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the sad end of Google Checkout bliss!

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by aswyth, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. aswyth

    aswyth Forum Resident Thread Starter

    LA, CA
    Last night around midnight Pacific Time, all those great Google Checkout deals finally ended, including the $20 off a $50 purchase at Buy.com, where I bought about 500 CDs in $50-$55 increments, for which I was charged $30-$35, or roughly $7.50 to $8.50 per CD, including loads of imports from Ace, Big Beat and others, nearly 30 Sundazed titles and plenty more - generally speaking, about half what they'd cost at Borders, if Borders had any of them, which they mostly don't!

    Anyone else score any cool stuff?
  2. Planbee

    Planbee Negative Nellie

    I didn't buy 500 CDs (when would I listen to them all?!), but I placed 7 orders in the $50-$60 range ($30-$40 after the discount) from Buy.com. Mostly increasingly hard-to-find Original Jazz Classics (OJC) CDs that came out to about $7 apiece, but also stuff like the 4-CD, 1-DVD Pretenders Pirate Radio boxset for $37.99.
  3. JorgeGvb

    JorgeGvb Senior Member

    Virginia Beach
    I probably save about $100 or so using the Google Checkout.

    The best deal was with Buy.com buying the 2007 Norton Anti-Virus software. Between the Google discount and the Norton $40 rebate, they actually paid me $9! Go figure! :p
  4. WestGrooving

    WestGrooving Forum Resident

    California, U.S.A
    Well, I finally decided to try that Buy.com/Google checkout offer (day before yesterday) and ordered the Kinks-Arista Years SACD boxset for $40 shipped (less than 6 bucks per SACD.. not bad). Order went through smoothly and I got my shipped notice today.
  5. audiodrome

    audiodrome Senior Member

    North Of Boston
    I placed four orders through CD Universe for around $40-$50 each and saved $40 - not too bad. It basically turned out to be super cheap CDs with free shipping. :)
  6. TSmithPage

    TSmithPage Ex Post Facto Member

    Lexington, KY
    I also spent a ton, mostly for box sets such as the Plant, the Crosbys and the Waits.
  7. Kayaker

    Kayaker Senior Member

    New Joisey Now
    I placed 12 orders with Buy.Com and several for the Miles Davis JSACD's with Best Prices.com Have a big stack of great music that will take me some time to digest but am thrilled with the money I saved.:righton:
  8. ec461

    ec461 Forum Resident

    Me too! I think we paid less than the original retail price ($18.98) of all these SACDs.
  9. Kayaker

    Kayaker Senior Member

    New Joisey Now
    Think you meant to say "less than half" of the original retail price - but got too excited when you thought about it! :righton:
  10. rbichamp

    rbichamp Forum Resident

    New York
    I placed nine different orders. Some highlights included the Robert Plant Nine Lives box set, Yes Fragile MFSL, Megadeth Peace Sells DVD-A, and a couple other imports. Incredible savings!
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