The ONE album I would never sell!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Johnny Vinyl, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Johnny Vinyl

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    I'm a Rock, Blues and R&B guy. Through the decades I've acquired many great recordings that bring me joy to this day, but if for some reason I had to part with them I could do so (however reluctantly). Some examples are the MFSL Marvin Gaye - What's Going On, the Speakers Corner Supertramp - Crime of the Century, the UK a3/b3 pressing of Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, the MFSL Alan Parsons - Tales of Mystery and Imagination and the Classic Records Dido - No Angel. And those are just a few examples.

    The one album though, which is actually a 5LP boxed set and NOT an audiophile pressing (Columbia), that I would never part with is David Gilmour - Live in Gdansk. And here are my reasons:

    1. It contains the best version of the Rick Wright composed classic "ECHOES". IMO it is better than the studio version on Meddle or the live version performed on Live atPompeii.
    2. It's the last recorded performance by Rick before his death.
    3. It will never ever be played again.

    While I was an early fan of Pink Floyd right from the start, it wasn't until I experienced Echoes that my love for the band was truly solidified. For some reason I always felt this wonderful connection with this song.

  2. savemenow

    savemenow Forum Resident

    SE Pa
    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - MFSL Vinyl
  3. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Supertramp-Breakfast In America, 1982 Japan JVC for US MFSL
    A surprising thrifter from a few years ago. Some might not prefer it, for me it tames the highs while maintaining excellent soundstage and dynamics.
  4. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    Man, this is really a "gun-to-the-head" proposition. If I was given time to really think about this I know I'd be going back and forth for a week. But I'm, *pretty* sure if all it took was to keep that bullet out of my brain was to name that ONE album, the very first that would pop to mind would be my MFSL of With The Beatles.
  5. imajindat

    imajindat Forum Resident

    Probably my Sgt Pepper UK original mono.
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  6. Luvtemps

    Luvtemps Forum Resident

    I think I've answered this before,but-Temptin Temptations..not only is it my favorite by my favorite group but it is also the very first album I ever owned so there's a sentimental thing too.
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  7. Johnny Reb

    Johnny Reb Résident du forum

    Since box sets seem to count per the OP, I think I would keep this... Not on LP, but on CD.

    (Johnny Cash - Unearthed, 5 CD box set)
  8. richierichie

    richierichie Forum Resident

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  9. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
    "The ONE album you would never sell."? Isn't that by The Bee Gees?
  10. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    The sentimental aspect counts for a lot as well, no doubt. In the Summer of 1969 I (nearly age 12) was in Greece with my family. It was there, at that time, that I acquired my very first ( Parlophone, top loader))White Album as a gift from my aunt (a story I've very happily recounted here and elsewhere, ad nauseum). Had this album not gotten "lost" over the years, this is the one I wouldn't sell for all the tea in Tasmania.
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  11. Kassonica

    Kassonica Forum Resident

    Not an album but My autographed copy of under the milky way 12 inch
  12. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

    Orange, MA
    Exile on Main St. 1st UK vinyl
  13. davebush

    davebush New Test Leper

    St. Catharines, ON
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  14. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident

    Everything has its price :sigh:
  15. Johnny Reb

    Johnny Reb Résident du forum

    Sgt. Pepper? :p

  16. Kevin j

    Kevin j Forum Resident

    Seattle Area
  17. rikki nadir

    rikki nadir Gentleman Thug

    London, UK
    2 CDs:

    Stan Ridgway, Mosquitos, signed after a show
    Caravan, In The Land of Gray and Pink signed and decorated by Richard Sinclair after a Hatfield and the North Show
  18. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    It's a twofer, if Mr Johnny Vinyl doesn't mind the rules being bent.

    Tom Pacheco's two 1975 albums, Swallowed Up In The Great American Heartland and The Outsider.

    Tom is a singular singer-songwriter who was one of the "new Bob Dylans" back in the Sixties. He retreated from music for a while but returned, in '75, with the above brace of astoundingly good albums on RCA. Lyrically and musically he's always interesting with the latter album having a sporadic sci-fi theme. The original vinyl isn't readily available although these albums are now easy enough to pick up on CD.

    After failing to disturb the zeitgeist with these albums, Tom disappeared for another decade and a half before returning with Eagle In The Rain. He's recorded regularly since then, even becoming a pop star in Norway, briefly. A mesmerising live performer, Tom is the epitome of underrated. If you've not heard him, give him a blast. I doubt you'll be disappointed.
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  19. Izozeles

    Izozeles Rock’roll Stalker

    Santiago de Chile
    I haven’t and won’t sell anything from my collection. There’s a temple here
  20. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident

    Never say never. If you were destitute, hungry or in need of funds fast...
  21. Ignatius

    Ignatius Forum Resident

    My US Chess pressing of Mighty Baby
  22. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    Butcher album... if I owned one. : )
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  23. AZRunner

    AZRunner Forum Resident

    Tampa, FL
    My mint original of Rage Against the Machine’s debut, cut by Ludwig.
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  24. Szeppelin75

    Szeppelin75 Forum Resident

    That is a holy grail for me.
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  25. lesterbangs

    lesterbangs Forum Resident

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