The Monkees "More of the Monkees" Rhino Handmade Deluxe Box Set

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  1. It's the best sounding mono mix available, except Auntie Grizelda which is inexplicably taken from the TV show soundtrack. Any one of us could have done a great needledrop, and some of us have, but that's what they went with!

    It's also worth noting that many of the basic remixes on this set are definitive, but all of the pro-tools remixes are awful, with out-of-sync overdubs and bad stretches and all kind of problems. I don't know the story there, but couple of tracks on the Kinks Village Green box has the same issue. They should probably find someone skilled at doing those kind of mixes for future projects, because whoever has been doing them cant get the sync right.
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    Wasn’t this argument put to bed over a year ago, 10 pages or so ago? Let’s not spread false information.
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    Yeah, I don’t hear these issues. Maybe Laservampire can point to some of these moments so we can judge for ourselves???
  4. What are you talking about? At no point was it ever determined to be false information. The out-of-sync overdubs are as clear as day, and others have pointed out specific examples throughout this thread. Maybe you should heed your own advice.
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    Examples, sir?
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    Mary, Mary - the vocal drags behind the backing track.

    Sometime in the Morning - this one is listenable, but the LV is a hair behind and once you hear it you can’t forget it.

    There’s also something odd about the processing of Mike’s vocal on IDTYKM (1st)

    The I’m a Believer Remix on the 45 is also quite poorly done at times.

    The Peter IDTYKM (2nd) sounds weirdly fake Stereo on speakers... but this issue isn’t prevelant on headphones. It’s very strange.

    As for the Kinks box, listen to the 2018 Stereo Mix Of Mr. Songbird and report back to me with your findings...
  7. Not to mention the remixed title track with the out of time piano. There was also one more I can’t remember.

    Thanks for the rundown!
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    I don’t remember anything outside of those two personally, but those were the main ones!
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  9. IDTKYM has an awful, robotic-sounding fake stereo effect on the vocal, so it floats instead of sitting in the center. It's like they were trying to do a Giles Martin or something. Past attempts have been much better.
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    Weird, because it sounded pretty mono to me - but that explains what’s going on with it. It’s a shame, because the track itself is better balanced than the other mixes.
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    I think Peter's vocal is the best of the three

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