The Monkees "More of the Monkees" Rhino Handmade Deluxe Box Set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by The Spaceman, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. wingsoveramerica

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    They were used to mix the 1987 cds as well as on the 2001 "Music Box" set, so they should exist.
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  2. npgchris

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    Obviously, my year-old memory of this incident was faulty. At the time leading up to the release of the box, I heard 3 or 4 interviews with Sandoval and/or Hughes, updating us on the progress of the set. At some point, late in the game, they disclosed that an alteration had to be made (to something?), based on a failure to secure licensing. It was a minor piece of disappointing news, but it was disclosed ahead of time. Maybe it had to do with the Glen Campbell or Johnny Cash performance. It was too long ago, and I can't remember. I could have sworn it was about the JLL song excerpt, but apparently it wasn't. My bad!
  3. super sally

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    Was it ever determined for sure that Nez plays pedal steel on Kind of Girl I Could Love?

    I really liked the arrangement they did on the last tour Nez was on. As well as the Sweet Young Thing revamp.
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  4. npgchris

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    I definitely respect your opinion, and you are in good company with your feelings. I just felt, and continue to feel, that the problems with this set were blown way out of proportion. All of the great aspects of that set seemed to get overlooked in a flurry of nit-picking. That's my view; I realize you see it differently.

    I don't get your "promising more special features that weren't included anyway" claim. Part of the reason that the set experienced delays was due to Sandoval uncovering more rare stuff, and opting to include it, occasionally at his personal expense. I for one was happy to wait an extra 6 months, or whatever it was, if it meant obtaining more material.

    Bottom line (for me): the set is a grand-slam, and one of my favorite pieces in my extensive Blu-ray (and DVD) collection. I previously had loved the DVD sets from Rhino, and this Blu-ray box blows them away.
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  5. npgchris

    npgchris Forum Resident

    I sure would like to get a definitive word on that from someone at Rhino. I'm pretty sure a commentary track was recorded.
  6. npgchris

    npgchris Forum Resident

    No one (that I can remember) said at the time that you or anyone else had no right to complain about the release.

    Go back and read the vitriol that was directed at Andrew Sandoval and Rhino, and then tell me the witch hunt wasn't just a wee bit out of proportion to the errors they were guilty of. But I never remember anyone saying you didn't have the right to complain. Hell, those of us defending it complained about certain aspects of it. But we weren't outside Rhino's offices with torches and pitchforks!
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  7. Keith V

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    Thank you
  8. Michelle66

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    Yes, this was the reason we were given as to the many delays. IIRC, it was in some sort of podcast after the set had already been postponed at least once, but well before the sets were finally sent out.

    What exactly is this rare stuff that was uncovered and included after the set's list of contents was already posted? That's what I'd like to know.

    The following is what Rhino posted in the fall of 2015 – when they started accepting pre-orders:
    At this point, the list of contents is still pretty vague as far as the extras/bonus material is concerned.

    Cut to January 2016. The set is now delayed until the end of April, but we finally get a complete list of the set's contents:
    After the set was delayed once again in April, I read (likely in the bluray thread) about A. Sandoval uncovering more rare stuff and why the set need to be pushed back even more. (What you just wrote about above.)

    What exactly was this extra material? I mean, was anything included in the set that wasn't listed in January 2016? As far as I can see, much content was removed from the set, but nothing was actually added.

    We had that podcast boasting about new surprises. What were they (if any)?
  9. intv7

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    Boston, MA, USA
    Pretty sure the Clarksville train footage was what was found and added at the eleventh hour. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see it listed on this January 2016 "complete" list of contents.
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  10. npgchris

    npgchris Forum Resident

    I listened to the many podcast interviews with Sandoval and/or Hughes that were conducted in the year (or so) prior to the release of the set. At times, they would reveal materials they had uncovered. It's on record. I no longer remember what they were, nor do I feel it's worth arguing about. I know the outtake footage from the show was a surprise to them, and required some restoration work. Same thing with the Head outtakes. I respect where you're coming from, but I have no desire to engage in a debate over this set. The set got rave reviews in the online press when it came out, and deservedly so. To be honest, Michelle, I think even if there had been 10 episodes' worth of alternate audio, that people like you, who are really into those, still would have complained, because it would have "only" been 10 episodes, and not 20, or all of them. I get that those rerun/syndication edits are of interest to people like yourself. They interest me very little. (Most of the ones I have seen/heard I think are horrendous, to be honest). If you take those away, the errors with the set are extremely minor. If you view this release as a disappointment, or a "disaster", or whatever, we'll just agree to disagree.

    Cheers! :cheers:
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  11. npgchris

    npgchris Forum Resident

    The entire alternate version of 33 1/3 was never mentioned, and was included as a surprise bonus. Some people were up-in-arms about the exclusion of small items, yet were unwilling to give Rhino or Sandoval any props for the items which were never touted, and ended up being very pleasant surprises.
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  12. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident

    Fine by me. I'm happy you love the set so much. Buyer's remorse is never much fun. :)

    And you're likely right about me whining about not getting all the alternate soundtracks. :D
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  13. FJFP

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    What's different about the alternate 33 1/3? I don't know if I am being myself to watch it again...
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  14. Grand_Ennui

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    I don't even own the Blu-Ray set yet and I'd like to know what's different about the "alternate" 33 1/3 special too...
  15. SJB

    SJB Beloved Parasitic Nuisance

    The only difference I recall is that NBC showed the segments out of order. Which is a terrible mistake because when you do that, the story line appears to make no sense whatsoever.
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  16. "R" Ed

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    It was exactly this!! Andrew found the color versions of these that someone put up on ebay for big bucks late in the game and Andrew bought them out of his own pocket to secure these for the release.
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  17. MagneticNorthpaw

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    Interesting. I had thought it was the UK "Alternate Title" "video" that had been the new find.
  18. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!


    Well, thats a very nice gesture if true. And hopefully he got reimbursed by Rhino.
  19. FJFP

    FJFP Forum Resident

    Anyway, back to MOTM - what's the most exciting new track here? Whatever'a Right backing track? Some of the remixes? I'm excited for new stereo mixes of SITM and Peter's IDTYKM.
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  20. dangiedr

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    For me, I'm most excited about the live Phoenix stereo mixes, and that "Mary, Mary" studio session with all four guys!
  21. Laineycrusoe

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    It was definitely remixed for Music Box. The cleaner sound and the way the reverb on the lead guitar is mixed gives it away (hard left with the guitar on the original stereo mix, audible in the right channel on the Music Box remix). Similarly it was also remixed for the Arista More of the Monkees CD back in 1987.
    1966-06-25 · The Kind Of Girl I Could Love - monkeesmixography
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  22. MagneticNorthpaw

    MagneticNorthpaw Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    "Mary, Mary" session, hands down. Personally, I loved the "Ditty Diego" session on the Head box so I anticipate some good clean - and profane, at times - fun. :righton:
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  23. readr

    readr Forum Resident

    For me, it’s the remixes of the NY recorded backing tracks:
    I’m A Believer
    Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
    Sometime In The Morning
    Hold On Girl (2nd)
    I Don’t Think You Know Me (2nd)

    I want Whatever’s Right for my collection, as a completionist, but I’m not chomping at the bit to here this backing track.....we’ll see. I’m also always excited to get the TV tracks lifted from the audio portion of the series reels.....always great sourced material, great sounding. I’d prefer final take/master backing tracks but the earlier takes can be interesting, though, not essential. Again, we’ll see.
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  24. Michelle66

    Michelle66 Forum Resident

    Thanks for figuring that out! There had been talk about material which might have caused/added to the production delay, but I'd never read what it exactly was.

    That really was a nice gesture to secure the footage and share it with the fans! Kudos to Andrew Sandoval for doing this.
  25. npgchris

    npgchris Forum Resident

    He wasn't. He mentioned there were several items that were included in the bonus materials that were from his own collection. Stuff that he paid for, and/or paid to have transferred, that he never asked Rhino for any compensation to use, as a way to "share the wealth" with other Monkees fanatics. It's one of the reasons I stood up for the guy when others were hurling insults in his direction. The guy's been the biggest friend to Monkees fans for years now.
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