"The New Linda Ronstadt Documentary Proves Just How Underrated She Is"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tone, May 24, 2019.

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  3. Rickchick

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    I can't wait!
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  4. illwind64

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    Should be great, she's the bomb
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  5. Bobby Morrow

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    Even though she sold lots of records and was a huge star, I think Linda was taken for granted a little. A lot of those singers back then were. I don’t think Karen Carpenter was really appreciated until after she died and people realised they’d not hear her sing anything new again.
  6. Dylancat

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    Cincinnati, OH
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  7. gkella

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    Thanks..I will look forward to seeing this.
    Says it will be shown on CNN.
  8. Jarleboy

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    I hope it´ll eventually be released on DVD, or even better, Blu-ray. What a voice!
  9. Jarleboy

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    It´s funny how some singers can make their versions of certain songs the definitive ones. For me, her versions of "LONG, LONG TIME", "LOVE IS A ROSE", "BLUE BAYOU" and several others are definitive. I can´t really see how they can be improved upon. (I will, of course, accept it, should it happen, but I´m not holding my breath. :shh:)
  10. dh46374

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    Look forward to seeing this, but is it really necessary to paint her as a victim? Linda had a huge career, made tons of money, and sang a wide variety of genres. Where was she held back? Many artists are insecure about their voices, Jimi Hendrix for example.
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  11. Roger Thornhill

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    I might have missed it but nowhere in that article does it mention that she didn't write her material.

    In an era where female singer-songwriters was a pretty crowded field, that may be one reason why she doesn't seem to get the respect that people think she deserves.

    I like some of her stuff but she's no, for example, Laura Nyro...
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  13. FloydMaui

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  14. Chemguy

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    I’m not sure she’s under appreciated. She was a mega star, and to me, she’s the greatest!
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  15. stever

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    Underrated compared to who and what pop era? A beautiful voice, beautiful woman, large hits, three or four solid albums. Gawd I love Mad Love and Simple Dreams.
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  16. Keith todaro

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    Swing...and a miss!
  17. CowboyBill

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    Yeah, I wouldn’t say she was underrated. She was very popular in the 70’s. Anyone would cool down with the Spanish output she did. As bad as I feel saying that. She’s my favorite female vocalist and I had a huge crush on her....

    Love you Linda!
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  18. dsdu

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    Santa Cruz, CA
  19. Jim Walker

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    southeast porttown
    I can't wait to see the new doc. I luv her, I still have a crush
    on her from the 70's. There's just something about Linda.
    One of my favorite photos of her...

  20. FloydMaui

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    She rose to the very top of the (female) heap by the late 70s --- she had a Platinum streak going that was practically unrivaled .... Living In The USA (1978) was supposedly the first album to ship double-platinum.... that was/ is huuuuuge !

    Still, she didn't like being thought of as a "rock chick", she was always so much more than that, as she eventually proved.
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  21. shokhead

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    I remember Barbara Streisand saying once she thought she had a nice voice but was stuck in rock music.:sigh:
    I have always rated her as one of the top female voices ever!
  22. rkt88

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    malibu ca
    she isn't, nor has she ever been "underrated" by me.
  23. Boomer49

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    I was lucky enough to see Linda perform in 1971 at a small theatre on the UAB campus in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m guessing this was when she was recording in Muscle Shoals. Also think the band was what became the Eagles.

    Got to play a little basketball with her and the band too.

    Her performance was of course excellent. Blue Bayou was my favorite of the songs she did. It still is and I still have a crush on Linda.
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  24. The Panda

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    Obviously she didn't really care for rock music, since she has so little to say about it in the book.
    But I'd still go see this, what tonsils she had and if she somehow gets a piece of $ form this, all the better.
    Poor Linda
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  25. rkt88

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    malibu ca
    forgive my admittedly weak comparison. but your reference point is vaguely akin to complaining about sinatra for similar reasons.

    an "interpreter", less so an "author".

    laura nyro was an amazing writer! after all, she helped launched geffens career after he stole her publishing. but she wasn't a particularly compelling vocalist.

    sinatra and ronstadt were superlative vocalists, i would argue.

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