The Monkees "More of the Monkees" Rhino Handmade Deluxe Box Set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by The Spaceman, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Hall Cat

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    Chicago, IL USA
    I've read that it's actually combination of organ and electric piano
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  2. cwitt1980

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    Carbondale, IL USA
    I'll have to go back and listen. I like Mike's version too but I think there's a mix with them blending together with Micky having the most lead. Their voices with one another are some of my favorite Monkees moments.
  3. Some of the the unique mixes to the ML sets are "So Goes Love', 'Carlisle Wheeling', 'Little Red Rider' and maybe 'You're So Good' and 'Storybook Of You'.
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  4. Nez would argue that strings and horns would've made it a bigger hit...:angel:
  5. MarkTheShark

    MarkTheShark Forum Resident

    A lot of the Rhino releases, as well as Andrew's book, say this or that song was on this or that prior release, but often that doesn't mean it was the same mix.
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  6. Laineycrusoe

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    Tyne and Wear, UK
    Yeah, it's on the 2CD deluxe edition of The Monkees.
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  7. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!


  8. Wonder why they didn't "swing with the Monkey" instead.
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  9. WonkyWilly

    WonkyWilly Forum Resident

    Paradise, PA
    They appear to be missing the following songs, though they have the backing tracks for some of them...

    - (Theme From) The Monkees (all 3 English versions)
    - Saturday's Child
    - Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
    - Take A Giant Step
    - Last Train To Clarksville
    - Let's Dance On
    - Gonna Buy Me A Dog

    - When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)
    - Ladies Aid Society
    - I'll Be Back Upon My Feet (Version 1)
    - The Girl I Left Behind Me (Version 1)
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  10. siegel7825

    siegel7825 Forum Resident

    And speaking of "I Don't Think You Know Me" song...
    did Davy ever have a crack at this track/vocals?

    (Even unreleased?) :confused:
  11. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    Yes. There is a Peter and Davy sung version still in the can. It was a failure, according to Andrew's book. "Miles too high for me"-Davy Jones.
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  12. FredV

    FredV Forum Resident

    Well, Andrew did the impossible, he made me like ‘The Day We Fall In Love’! The 2017 remix he did of the track brings the orchestral arrangement upfront, which I always liked anyway, but now you can really hear and appreciate it more. It still a sappy song, but it’s still a lovely arrangement and I wish Andrew had made a mix with just the orchestra minus Davy’s vocals.
  13. action pact

    action pact Forum Resident

    The tremolo on the Fender guitar amp makes the track for me!
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  14. SJB

    SJB Beloved Parasitic Nuisance

    And unless I'm mistaken, the Missing Links version of "Rosemarie" has completely different lyrics than any other released version, even though they all appear to use the same backing track.
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  15. WonkyWilly

    WonkyWilly Forum Resident

    Paradise, PA
    And it's also 1,000X better than the other version(s). I don't understand why they keep releasing different mixes of the crap alternate.
  16. tedg65

    tedg65 Forum Resident

    Weymouth MA USA
    I always preferred Mickey's faster version of that one....don't under stand why that one was not released!
  17. tedg65

    tedg65 Forum Resident

    Weymouth MA USA
    This is good but I prefer the Mickey solo version of this tune, which I believe is on the original Monkees compilation box set from around 1990 or so..
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. a customer

    a customer Forum Resident

    I grew up listening to the monkees . I just burned a cd of 10 songs that I can still listen to these days. I never knew the devotion paid to this group till I joined this thread. I purchased the first three albums . Headquarters is A SOLID ALBUM
  20. Good2BAnywhere

    Good2BAnywhere Forum Resident

    No love for songs about fruit? Ok I admit the lyrics aren’t deep, but the music (in my opinion) is just as good as anything on the first album. Yeah it’s a Clarksville clone, but I can live with that. And the solo - dig those dual lead guitars! There’s a reason it’s the leadoff track on Missing Links vol 1.
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  21. mrbobdobalina

    mrbobdobalina Forum Resident

    Fort Myers FL
    I love it as well. Sure, the lyrics are not exactly top notch, but Micky sounds great and the arrangement is aces.
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  22. Good2BAnywhere

    Good2BAnywhere Forum Resident

    There is? Do tell. Anymore info on that?
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  23. tedg65

    tedg65 Forum Resident

    Weymouth MA USA
    The words may be sappy but the music is interesting and the beginning is reminiscent of "Tell Me" by the Stones....
  24. cwitt1980

    cwitt1980 Forum Resident

    Carbondale, IL USA
    In a few years, you'll be burning cds of your own favorite mixes, sessionography, alternate mixes vol. 8, songs the Monkees did but done by other artists, Davy's best of '68 what if? solo album, the four-sides Birds, Bees, and Torkelsohn, Ltd., and so on. Welcome to the club!
  25. BobT

    BobT Resident Monkeeman

    The 4th album is generally considered their best. Just curious, have you listened to any of the other albums, or any of the originally unreleased songs? What are your 10 songs? Perhaps there's other similar songs in the catalogue that are similar that you might enjoy.

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