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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Glenn Christense, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Glenn Christense

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    Yeah regardless of what transpired, it's over.
    There isn't much reason to point any fingers as we don't know the behind the scenes story. If we get any insight later, great. If not, life goes on.

    So congrats Moodies on finally making the Hall of Fame and I'll go back to enjoying their music now.
  2. roman.p

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    True, but Laine left the band before its greatest successes, and I doubt they resented his departure — especially once they found Hayward.
    I have to agree with Factory44: Either Pinder has a devastating undisclosed health problem, or the band treated him with unforgivable cruelty in what should have been a moment of glory. Awful either way.
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  3. docwebb

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    From an interview with Ray Thomas in 2014 when asked about Mike Pinder. I tend to give the group a pass on not having Mike speak. There may well be valid reasons.

    Ray Thomas: “Oh yea, we still talk every week. He’s getting a bit forgetful now, but we’ve known each other most of our lives. It was his birthday two days before mine. We’re very similar and they call us the twins. (All laughing)”

    Classic Rock Here And Now: An Exclusive Interview with Moody Blues Legend Ray Thomas … Ironically on a “Tuesday Afternoon”
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  4. BeSteVenn

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    failed state
    Matt Pinder posted on Facebook today that all of his dad's band mates showed him love at the ceremony last night.

    I have to believe that John Lodge was helping and protecting Mike on behalf of Mike's family during the ceremony. It has been wonderful seeing all the pictures, especially the ones with Mike and John posted by the Pinder family.

    Amen, brother.
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  5. Glenn Christense

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    I saw online tonight that a super fan that apparently has knowledge of the situation says that Mike has "cognitive difficulties" to the extent that he no longer can give speeches or perform at this point in his life.

    So , I would ask that we all put the needless speculation about motives at the induction aside and let Mike have his privacy as we celebrate the Moody Blues induction into the Hall of Fame.
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  6. doity

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    To the people who are blaming John for any kind of malice for not letting Mike speak, well I would just say that you are likely not real fans of the band. The ONLY one who had a grudge with Mike was/is Graeme. It goes back to the 70’s when Mike referred to Graeme “just the drummer” when Graeme tried to put his two cents in.

    John has been nothing but gracious with fans and band mates through the years. From my eyes he was there looking out after Mike for whatever reason. I suspect something is wrong with Mike as he never updated his web page after Ray died and the two were very close. It wasn’t the perfect reunion for the band that everyone had hoped for, but life sometimes is funny like that.
  7. Billo

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    There is a photo from a while ago of Mike, Graeme and John all embracing each other and smiling - so any 'issues' between Graeme and Mike from the 'Octave' sessions in 1978 would now appear to be 'water under the bridge' as Ray once put it

    re the Hall of Fame induction show, John clearly was acting as Mike's 'carer' NOT blocking him - it was touching to see Justin put his arm around Mike too - and note that Mike has his arm around Graeme while Denny is speaking

    I don't think there is any real malice between any of the main band members and people sometimes look for things that aren't really there

    Mike clearly seems to have some real health issues now, so it was just wonderful to see him there

    if it is dementia or alzheimer's these illnesses can strike quickly and then worsen at an alarming rate, the fact Ray had noticed four years ago back in 2014 that Mike was 'getting a bit forgetful' is telling...

    I remember seeing some photos of Ray back in 2010 (I think) at a music shop signing autographs around the time his solo albums came out in that CD box set, and being shocked at how frail Ray then looked complete with walking stick etc so even if Ray had still been with us I doubt if he would have been able to attend but at least he was aware of their induction and he was mentioned a few times

    John clearly took charge of the event for the band and he mentioned a lot of behind the scenes figures - notably producer Tony Clarke the 'sixth Moody' - and the guys like Sir Edward Lewis of Decca and the American figures who were so important to the band back in the sixties which was good to hear
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  8. George Co-Stanza

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    Amen to this.
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  9. CDmp3

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    Yes, John was posing happily with Mike in photos - so no evidence of malice. Mike was being protected - so at least he was there.

  10. RicZ

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    The Netherlands
    I've no reason to believe it was malice either.
    It was an ackward moment, and I must admit I was a bit shocked to see the block, because before now I never heard of any health issues Mike might have.
    But not sure what other intend there was, nor do I want to speculate.
    Mike played on John's album not that long ago,
    and from all the band members John seemed to get along the best in recent times with both Ray and Mike.
    Maybe that's why he got asked to keep an eye on Mike, but it must have been an uncomfortable situation.

    As for still holding grudges.
    The only known one was indeed the one between Mike and Graeme, it sure seemed that all was forgiven now.
    With Justin it seems the case that once you're out of the band it is out of sight and mind.
    I remember an interview with Justin where he said that he felt betrayed by Mike leaving the band.
    But none issues existed while he was in the band, and surely that can't be a reason for not letting him speak.

    I wish Mike all the best.
    It would be nice if there was some explanation, but respect if that's not the case.
    Especially when it's a private matter.
    Also best of luck to the whole band, looking forward seeing them live when they play nearby.
    And I am just glad they made it and Mike did attend as well.
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  11. Billo

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    I think Justin felt betrayed more by Mike refusing to do the 'Octave' tour, not attending Decca's 'Moodies Are Back !' garden party in 1978 then his taking legal action against the group which delayed the release of 'Long Distance Voyager' in 1981

    Later producer Tony Visconti once suggested getting Mike Pinder in for a guest spot when they were recording 'Keys of The Kingdom'...and got 'black looks' from all concerned !

    also cover artist Phil Travers apparently offered to do that album's cover...his offer was ignored so 'out of sight, out of mind' might be spot on....

    Ray once observed 'you're soon forgotten' after his retirement from the band he'd co-founded with Mike

    Graeme later was claiming he had founded the band...!

    however re the current version of the Moodies and how they now look

    sorry to sound rather cutting here but....

    in some ways I felt that for all his possible problems now the long retired
    Mike actually looked physically the best with his hat and cool dress, he has aged well facially (if noticeably looking a little bemused by it all which could indeed indicate he has a cognitive health problem now)

    unlike poor Justin who compared to the fresh faced good looking young blonde guy we knew of days now in truth long passed is now white haired and his face is mega lined complete with saggy cheeks ! - Justin always looks so very tired now I think

    John is also looking pretty old these days facially too with a mop of white / gray hair while Graeme could put on a red coat pick up a sack of prezzies and get a job as Father Christmas when he retires from the band !

    having a few younger guys and two pretty young women as side people only amplifies the aged look of the remaining trio

    but hey they ARE elderly now so we must appreciate the sheer time factor here

    re the band performance the two J's did well but it's sad to see Graeme contributing so little behind the drumkit now, the 'backup' drummer is doing all the percussive work which I've read has been the case for some time now, while I've seen wind up toy rabbit drummers bashing away with more energy and enthusiasm than poor Graeme now has and as someone earlier said re messers Pinder and Thomas they knew when to stop...Graeme really ought to do likewise now I can't help but feel

    Sorry to sound so heartless here - I DO love The Moodies , original, 'classic', 80's and with Ray line ups, I assure you - but I'm putting on a purely objective hat here and telling it as I see it...

    the old distinctive 'choral' four part male harmonies or even three part sound are gone, likewise the mellotron/chamberlain/ synths 'symphonic wave' trademark backdrop of sound Mike and Patrick in turn gave them, the current keyboards are much lower in the overall sound it always appears to me

    while I do feel Justin's voice isn't quite what it was - he seems to 'partly narrate' his 80's song 'Your Wildest Dream' (aka 'Once Upon A Time') which doesn't improve it for me....and I'm sure that's a sample of the now 'airbrushed out' Patrick Moraz 1986 keyboard intro at the beginning (yes ?)

    with 'fans' like me they really don't need enemies do they ? lol

    but seriously I have to laugh when I hear fans say they are 'better than EVAH' on some forums and how sexy Justin looks etc....

    but I'm so pleased the band have finally received long overdue deserved recognition for their heyday which lasted a very long time - certainly from 1967 to 1974, several decent early 80's albums with Moraz, with notable works both before and after
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  12. teag

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    Just listened to the Speakers Corner LP release of Days of Future Passed. This one sounds really good to me. Very full with excellent midrange. Had not heard this in quite a while.

    LP number SML 707 in 180G.
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  13. cageyc

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    They did “Sitting at the Wheel” on the Sur La Mer tour when I saw them in Detroit.
  14. Billo

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    Southern England
    while some have derided 'Sitting at The Wheel' I have always loved it, one of John's uptempo driving rockers that was always a good concert number and rather like a follow up to his 'I'm Just A Singer' with Patrick Moraz keyboards giving to SATW in 1983 what Mike's did for IJAS in 1972 creating a sort of 'backdrop landscape' of distinctive keyboards sound to the song

    SATW had a driving guitar too and 'The Present' album might have been all the stronger for another such drivin' track on side two maybe to close the album after Ray's song 'Sorry' ?

    The 80's Moodies have a very unified sound as a band on SATW - something that sadly later seemed to evaporate on a number of tracks on the latter Polydor albums which tended to often sound so much like just either Justin or John efforts almost as solo artists, tho' the underrated 'Strange Times' in 1999 despite some rather dated production aspects sounded more like a full band again

    here they are doing SATW with Patrick Moraz at Wembley in 1983 - great to see just the five man band at work here before all the additional personnel and female backing singers etc later had to help them out, and Graeme here is really belting out the percussion assisted only by the late great Ray Thomas sturdy tambourine !

    while we can see here Patrick Moraz was very much a key part of the 80's Moodies group before all the later revisionism came into play !

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  15. Magnetic Man

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    I totally agree about Graeme narration and little dance ruining his own great song! And I´m glad to find some MB fans able to recognize this! I commented the same in You Tube video and there was absolute silence..
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  16. Billo

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    not surprised you met a wall of silence

    on some fan forums there seems to be such a devout almost obsessive attitude that they are BETTER THAN EVAH which is nonsense in truth as the simple fact is that now minus Mike, Patrick and Ray in that purely chronological order plus the inevitable time factor the band despite talented side men and women doing their best just ain't what it once was

    Justin still has a decent voice, plays fine guitar and per his solo albums can still write fine songs

    John likewise and you get the impression both really long to go out fully as solo artists now yet probably don't want to lose the security of 'The Moody Blues' group name and guaranteed faithful audience for the live shows that have enabled them to keep going since the turn of this century after the new studio albums dried up...

    also they probably don't want to er 'Edge' Graeme out (sorry !) while he still wants to be involved even if in truth he's rather past it now as a full properly contributing drummer etc (just look at him on SATW above back in 1983 at Wembley to see what is missing by now)

    it's sad but as Justin sang; 'Time waits for no one at all, no not even you...'

    so my guess is they go on to further build up their pension pots

    maybe it might be more dignified IF Justin and John want to keep something of the group's spirit going that when Graeme does finally call it a day they 'retire' the band name and then besides their solo careers they could do the occasional tour together including some solo songs each but maybe billed as; 'Moody Blue Jays'

    thus both their Moodies and Blue Jays album songs could feature too and it would be Hayward and Lodge with their backup group and very much a Tribute show to The Moodies rather than trying to pass it off AS The Moody Blues - yes ?
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  17. FVDnz

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    Before I began to check out the following of the "Core 7," I watched this documentary. I am really digging this band now, more than ever. My parents had a compilation cassette tape back when I was a kid but only actually looked at the cover. I'll leave my impressions of the albums I've listened to thus far pretty soon. :)
  18. Glenn Christense

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    Excellent! I'm glad you enjoyed the documentary and are going to dig into the "Core 7."
    This thread is still open obviously so feel free to post your impressions as you go through their catalog and feel free to ask any questions .
    I, along with others will be glad to help as you go through "The Voyage." :D

    Coincidentally, I'm listening to In Search of the Lost Chord at this very moment!
  19. BeSteVenn

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    failed state
    The "Core 7" are great, and when you've gotten through those, there are plenty more to explore (Prelude, Blue Jays, Magnificent Moodies 50th Anniversary Deluxe, etc).

    Have fun!
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  20. 3Dman

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    “Thinking Is The Best Way To Travel” came on today at work. Someone asked if it was Syd Barrett (!) I said it was the Moodies and then talked about the core seven, telling folks you couldn’t go wrong with any of them.
  21. richierichie

    richierichie My glass is always full.

    Long time Moodies fan here, a long, long, time!

    The first album I bought was In Search Of The Lost Chord. I'm really looking forward to the SE release. That's come out of the Blue! (pun intended). I was only a fan of 'The Core 7' up until around the time of the big 'Time Traveller' box, which Mrs richierichie bought me as a gift. This caused me to get all the other albums. While 'The Core 7' will never be bettered there are some good albums in the band's discography that followed. I'll not go into individual albums, we all have our favourites. However, believe it or not Days Of Future Passed is my least favourite Moodies album. Why I have 5 copies of DOFP I cannot explain!
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  22. zobalob

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  23. Glenn Christense

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  24. zobalob

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    Glasgow, Scotland.
    Thanks Glenn, I'd have thought there would have been some explanation in the promotional blurbs though; given that it was the only one not given a surround release back in those old days of yore when the world was young...(I ramble in my dotage)...Quad and then a 5.1 based on that for the SACD releases of 2006. It could have been a point of interest to make something of, "For the first time...etc...the session tapes, long thought missing..." and so on, sigh, very odd. The 2 disc set released in 2006 btw doesn't seem to be a SACD (as the others were) it's not mentioned on either the discs or the packaging so it's most likely a common or garden CD. I can't check at the mo by chucking it in the SACD playing machine 'cos the wife's asleep and so is the dog, also I'm too frigging lazy :winkgrin:
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  25. 3Dman

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    Wow, looks great. Wasn’t there a fairly recent interview with John where they asked about the missing tapes and he seemed surprised by that? Maybe he found them in the cupboard. I haven’t had a 5.1 setup for a while but I’m going to have to get it together.
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