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  1. JamieC

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    That's the problem. A stupid episode which contains one of my two favorite PF tunes. The other is I Can Feel Your Heartbeat.
  2. Ignatius

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    One of the polonium kids of the 70s that were all over TV, like Mason Reese. Whenever that snot-gobbler barked out a nursery rhyme television, and our very souls, got worse.
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    Way better as a show than The Monkees, which I find unwatchable as an adult. At least on PF, most of the time, the songs related to the plots of the episodes. On the Monkees, they just ran around like idiots for 3 minutes while the songs played.
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  4. j_rocker

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    With a few exceptions, the songs/performances in the Partridge Family were just tacked on to the end of episodes with the guest star taking a seat next to Rueben at one of the night club tables.
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    I liked The Partridge Family Album as an 11-year-old. Favorite song was "Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque". I still like that song. Their TV show got old fast at that age though, as I would rather watch Marcia and Jan on The Brady Bunch. Topics on both shows were too wholesome for me after awhile and wondered why they couldn't adjust with the times and produce episodes like "Keith Tries LSD for the First Time" or "Laurie Gets Pregnant", etc. I think that was the downfall of both shows, although enjoyed watching The Brady Bunch episodes recently. No desire to revisit The Partridge Family episodes on TV.
  6. razerx

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    I was a kid and if it was on TV then I’ll watch it, but do remember Partridge Family to be one of the better shows. Alas I was too young to find the leading ladies titillating. I Think I Love You was and still an excellent song.
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  7. JFS3

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    Don't forget Jaclyn Smith, who was in the first season episode, "When Mother gets Married"

  8. Kyle B

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    I hated Ricky Segall. At least Robbie Rist (Cousin Oliver) was a good little comic actor. Ricky was supremely untalented: he couldn’t act, he couldn’t sing, and he wasn’t cute. Every time he showed up, he’d say to whichever character was the focus of that week’s episode, “You look like you need cheering up!” And then he’d sing one of his excruciating little ditties while the rest of the cast was contractually obligated to gaze at him adoringly. I wouldn’t have blamed Shirley or Keith for strangling the little runt. In fact, I really hoped it would happen. Alas, it didn’t.

    At least someone had the good sense to fire him midseason.
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  9. Paul Gase

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    I might be wrong about this, but I’m not sure I ever saw “Keith” accompany Ricky on a song?

    The last two episodes I saw with Ricky doing a tune, in one Shirley is faking the piano; the other we have Danny on Keith’s Ovation acoustic?
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    The producers of The Monkees TV series, filmmakers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider, were mavericks who were aiming for an anti-sitcom that reflected some of the zeitgeist of the mid-60’s. They paid attention to The Beatles movies and used elements of the Beatles running around into the Monkees romps which in essence were early music videos which assisted in making some of the songs major hits. The producers also slyly snuck in some radical commentary into the show, including an anti Vietnam War reference that went over the heads and got by the Network censors.

    Rafelson and Schneider didn’t want the Monkees to be a typical sitcom with an adult figure in charge, it became the first TV program in which young people were in charge of their own destiny, a pretty radical idea at the time. The Partridge Family on the other hand adhered to the tenets of a regular family sitcom, presenting safer storylines where the Monkees became a bit more avant garde in reflection of what was going on in the 60’s. I find the Monkees series stands out while the Partridge Family are not anymore different than the Brady Bunch, My Three Sons and other sitcoms of the period.

    It’s also interesting to note that the Oldies/Classic Rock stations play many of the Monkees hits, while outside of maybe one or two songs, rarely play anything by the Partridge Family or David Cassidy.
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    Lucas Skywalker



    Wonder if he listened to The Partridge Family on AM 1138 "The Tosche Station".
  12. Grand_Ennui

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    All of that is true in regard to 'The Monkees' TV series.

    Also, in regard to The Monkees "running around like idiots for three minutes while the songs played", that's not true either. Yes, there were romps that really had nothing to do with the plot(s) of the episodes, but for the most part the romps actually *did* relate to the plotts if you actually watched what was going on while the songs were playing. For instance, in 'Alias Micky Dolenz', while the song "The Kind of Girl I Could Love" is playing, in that romp, the guys are taking on the gangsters (with the help of the gangsters themselves too). Things like that happened a lot, the action of the show took place while the songs were playing.

    Also, 'The Monkees' had a lot of stand-alone "performance clips" of the guys lip-synching a song, and these performance clips were no different than what was being done on 'The Partridge Family', except The Monkees weren't in a supper club.
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  14. Bea Jonas

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    The song's pretty lame but Shirley Jones sure looks fab in this Partridge Family clip:
  15. ZackyDog

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    Richard Pryor and Louis Gossett Jr. were show guests.

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    I tend to agree with that…but in the last week, I’ve heard two Partridge Family songs (“I Think I Love You” and “I Woke Up in Love This Morning”) plus David Cassidy’s version of “How Can I Be Sure.” I don’t remember if it was on Sirius “70s on 7” or my local oldies station - KOOL 107 in Spokane. It was probably the later because that station is locally owned and goes out of its way not to play the “same old oldies.” On one occasion, they followed up a Led Zeppelin track with an Andy Williams track…and no, I’m not making that up! It’s one of the best oldies stations that I have ever found.
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  17. Wildest cat from montana

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    You say fab, I say sexy.
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    The original milf.
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    A friend of mine's neighbor had a daughter hooked on the show and 'I Think I love You'. She's dance around in her room half clothed to the song over and over. No, don't smile....she wasn't younger, but she was so underdeveloped, so to speak, that he closed his shades and never looked again. But he couldn't escape the damn song and always complained about it.
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    I was 12 when this series hit the air. Myself and a couple of my friends all decided we wanted this hairstyle and and got these razor cut shag haircuts.
  22. FredV

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    Now I’m a Man, yes I am, and I can’t help but love Grandma!

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    Hot off the press; I unabashedly love it.


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