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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Apr 10, 2007.

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    baltimore maryland
    the sacd from abkco sounds really good to my ears.
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    New Jersey

    For clarity:

    I have a few Sam Cooke singles in my collection that look like this:


    These are the "hidden gem" re-issues that @Steve Hoffman refers to a few posts back, correct?
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    I've got both an original 45 (have yet to clean it up, so I'm not sure how it sounds) and a Gold Standard 45, and the Gold Standard sounds great!
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    I must admit, it has proved challenging to try to get my hands on Sam’s discography in a coherent way. I’m restricted to Australian lossless audio websites (principally ZDigital) where I managed to find lossless stereo versions of Night Beat and Ain’t That Good News (which really doesn’t sound too good - I don’t know if it’s the mix, the mastering or both) and a lossless mono version of Songs By Sam Cooke. Also got a stereo lossless version of the Harlem Club. Not sure which mix. There don’t seem to be lossless versions of many other albums.

    I also got a lossless download of one of those horrendous public domain-y singles compilations covering ‘57-‘62. As for singles after that, it seems to be impossible to find actual single versions and mixes.

    I suppose I should go down the SACD route but the jury seems to be out on the mastering of some of those and they hardly scratch the surface in terms of the complete discography.

    It’s such a pity that, over a decade on from the first post in this thread, there are still the same problems trying to hear Sam’s recorded work on modern media.
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    Supposed to be a young Sam

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    Norman, Oklahoma
    Will we ever get the mono single mixes of his hits on a digital (CD/SACD preferred to download) release?
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    I sure hope so.
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    New york
    I have LPs of both portrait of a legend and analog spark's live at the harlem sqaure club, and both sound really good.
  11. C6H12O6

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    My lab
    Has anyone tried to license the original mono 45 mixes? (Not the ones under ABKCO's control, I doubt they would license those easily.)
  12. Rick Bartlett

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    What is general consensus of the 2000 release 'The Man Who Invented Soul' box set?
    A lot of uncommon tracks on here that I've never heard that is on my need to get list.
    Sick of waiting for ABKCO to release more stuff, which probably wont happen anytime soon.....
    Sam Cooke - The Man Who Invented Soul
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    My opinion is that it is the best career compilation by far. But the deletion of "A Change is Gonna Come" for legal reasons was disappointing. Just be certain to get that track on another disc if this 4CD set is your first Sam Cooke set.

    I recommend The Complete Specialty Sessions wit The Soul Stirrers as a companion in addition to a disc with "Change".

    Of course, what I really recommend is buying everything by Sam.
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    Milwaukee, WI
    Lots of good material, but the sound leaves a lot to be desired.

    ABKCO only controls the material from the last 2 years of Cooke's life (along with Just For You). They licensed the earlier material for Portrait of a Legend, but I'm not sure how much late period material remains unreleased/unreissued. The material from the bulk of his career is owned by Sony.
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    Oh Ok, that's what I was wondering, about 'the sound'.
    It really is quite a battle to find a great complete with rarities of Sam Cooke CD set.
    'Portrait of a Legend' is outstanding all the way.
    Difficult filling in a lot of blanks which is frustrating.
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  17. Tribute

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    That is great, and I am glad it will be on CD, or at least that link suggests such.

    I don't see how the Keen material can cover 5CDs, though, unless they are doing those short mini-LP CDs

    But it leaves me frustrated that the RCA Victor years are not being treated with similar completeness.
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  19. smallworld

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    THE COMPLETE KEEN YEARS 1957-1960, COOKE, SAM, CD | PlatoMania

    Disc 1 - SAM COOKE
    1. You Send Me
    2. The Lonesome Road
    3. Tammy
    4. Ol’ Man River
    5. Moonlight In Vermont
    6. Canadian Sunset
    7. Summertime (Part 2)
    8. Around The World
    9. Ain’t Misbehavin’
    10. The Bells Of St. Mary’s
    11. So Long
    12. Danny Boy
    13. That Lucky Old Sun

    Disc 2 - ENCORE
    1. Oh, Look At Me Now
    2. Someday
    3. Along The Navajo Trail
    4. Running Wild
    5. Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive
    6. Mary, Mary Lou
    7. When I Fall In Love
    8. I Cover The Waterfront
    9. My Foolish Heart
    10. Today I Sing The Blues
    11. The Gypsy
    12. It’s The Talk Of The Town

    1. God Bless The Child [Mono]
    2. She’s Funny That Way [Mono]
    3. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues [Mono]
    4. Good Morning Heartache [Mono]
    5. T’aint Nobody’s Business (If I Do) [Mono]
    6. Comes Love [Mono]
    7. Lover Girl (Man) [Mono]
    8. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off [Mono]
    9. Lover Come Back To Me [Mono]
    10. Solitude [Mono]
    11. They Can’t Take That Away From Me [Mono]
    12. Crazy She Calls Me [Mono]
    13. God Bless The Child [Stereo]
    14. She’s Funny That Way [Stereo]
    15. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues [Stereo]
    16. Good Morning Heartache [Stereo]
    17. T’aint Nobody’s Business (If I Do) [Stereo]
    18. Comes Love (Brown/Stept/Tobias) [Stereo]
    19. Lover Girl (Man) [Stereo]
    20. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off [Stereo]
    21. Lover Come Back To Me [Stereo]
    22. Solitude [Stereo]
    23. They Can’t Take That Away From Me [Stereo]
    24. Crazy She Calls Me [Stereo]

    Disc 4 - HIT KIT
    1. Only Sixteen
    2. All Of My Life
    3. Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
    4. Blue Moon
    5. Win Your Love For Me
    6. Lonely Island
    7. You Send Me
    8. Love You Most Of All
    9. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
    10. Little Things You Do
    11. Let’s Go Steady Again
    12. You Were Made For Me
    13. Lonely Island [Single Version]
    14. Win Your Love For Me [Stereo]
    15. Almost In Your Arms [Stereo]
    16. Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha [Stereo]
    17. Little Things You Do [Stereo]
    18. Only Sixteen [Stereo]
    19. Let’s Go Steady Again [Stereo]
    20. With You [Stereo]
    21. Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh aka Ee-Yi-Ee-Yi-Oh [Stereo]

    1. (What A) Wonderful World
    2. Desire Me
    3. Summertime (Part 2)
    4. Almost In Your Arms (Love Song From “Houseboat”)
    5. That’s Heaven To Me
    6. No One (Can Ever Take Your Place)
    7. With You
    8. Blue Moon
    9. Stealing Kisses
    10. You Were Made For Me
    11. There I’ve Said It Again
    12. I Thank God
    13. Steal Away [Album Version]
    14. Deep River
    15. One Hour Ahead Of The Posse
    16. Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh aka Ee-Yi-Ee-Yi-Oh
    17. So Glamorous
    18. Steal Away [Single Version]
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    baltimore maryland
    I have original copies of the first album and Hit Kit, after decades of collecting I can assure everyone those other albums are scarce!
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  21. Tribute

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    Thanks for the information!
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  22. C6H12O6

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    My lab
    Nice to have some mono versions of the top shelf material. Hope they do the rest.
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    These, and all other later label design RCA Gold Standard pressings are "The Good Stuff". Well mastered, the real mono hit 45 singles in top notch sound from great tape sources. I'd love to see Sony press some new batches of these 45 RPM Gold Standard singles from these tapes. I'd buy a new set myself, it would be nice.
  24. Rick Bartlett

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    The Keen set looks excellent!
    Hopefully they have been kind to the audio side of things too!
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    Are there any other live recordings out there that capture Sam in the brilliant mode his is in during the Live At The Harlem Square performance? The back catalog stuff feels so tame once you immerse yourself in that record.

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