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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Grey marketeers sometimes just fold down the stereo mixes.
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    This seems to be the best (most comprehensive) thread for discussion of the recent three 10 inch LP set of Sam Cooke (RSD).

    Perhaps some can start commenting.

    My first remark is that the non-gospel material uses undubbed tapes. The previous editions (such as the 3CD box of Complete Specialty) uses overdubbed recordings.

    The undubbed material is superior.
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    Milwaukee, WI
    I'm not familiar with the RSD set. Can you comment on specifics?

    I'll Come Running Back To You is definitely the underdub on The Complete Specialty Recordings.
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    From an on-line review

    Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers: The First Mile of the Way (Specialty/Craft Recordings)

    This lovingly crafted triple 10” collection spotlights the creatively rich but personally fraught period of Sam Cooke’s career as a member of the Soul Stirrers, the gospel vocal group he was a part of from 1950-1956, and as he prepared to leave the group to pursue a secular pop career. Each record represents a different step of that journey. The first collects a dozen of the Soul Stirrers’ best—rapturous music that hits the sweet spot where the spiritual purity of gospel and the bodily concerns of R&B consort. The second features three performances from the group’s shudderingly great 1955 performance at L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium. The last disc finds Cooke exploring his options as a pop vocalist with demos of early singles like “I’ll Come Running Back To You” and “Loveable.” Matching the greatness of the music is the work David Gorman did to research and recreate ephemera from the era, including news clippings announcing the L.A. show, a glossy promo photo of the Soul Stirrers, and the correspondence between Art Rupe at Specialty Records, Cooke and his former group working out the details of his secular shift. It’s a tremendous package that should be atop your “To Buy” list for this RSD Black Friday.
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    From another web site

    Before Sam Cooke was an internationally known soul star, he was a rising voice in gospel music, whose smooth-as-silk vocals were perfected in the churches of Chicago. In 1950, the 19-year-old singer got his big break when he joined the Soul Stirrers. The First Mile of the Way explores these formative years, offering fans the chance to witness Cooke’s development as an artist. The brand-new compilation, which coincides with Specialty Records’ 75th anniversary, features 25 tracks—spanning Cooke’s years with the Soul Stirrers through his early pop-leaning singles as a solo artist, included here in their original versions without overdubs. As a special bonus, the album includes live recordings by the Soul Stirrers at the legendary 1955 gospel concert at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium—all of which make their vinyl debut. Housed in a triple-gatefold jacket, the three-disc, 10-inch vinyl collection also features a replica promo photo, flyers and other ephemera from the era.

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    Wow starting to think I need this
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    I just listened to "I Don't Want to Cry" from the RSD release again.

    It appears to be a unique demo (the AR man says "Take 3" just before it starts)

    It is pure Sam, just with a very light guitar and rhythm behind him.

    If you are into Sam for his unique romantic soul sound, this just may be the best recording of Sam Cooke ever. It is far superior to the pop versions on the regular releases that I describe below.

    I cannot understand why the publicity does not put emphasis on the unique nature of this material.

    The sticker suggests that it was not available, but stickers are often wrong.

    I was under the impression that this was yet another compilation and I probably did not need it.

    I had the 45RPM boxset (6 Specialty singles) from years ago, I had the Specialty 12 inch LP "Forever" and of course the 3CD boxset of Specialty.

    I only bought this because I went into a spending frenzy one night and said to myself, "So what if it is all duplicating material on my shelf three ways? It's Sam."

    I'm glad that I did not pass it up.

    This should be on CD as well.

    I have not yet A/B'd the gospel material with other editions. They may be superior as well. Yet to be determined.
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    The new RSD set gives you some very nice replicas of original ephemera, but no liner notes or booklet. That surprised me.

    But notes are nowhere near as important as the music.
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    Milwaukee, WI
    Is it this version?

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    No piano on the new set. But I will relisten soon.

    Which LP/CD had that version? I probably have it.

    Edit after listening: definitely no piano and the new edition is a more intimate vocal
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    Was that a RSD exclusive or RSD first?
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    Curious how much it cost you - assuming you snagged it from a dealer and not an online flipper.
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    It was the lowest eBay fixed price at that time, either $45 or $47.

    I have only purchased a few of these RSD items before. I hate the whole concept.
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    Live at the Harlem Square was recorded 59 years ago today!
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    Just got an original "Cupid" 45 the other day and gave it a spin on my radio show... Golly those RCA Sam Cooke 45s sound swell, especially on AM radio. The reverb on his vocal on that mix of "Cupid" is just superb.
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    Gilbert Arizona
    I only have two Sam Cooke albums in my collection. Best Of speaks for itself. Night Beat is an all time classic and favorite...

    Sam Cooke – The Best Of Sam Cooke
    Analogue Productions – CAPP 2625 SA
    Format: SACD, Hybrid, Stereo, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: US
    Released: 2011
    Genre: Funk / Soul
    Style: Soul

    Sam Cooke – Night Beat
    Analogue Productions – CAPP 2709 SA, RCA Victor – CAPP 2709 SA
    Format:SACD, Hybrid, Stereo, Album, Remastered
    Country: US
    Released: 2009
    Genre: Jazz, Funk / Soul, Blues
    Style: Soul, Rhythm & Blues

    I am not sure why I have not explored more Sam Cooke albums. I may need to correct that.
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    You absolutely need to check out Live at the Harlem Square, at a minimum
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    Before that one must have "A Change is Gonna Come"
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    Hey can anyone advise me on how the 1985 EU (RCA Rome) vinyl pressing of Live at Harlem Square sounds compared to the 1985 US (Indianapolis) pressing?

    Really after the best copy I can get of this. I've read 80's Italian pressings can be a bit hit and miss, but nothing specific on how this pressing is likely to sound. Cheers!
  24. Tribute

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    Can you imagine seeing Sam in his prime and Aretha in her beginning in one show, along with everybody else (especially Clyde!)?
  25. Tribute

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    If it is reasonably priced, why not just buy it?

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