The Rolling Stones Forty Licks collectors box special edition $16 @ Costco

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by kwadguy, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member Thread Starter

    Cambridge, MA
    When I was at Costco the other day, I picked up the Rolling Stones Forty Licks special edition collectors box. This includes the 2 CDs, plus a nice poster, plus a 12x12" booklet of pictures (and a bit of text). It comes in an LP-sized box with a cool reflective Rolling Stones tongue on the cover that changes color depending on how the light hits it. The price was about $16. They had a big stack of them--obviously a closeout.

    Here's the link to the set at Amazon to see the set:

    I wouldn't call this an essential purchase. But if you don't have Forty Licks already, it's not bad.

    Note that the CDs are housed in special pockets in the box, not in jewel boxes. I consider this a big negative.

  2. stereoptic

    stereoptic Anaglyphic GORT Staff

    :thumbsup: yes, that's a nice grab if you don't have 40 Licks already. I bought it years ago. The book has more pictures than the standard CD, also. I put the disks into a dual case, that holder on the box is moronic.
  3. musicfan37

    musicfan37 Senior Member

    I did too! What were they thinking?
  4. Mike Dow

    Mike Dow I kind of like the music

    Bangor, Maine
    That is a good deal! I like the poster inside though I agree, those little "discs slots" are very dumb.
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