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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by phillyal1, Jul 6, 2019.

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    Was thinking recently how under appreciated they are in rock history. Would like to see one more record from Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan and whoever else they would invite (although between the three of them they could probably play every instrument !). Will bad blood never make this happen :( .
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    It could be called Re-Move.
  3. CoachD

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    This band never sniffed the radio in my area when I was in my formative music stage (the 80's - early 90's). I would have no idea that they even existed if it were not for a quick blurb about "Do Ya" in a review album review guide for A New World Record.

    About 10 years ago I accidentally stumbled into "Brontosaurus" somehow thanks to the internet. Hard to believe how much good stuff I was missing while "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was being played by Clear Channel for the 1 billionth time...

    Now I'm seeking out at least 4 of their albums and who knows where the rabbit hole will lead from there. I wish their CDs could be found for $5 each instead of $20 each.
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    Roy Wood has said he'll never work with Bev Bevan again because Bev assembled a faux-Move touring group without his approval. So yeah, bad blood prevents an actual Move reunion.
  6. phillyal1

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    philadelphia, pa.
    Then just call it Lynne and Wood or Wood and Lynne :)
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    One of my favorite bands. One of the best musical discoveries I've ever made. They have a small amount of songs I don't like, but most of their work I absolutely love.

    If the remaining members were to reform to record, the results would no doubt be interesting. But I'm not sure they would even release it, let alone reform. With all that's out there: that's ok. I don't require a reunion from anyone. :)
  8. dkmonroe

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    Or they could team up with Weird Al and call it Straight Outta LynneWood. :laugh:
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    Every time I hear Cheap Trick I think of them.
  10. Yep..Cheap Trick got me into The Move.
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  11. I can easily imagine a line-up of Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, Bill Hunt, Richard Tandy - health permitting - and maybe Dave Morgan performing under the Move name, but what would be the point? Original co-founders Trevor Burton and Bev Bevan burned any remaining bridges with Roy in particular by announcing plans for their own 50th anniversary tour while negotiations for a surprise reunion* were still ongoing, never mind the fact that Jeff's focus is very much on ELO again. None of the most creative members in this revolving door of a band seem that interested in looking back, though I'd love to know what happened to the album of American rock 'n' roll covers that Roy teased a few years ago...

    *Of course, this wouldn't have featured Carl Wayne, and there was a question mark over Ace Kefford being involved due to his problems.

    P.S. Considering everything, there's probably more chance of The Idle Race getting back together, and that's unlikely to happen any time soon!
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  12. Andy Smith

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    I think money is a great motivator. Most things can be bought.
    Health concerns would probably be more of a factor.
  13. sharedon

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  14. MortSahlFan

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    Yeah, it probably won't happen, but if enough people spread the word, and there's enough demand, who knows? Most music friends I have don't even know The Move (but most know ELO), so introduce one, sneak some songs in, burn a CD, mp3's, whatever. There's good stuff, and I found it quite impressive that Lynn and Wood played over 20 instruments on those albums.
  15. privit1

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  16. Wildest cat from montana

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    ontario canada
  17. FireBrigade

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    I'd wish the same, however I wouldn't count on Esoteric (or likely anyone else) being able to do Boulders or On The Road Again as they're controlled by what was EMI and are now part of Warner's catalogue. The same applies to The Move's Message From The Country which kept it from being part of Esoteric's Move reissue series and only let them do three of the four Move albums - quite frustrating! Both Message and Boulders were given recent vinyl reissues under Parlophone. Sad to think as long as they won't do CD and/or expanded editions of the albums that they won't license them out to a company that will do them justice (and keep them with their counterparts!). For these reasons we likely won't see Wizzard Brew either at any point in the near future...

    Eddy and Mustard however still share the same rightsholders, so seeing as they got Mustard cleared and released then I would be very surprised to think that a nice new Eddy isn't down the pipeline. Suffers the same fate as Mustard having been out of print for 20 years since they were put out on CD by Edsel. The new Esoteric CD of Mustard has an identical track listing (bonus tracks included) to the Edsel, so if they just did the same "updated remaster, new liner notes, restored artwork" idea for Eddy in an identical fashion I think it would do well and be very pleasing!

    My conscience tells me they only did one first to see how well this one does and see if it sells well enough to warrant a second release - that or they're just keeping us waiting and playing 'hard to get' :righton:
  18. kwadguy

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    Message from the
    Message from the Country, Boulders, Wizards Brew, and On the Road Again are available cheaply in a box set.
  19. FireBrigade

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    Very true - I have this one and can highly recommend it! Only downside is that it's all older/previously existing remasters of the content and no bonus tracks/liner notes - but that criticism goes for all of the boxes in that series. Would love to see most, if not all of these expanded into individual new versions with some nice new content and features in the future.

    However I can say the existing mastering on all of them is really great, with the exception of 'Message' which is the 2005 by Peter Mew that I know is particularly divisive on this site...!
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  21. JozefK

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    Around 30 or so years ago Jay Leno was guest hosting the Tonight Show, and John Cale was the musical guest. Cale did his song and went over to the couch for a brief chat. Leno asked some innocuous questions, then said hesitantly, "You know, I know it's been a long time... And there have been some things said over the years... But do you think it's possible -- at least possible... Some kind of a chance... That The Velvet Underground might get back together again?"

    Cale immediately replied, "Sure, if they pay us."
  22. JozefK

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    Just in case they aren't, I'm posting here as the Official Everything-From-An-American-Perspective Guy, and will point out that The Move was the greatest UK band of the '60s not to make it in the US.

  23. CliffL

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    I first got into the Move in high school (late 1972) when they had a good sized hit (in my area at least) called "Do Ya". I thought it was pretty good so I splurged on an LP that was out at the time called "Split Ends" in early '73. I thought it was kind of a mixed bag, I remember my favorite song along with Do Ya was "Tonight". My classmate and musical partner in crime who lived across the street recommended them...I remember him saying "They're better than Yes, man!" (I didn't quite agree, since Yes was one of my two or three favorite groups at the time).

    Then several years later I purchased a book that was very influential on my music career, Lillian Roxon's Rock Encylopedia, which had a good article on the Move, as well as a discography of the group's career in the sixties, which I knew nothing about at the time. I kept an eye out for Move records (they were hard to find in the States) and did find a 45 of "Flowers In The Rain/Lemon Tree). Those songs I thought were terrific and I wanted more...but I didn't find anything else until well into the 80s when I finally found 45s of songs like "Fire Brigade" and "I Can Hear The Grass Grow". I turned into a big Move fan and in the CD era I finally got most of their material. They're definitely one of the great bands.
  24. JozefK

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    Because you're not a yes man
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    I, too, would like to know if this newly remastered record sounds any better?

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