The plural of vinyl is vinyls

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by rischa, Sep 18, 2021.

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    That’s just one company adopting the language recognized by their target market, not really anything official. That’s part of the evolution of language, sure, but it really doesn’t mean anything beyond a company trying to effectively advertise a product.
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    Of course I didn't mean "official" literally, lol. Another day on the internet.
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    The problem is that the young people using the term "vinyls" don't care if the sound has pops, clicks, and crackle. In fact, they like it that way, because to them, that's the whole charm of the format. If they wanted perfect sound, they'd stream it on their phone.

    So it's pandering to the people who won't be interested in your product -- and if they were, they'd just do it for free on their PC using Audacity -- while pissing off the people who actually might buy your product (and aren't adept enough to do it on their computer) -- if they can get over the whole "ickiness" of it converting vinyl's "pure analog audio" into digital.
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    Define “young”.
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    I’m not sure that’s true. I think a lot of them may well care about records sounding good, and they just use “vinyls” because that’s the word they know.
  6. I was born in January 1974, so I'm on my way to being 50.
    I've used LP RECORDS for part of my teen years and then I moved to CD.
    Back in 2005 I returned to analogue so I bought a TT to play my LP RECORDS.
    So my music listenning is basically LP RECORDS, CD's and some SACD's (with some Hi Res files too).
    What I've never used to play my music are VINYLS and POLYCARBONATES. Do these exist or a wrong name is being used for them?
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    I’m partial to my ferric oxides myself
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  8. I was more into BASF real CRO2's.
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    I just found out that the Hungarian word for record is literally "bakelite plate" ("bakelit lemez" in Hungarian). Ignoring the fact that they've got the material slightly wrong, why not call records "bakelites" from now on and make it a trend?

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    Or we can confound them all and just call them, say, LPs.
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    I remember saying the wrong plural of vinyl in my early days in this forum and I regret that, of course.
    In fact I didn't think of it much, I probably just adopted that 'style' because I've seen it written a lot by other people before.^^
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    My great-uncle had a headphonium.
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