The Raconteurs: "Help Us Stranger" (Out 6/21/19)*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Brendan K, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. SoundDoctor

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    It truly does.
  2. Farmer Mike

    Farmer Mike Forum Resident

    Which one: Goober and the Peas, the Go..?
  3. SoundDoctor

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    ...Jack White & the Bricks...
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  4. dance_hall_keeper

    dance_hall_keeper Forum Resident

    The best one, or course.
  5. Strummergas

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    I DEFINITELY miss The Go!
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  6. unclefred

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    Sounds to be good. I never cared much for Jack's other material but the Raconteurs have a good sound. I liked the first one but haven't really listened to number 2.
  7. vamborules

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    Second song definitely grows on you. Wasn't sure about it at first but a couple days later I couldn't get it out of my head.
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  8. townsend

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    Judging from the video, Jack's back to making music with the Raconteurs, correct? I first got into both of them with Consolers of the Lonely, which is just a superb album. Bring it on!
  9. SoundDoctor

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  10. electricmetaphor

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    Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride is a classic
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  11. wavethatflag

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    Listening to "Sunday Driver" for a second time reminded me that rock is supposed to be fun. Jack's guitar work in "Now That You're Gone" is top flight. I didn't notice that so much the first time I listened.
  12. Brendan K

    Brendan K Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Since these singles were released in a 7" fashion both on streaming services (Sunday Driver/Now That You're Gone) and physically in the third-man vault, does anyone think we'll get a wide-released 7"?
  13. spintheblack72

    spintheblack72 Forum Resident

    Loving these 2 new cuts, bodes very well for the new album.

    Listening to the new Vault Consolers cements my view that it's my favourite album from White full stop, leaves his solo and DW albums standing in my view.

    Maybe it's not the critical darling The White Stripes are but COTL is just so infectious, every track a pleasure, such a mish mash of styles but it all comes together brilliantly.

    If they capture this vibe and bring something new to the table with the 3rd album we could be in for another cracker.

    I can't see album 3 being a retread, not Jack's style and the 2 new songs show it's definitelty The Raconteurs but not going over old ground.
  14. SoundDoctor

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    No - Third Man says the Vault 7” is the only physical release. Plus, it has the early mixes instead.
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  15. Boomy

    Boomy Forum Resident

    Hopefully they'll do somewhat of a tour. Jack has been doing so much solo stuff this will be a good change and challenge for him. Enjoy it because he will get bored with it after it's done and we won't hear them together for a long, long time.
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  16. Baldmann

    Baldmann Forum Resident

    Raconteurs are playing a side show in Melbourne on 18 April, got my ticket!
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  17. LilacTeardrop

    LilacTeardrop "Roll It Over, My Soul...and Leave Me Here"

  18. mj_patrick

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    Take my money. I have the first two albums on vinyl, I'll surely buy this one as well.
  19. D_minor

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  20. Brendan K

    Brendan K Forum Resident Thread Starter

    We've got an album title and release date! June 21st, 2019

  21. Brendan K

    Brendan K Forum Resident Thread Starter

    The Raconteurs

    Help Us Stranger

    1. Bored and Razed
    2. Help Me Stranger
    3. Only Child
    4. Don't Bother Me
    5. Shine the Light On Me
    6. Somedays (I Don't Feel Like Trying)
    7. Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)
    8. Sunday Driver
    9. Now That You're Gone
    10. Live a Lie
    11. What's Yours Is Mine
    12. Thoughts and Prayers
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  22. Groovy

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    I wasn't sure, until I saw the bandana - pre-ordered.

    For anyone else with a P.O. box shipping address, the last Vault package I ordered arrived days after other people received theirs. Third Man ship out P.O. box orders last so, if you want quicker delivery, use your post office's physical address if they provide that service (most do, just fill out the form).

    When the single came out I immediately liked 'Now That You're Gone' but wasn't sure about 'Sunday Driver'. After listening to it over the past weeks, I don't really care for 'Sunday Driver'. Jack White's constant whooping makes it feel like he's trying to make an average song more exciting that it is.
  23. fsutall

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    Nashville, TN
    My wife and I were able to secure tickets for the intimate Raconteurs show at the Third Man Blue Room here in Nashville last night, and the audience of 300 were treated to a full performance of the new album to start the show! Our phones were locked up so no video or photos, but the new material sounded very strong live, especially the first half. Very consistent with the first two albums, so if you liked them you will like this one. I enjoy most of Jack's material, but if we can't have the White Stripes I will take the Raconteurs over any of his other projects.

    The concert was recorded to acetate and also filmed, so we can likely expect a future Vault release devoted to these shows (they are performing in the Blue Room again tonight).
  24. BeauZooka

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  25. Brendan K

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