The Sexiest Female Voices

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Luvtemps, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Khaki F

    Khaki F Forum Resident

    Kenosha, WI. USA
    Suzanne Vega
    Johnette Napolitano
    Genya Ravan
  2. Blimpboy

    Blimpboy Forum Resident

    Walton, KY
    I have a thing for raspy voiced female singers of the 80's. Patty Smyth being a favorite.
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  3. Remote Control Triangle

    Remote Control Triangle Forum Resident

    Las Vegas
    Gotta have something there to work with though, she really does have a sexy voice and can sing live. Studio processing is one thing, but can't polish a turd.
  4. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Actually, you can. You DO know pop music is a conglomerate-engineered market study targeting low-information young adults for the purpose of selling them HydroPoxyClearPoreCleanserWithAloe...right? If the industry can polish said fecal artifact once...they can do it baby one more time...! :D

    You would not belIEVE how many girls there are out there who can sing reasonably well, as well as write their own songs (which Pop MusicTM does NOT encourage, because it takes away from their time posting free videos to do the record company's job for them)? The expensive studio tools and Swedish song"fixers" are to scare the majority of real talents out there from trying to compete.

    Honestly? I don't know what Halsey's actual voice sounds like, or how she uses it in the context of working up a song. All I know is, most of the attributes to her voice you really like, would not be there were it not some Greg-Kurstin-wannabe with his hand on a selenoid switch. I will say, she is attractive. But then, so are the majority of women under the age of which it would not be okay for me to even look at them.

    Bottom line, I will not disagree with your choice any further, because it's your choice.
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  5. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Chris and Cosey-October Love Song, 1983: I love Christine's vocals on this track :)
  6. Remote Control Triangle

    Remote Control Triangle Forum Resident

    Las Vegas
    I agree with your passionate assessment of the music biz and pop music in general, but you are grossly overestimating how much "processing" is done to her voice. Don't let the electronic instrumentation alter your perception, the woman can sing. Over-processing her voice in the studio wouldn't make much sense anyway as she already has such a unique timbre and interesting, natural vibrato. Also, she's 23 man! Look and admire all you want!

  7. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    I'm confused; a song written with limited vocal range, and sung in the same no-dynamic style all the way through, drenched in auto-tune, mic gating and compression deeper than any other instrument in the recording - AND chipmunked-up...
    and this is intended as an example to prove your assertion...? :crazy:

    Could we not yank this thread all over the map please? I'm done with this.
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  8. Pier

    Pier Well-Known Member

    Fano - Italy
    My favourite is Robin Beck
  9. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA
    How could I forget the Staves?

    Lush three parts harmonies

    each multi-instrumentalists

    Jessica, Camilla and Emily - stunning

    just a sample

  10. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    pat benetar
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  11. polchik

    polchik Forum Resident

    lera lynn

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  12. ElevateMeLater

    ElevateMeLater Jesus of Cool

    My pick as well

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  13. Tom Perry

    Tom Perry Forum Resident

    Clair Marlo

  14. Tom Perry

    Tom Perry Forum Resident

    Wilson Phillips

  15. edenofflowers

    edenofflowers Forum Resident

    I've got to go with Dusty Springfield back in 'the day'.
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  16. cwitt1980

    cwitt1980 Forum Resident

    Carbondale, IL USA
  17. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    Sexiest Beatles cover song ever....................

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  18. woodface

    woodface Forum Resident

    Linda Ronstadt
    Kate Bush
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  19. Crossfire#3

    Crossfire#3 Forum Resident

    Burlington Vermont
    Just SINGING voices?
  20. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA
    SH Susanna Hoffs thread 15.3.5 version in 3 2 ...

    lets not go there - stick with the voice
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  21. crispi

    crispi Vinyl Archaeologist

    Sweet Sexy Things—The Sexist-est Thread Title On SHTV
  22. Ostinato

    Ostinato Well-Known Member

    Adele Bertei

    No, I didn't know her name either. She's the backing vocalist on Hyperactive by Thomas Dolby. I luuurv the part at the end, where she sings solo.

  23. Etienne Hanratty

    Etienne Hanratty Forum Resident

    Bobby Gentry
    Nancy Sinatra
    Katie Kim
  24. GroovyGuy

    GroovyGuy Forum Resident

    Halifax, NS Canada
    When I read this thread title the first name I thought of was Sade. Carol Pope of Rough Trade would be my runner up :)
  25. kreen

    kreen Forum Resident

    Has anyone mentioned April Stevens?


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