not grouped together since the intent is to be chronological. The "Mileage Test" spot is listed as "Kellogg's Season Two Commercial." (One other second season commercial, "Under Arrest," is grouped among those from the first season.)

    The "Mileage Test" commercial is followed by more of these black and white "alternate sponsor" billboards from the summer 1968 reruns:

    #52 "The Devil And Peter Tork" 7/29/1968

    #51 "The Monkees Paw" 6/17/1968

    "Secret/Maybelline/Pizza Spins"
    #56 "Some Like It Lukewarm" 8/19/1968

    (The last one above was long believed to have been the final telecast of the series on NBC, but it was actually followed by a couple weeks of pre-emotions and then one final rerun. For the record, the episode in question was #34 "The Picture Frame.")

    Notes on the redubbed song segments included on the bonus disc:

    "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"
    This was redubbed into show #4 ("Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers") replacing "Let's Dance On" for the 5/15/1967 rerun showing.

    "French Song"
    From #6 ("Success Story") as aired 10/29/1969, replacing "I Wanna Be Free"

    "I Never Thought It Peculiar"
    From #8 ("Gift Horse") as aired 12/6/1969, replacing "All The King's Horses"

    "Midnight Train"
    From #9 ("The Chaperone") as aired 2/21/1970, replacing "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day"

    "Do You Feel It Too"
    From #4 ("Your Friendly Neighborhood Kudnappers") as aired 5/30/1970, replacing "Last Train To Clarksville" (I am guessing this is also the source for "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You")

    "All Alone In The Dark"
    From #5 ("The Spy Who Came In From The Cool") as aired 9/26/1970, replacing "Saturday's Child"

    It is interesting that both "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" and "All The King's Horses" retain the foley/ambient sound from the original episodes (and in the case of the former, dialogue as well). They must have still had separate audio elements.

    The very beginning of "All The King's Horses" can be heard cross-fading to "Peculiar," and just a hair of the opening guitar note of "Last Train To Clarksville" is on the beginning of "Do You Feel It Too."

    Regarding the various commercials for Kellogg's, Yardley, Kool-Aid, etc., is there any record of how many of these were actually done? I know there are some extant "night of broadcast" films (or copies of them) -- I have ones with the Kellogg's "Brand X" spot and the Yardley Black Label "Some Guys Have It, Some Guys Never Will" commercials -- for the Kellogg's, I am under the impression that they didn't have new ones for every episode, and some were repeated in different episodes. But do we know how many there actually were?

    Some of the Kool-Aid commercials have multiple versions (30 or 60 seconds). Then there's that two-minute amusement park one -- I wonder where that would have been shown -- did they have two minute commercials on Saturday morning in 1969?
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  23. Interesting. Usually don’t see deep discounts of this amount on Rhino related sites.
  24. FJFP

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    Last year they had a Black Friday sale, but this doesn’t seem to be part of that.
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  25. Pizza

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    I’m tempted.
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