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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Rocker, Sep 26, 2011.

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    One of the biggest leaps of logic:

    So after Luke and Leia are born, the remaining Jedi need to hide them. Send Leia to a noted separatist leader? Okay, makes some sense - might not be the most anonymous way, but a decent idea.

    To keep Luke hidden from Vader, they send Luke to the home of Anakin's stepbrother.

    On the planet where Anakin grew up.

    And keep him named "Skywalker".

    THAT'S the way they decided to hide the kid???
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  2. Downsampled

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    Heh. Yeah, maybe George can fix that in a future release.
  3. Downsampled

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    I have two 35mm film copies of the Return of the Jedi theatrical trailer. For some years, I thought I might be sitting on a goldmine. Then eBay came along and one day it occurred to me to check it out. I found several for sale for 20 bucks or so. :(
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    Yeah, I thought about that at the time, and thought, "gee, their DMV drivers license database must really suck."

    I can't tell you the number of movies and TV shows I see where I go, "wait a minute... there's no security cameras? No alarms? No infrared beams? I can't walk into a 7-11 without tripping something, but these guys can get to the heart of a control room and release a prisoner?"

    There's way too much stuff like this that goes on in these things...
  5. Anthology123

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    I thought in Ep 2 that Anakin came to trust the Laars family and maybe decided to leave them alone.
  6. Turnaround

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    The short answer is, Darth Vader and the Emperor were not aware that the children were born.

    This is why Darth Vader turns himself over to the Emperor -- with mother and wife dead, he believes he has no more ties and devotes himself fully to the Emperor's cause. Only when Darth Vader later learns that he has a son does he start turning against the Emperor. If Darth Vader had any clue that his two kids were alive, don't you think he'd be searching the universe for them instead of building the Death Star?

    First, in Padme's funeral, they display her body to the crowd. She is made to look pregnant in death, to hide the fact that children were born.

    Second, Yoda and Obi-wan were hiding the children from the Sith, not regular people like you and me. They specifically say, "We must take them somewhere where the Sith will not sense their presence". Regular human hiding logic don't cut it in the Star Wars world. Placing a child with a relative may be the safest place to hide someone from a Sith.

    Third, they did send Obi-wan to guard Luke.

    However, I do not believe it is ever explained in the movies how and when Darth Vader himself comes to realize that Luke Skywalker is his son.
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  7. It's not in the films at all, but in the Expanded Universe, Vader's desire to find the Force-sensitive Rebel pilot that destroyed the Death Star does lead him to discovering who Luke is.
  8. Rocker

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    Never of thought of that! ;) (Although, according to, the superlaser requires about 24 hours to recharge after firing at full capacity).

    Something else I've always wondered about.... how is it that the Death Star was fast enough to be able to travel to the Yavin system in just a few hours, but it takes them 30 minutes just to orbit the planet Yavin to get into firing range? :shrug:
  9. conception

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    Because you can take hyperspace into a star system, but once you get into a system you have to maneuver in sublight around planetary bodies, stars, and other large masses. It's like if they traveled to our solar system, but they had to come in at the edge and maneuver around Earth and other planets before they could get a clear shot at the moon. Also, the planet that Yavin IV orbits is a gas giant, which it could be guessed may not react the same way to a superlaser.

    The bigger hole in that sequence, I find, is why Leia couldn't have arranged a rendezvous of some sort, or done something else besides lead the Imperials straight to the secret base with a weapon that could destroy it instanty.
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  10. Oatsdad

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    Ah, the old "can't use human logic" argument - you're actually George Lucas, aren't you? :D

    You do make valid points, but I still think it's goofy. What if Vader decided to return to Tatooine on some mission of internal revenge? Maybe he blamed the Lars family for letting his mom get captured by the Sandpeople and he'd decide to slice 'em up good. Dude's out of control!

    And it's especially nuts that Luke kept the name "Skywalker". What if Luke won the Mos Eisley Spelling Bee and got his name in the news? You don't think Darth would go "hmmm!" if he heard that name? :laugh:
  11. Turnaround

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    So posts Oatsdad immediately after a post that explains how one maneuvers a planet-sized weapon through hyperspace in a star system.

    If you read BeatleJWOL's link (post #32 above), it explains how in the Expanded Universe (er, comic books), Darth Vader finds out that Luke is his son using the ancient Jedi tricks of (1) torturing a rebel to reveal that Luke's last name is "Skywalker" and (2) checking the DMV records and receipt on the sale of a speedster! :laugh:
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  12. ribors

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    No, Yoda was telling Obi-Wan that Qui-Gon had come back from the "netherworld" and was going to continue his training.
  13. Turnaround

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    Since people are talking about using the Force to live after death, I'll chirp in and say that this may be the winning point in the debate between which is stronger: the Force vs the Dark Side.

    The Emperor brings Anakin into the Sith by tempting him with the story of a Sith who learned to prevent others from dying. But the Emperor also says that Sith got stabbed in his sleep, and could not directly cheat death. But Qui-Gon (and Yoda and Obi-Wan) had learned how to achieve immortality, living after death through the Force.

    One thing that does not tie up is that at the end of Return of the Jedi, a bunch of dead Jedi's appear. Anakin Skywalker is there too. At the end of Episode III, Yoda says Qui-Gon discovered the skill, and taught it to Yoda, and Yoda would teach it to Obi-Wan to train while watching over Luke on Tatooine. Darth Vader arguably turns back to the good side of the Force at the end of Return of the Jedi. But the movies do not establish that Anakin was trained in the skill of achieving immortality through the Force.
  14. Rocker

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    In Episode IV, just after Ben and Vader's duel, why didn't Vader just use the force to prevent the blast doors from closing after Luke shot the control panel?
  15. Turnaround

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    Why do you assume that Vader can open or close blast doors with the Force?

    The Emperor can shoot lightning bolts using the Force. But Darth does not have that ability. Not all people have equal Force capabilities, whether by innate ability or training.

    Only the Emperor, Yoda and Count Dooku were shown in the movies capable of moving large objects with the Force. Remember how in Empire Strikes Back, Yoda told Luke to lift his X-Wing out of the swamp using the Force, and Luke could not, so Yoda had to do it for him. Darth Vader has only been shown in the movies to move small items, like most other Jedi's in the movies.
  16. 1) Kid got a lucky shot, whatever; there are other troop entrances to the hangar.
    2) The tracking device was already planted in the Falcon, so they didn't really NEED the swarm of troops; let them think they got away with something.
  17. ridernyc

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    If your going to start asking "why didn't they just use the force?" questions you might as well just give up on ever watching movies. There are a million instances in the Star Wars movies when you could ask, why didn't they just the force.

    Why did Vader try to shoot Lukes x-wing, why not just choke him using the force...
  18. DeeThomaz

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    Okay, here's my random Star Wars question. Can anyone explain to me the Millennium Falcon's gun turrets?

    In Episode IV, we see a ladder leading to them that Han climbs up and Luke climbs down. This seems to be consistent with the guns you can see on the model. But from that point forward, it seems like Luke and Han are on a horizontal plane. After all, neither of them seem to be affected by gravity (Luke is not held in place by any sort of seat belt when he should apparently be pointing downwards, for instance). And even if they're in some kind of zero-g chamber (and I'm hard pressed to believe that, considering how naturally they climb in and out of their gun chairs), their view out the turrets through glass-like semi-spheres certainly doesn't seem to match any view of the Falcon model that I've seen.

    Is there an obvious explanation that I've missed?
  19. conception

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    The Falcon had dual turrets, one protruding above and one below. The gravity thing is a question mark, but as Rob Lowe said in "Thank You For Smoking", it's just a matter of a "blablabla" device.

    LEONPROFF Forum Resident

    I guess your not a fan of DUNE then. :D

    LEONPROFF Forum Resident

    Wouldn't the Empire be testing everyone for midiclorines (sic) to make sure no one can over throw The Emp and Darth?

    (my old standard) Why does Leia kiss Luke to make Han jealous (Empire) when she states "She has always known" she was Luke's sister (Return).

    If Darth was conceived by the force shouldn't he be more powerful then the emperor?

    Why would you call Luke "Son of Skywalker" instead of Luke or my son. Always hated that.

    How does Obi-wan forget about Leia being born?
  22. apileocole

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    But considering how obvious their enemies are, it's consistent with the Jedi's ability to divine and value the obvious. :winkgrin: Turnaround's right though. As for his question...

    No but I always took it as something he had to believe. That's the key of it all. He senses this, he suspects that, but it's only by the final confrontation that he's really believing it. When his ability to believe and trust in belief is restored, so is he in a sense. That's part of what gives Vader's (re)turn to the other side of the force at the end so much meaning and power.

    It's to be expected of such comics at the time if they are more obvious.

    I agree. But I'm willing to give almost any belief if they'll only try to establish some sense of internal logic. The original SW trilogy doesn't give me too much trouble there but there sure are a lot of shows that do.

    Not in the original trilogy since the Force wasn't quantified in such a physical way, but that is another problem with Lucas' revisionism of the Force.

    'Cause she's a twisted sister!

    "I got a woman / crazy for me / she's funny that way." :whistle:

    It adds psychological complexity. See if he trusts her with his lightsaber trusts her with his toys trusts her that far again.

    Seriously though I wonder if Lucas had really planned them as literal siblings until Return.

    Some poor souls must have conceived the Emperor and surely force was involved.

    That doesn't sound right... moving on then:

    It makes sense though. Lots of cultures used the "Son of..." rather than the actual name, which does clue one as to what they consider to be important about the poor fellow.

    Did he know according to the prequels? I forget. Not the heppest to Star Wars, especially not the prequels.
  23. Oatsdad

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    When Leia says that, I think she means she always kinda sorta FELT it, more than consciously KNEW it. It's not like she said "this dude's my brother!" as soon as Luke turned up in the Death Star - I'd think it's more just a lingering feeling she had that there was some other connection to Luke...

    Sure - at full strength. But after his near-fatal battle with Obi-wan, Anakin/Vader was robbed of a lot of his power. He still had enough to be a major force, but not enough to really threaten the Emperor.

    He probably also felt so beaten down by events that he didn't have the spirit to threaten his master...

    Not sure he did. I guess you refer to the scene with Yoda in which Obi-wan says Luke is their last hope and Yoda says there's another? Obi-wan might just think that Luke's the last chance at a revival of the Jedi - maybe he thinks that Leia doesn't have the "Force" to carry the torch.

    Or maybe he's just sexist! :D
  24. Turnaround

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    First, if you look at BeatleJWOL's link to the Wookieepedia, in the Expanded Universe, the Empire does do testing.

    Second, having midichlorians alone does not mean someone can overthrow the Sith. It takes years of training. Before the Empire, the Jedis did test and find Force-sensitive children. When the Empire destroyed the Jedi temple, they also destroyed whatever testing and training was available. A child with innate ability would not be aware of what he has, and could not have been trained. It may be better for the Empire to leave it that way.

    In that scene, in that room are Luke, a hairy Wookiee and an effeminate robot. Leia made the choice that was least weird.

    Maybe potentially Darth could have been more powerful than the Emperor. But in the movies, the Emperor is shown to have developed skills that Darth had not (e.g., shooting those lightning bolts, moving large objects).

    Why do people in China speak Chinese instead of English?

    If you are talking about the scene Oatsdad is referring to, I think you are making up more than what is actually said in the scene.
  25. Oatsdad

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    But there WAS a romantic undercurrent between Luke and Leia. Do the films explore this? No. We know Luke thinks Leia's beautiful, and in "Star Wars", he clearly has designs on her - note the conversation he and Han have after they escape the Death Star:

    I always saw that as Luke's reaction to another potential suitor for Leia. Perhaps Lucas would now claim that Luke acted that way to keep his sister from dating Bad Boy Han, but I don't buy it - as depicted in "Star Wars", Luke and Leia were clearly designed to have romantic leanings.

    That changes somewhat in "ESB", but the movie remains vague. The med center kiss implies that there's some romantic spark there, but who knows what happened between the first and second films? We never get any sense that the Luke/Leia romance went anywhere.

    And Lucas doesn't WANT us to think about that. There's no doubt in my mind he made up the "Luke is Vader's son/Leia's brother" thing between "SW" and "ESB", so by the time of "ESB", he had to dance around the romantic angle.

    I believe that if he'd not made the decision to have them be siblings, there would've been a more active romantic triangle in "ESB"...

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