The Shadows (featuring Hank Marvin and his red Strat) play "The Savage", 1961 clip...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, May 31, 2011.

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  1. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host Thread Starter

    In the 1980s a friend had an old beat up USA Atlantic album called "Surfin' With The Shadows" and he played me the original APACHE. Having only heard the song in the USA version I flipped out for the "cleaner" arrangment and great Fender guitar sound. I had heard of the Shadows (mainly from the Beatles song "Cry For A Shadow") but didn't know anything about them except that they came right before the Beatles.

    Of course I went in search of Shadows records. When I was in France in 1982 I bought (NOS from the early 1960s) beautiful 10" Shadows LPs, EPs, etc. and lovingly carried them home with me. When I got back I went to the wonderful import section at Tower and bought a bunch of in print Columbia UK LPs, the Greatest Hits and their first album (with the cream Tele on the cover), etc. I guess these came back in print around that time on LP for a short while. Boy did they sound wonderful..

    Needless to say I am a rabid SHADOWS fan.

    I love how Hank Marvin plays his red Stratocaster in this clip from the movie THE YOUNG ONES:

    I love the "choking" sound he gets.

    When I got the DOT LP of THE YOUNG ONES I was amazed to hear the Shadows sound I loved so much backing Cliff Richard. Of course I branched out to Cliff Land and got a bunch of original UK Columbias. Just last year I grabbed every UK 45 off of a dealer I know over there. When I want to smile I play Cliff & The Shadows APRON STRINGS. Best sound? The green label Columbia UK 45's. Nothing can top 'em.

    So I discovered the Shadows in March of 1982 and Cliff Richard just a few months later. Late, I know but take pity on this American. They had NO air play over here at all and nothing in print for many years. Better late than never..
  2. Believe it or not that "Surfin' With The Shadows" LP is the only place the stereo mix of F.B.I. was released until a few years ago.
  3. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    That is a great clip indeed, Steve. I may have to sometime go on Amazon UK and buy The Young Ones and the other 1960s Cliff Richard and the Shadows movies including Summer Holiday on DVD.
  4. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Very cool! And yet it's another hole in my collection. :sigh:
  5. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host Thread Starter

    Didn't even know Atlantic issued the album in stereo. Tape is probably still sitting in the file.

    Are these different stereo mixes than what appeared on the UK Greatest Hits? It was my understanding that the early 7" single stuff (Man Of Mystery, etc.) had their FIRST stereo mixes for the Greatest Hits UK release in 1968 or so. If that's so, the Atlantic stereo mixes from 1962 must be one of a kind unique!

    Since it's not the Beatles, no one cares, darn it!
  6. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!

    Steve, I think The Shads stuff was available in stereo in the UK from the very beginning.

    The story with "FBI" was that after they compiled the "Surfing" album, the FBI stereo master was filed under the wrong name, and thats why FBI was always fake stereo.

    The true stereo "Wonderful Land" is like, one of the best records ever. The original version had no strings. The Norrie Paramour decided to jazz it up and overdubbed the orchestra and thats what made the record.

    great stuff from The Shads and the EMI recordings are sonically amazing. The way they used the Fairchild units to make the lead guitar "pop" out of the mix is pretty awesome.
  7. RodCow

    RodCow Member

    That's easily the best clip from that cheese-tastrophe of a film (apologies to Cliff film fans).
    ("I know.Why don't we do the show right here,YEAH!").

    When isolated from the rest of the film that part makes such a great 'promo' clip for the 'The Savage' (and I love the garish set,no doubt to take full advantage of the Technicolor film stock - much like the similarly garish 'The Girl Can't Help It')

  8. stuwee

    stuwee Forum Resident

    Tucson AZ
    Thanks Steve, you made a 'The Shadows' fan out of me with one short video clip :cheers:
  9. RodCow

    RodCow Member

    BTW- Eagle eyed viewers will see the crowd shots from this part of 'The Young Ones' spliced into a few other music films/docs (the one that springs to mind is 'The Compleat Beatles')
  10. Hawkman

    Hawkman Supercar Gort Staff

    New Jersey
    Great. Now I'm going to have to dig out my Cliff Richard DVD box set and give it a viewing. Cheesy? Who cares. They are fun.

    Gonna have to give my live Cliff Richard and The Shadows cd a spin too.
  11. Hawkman

    Hawkman Supercar Gort Staff

    New Jersey
    Brad, this is the set that I have but I wasn't aware that it was out of print and going for such a ridiculous price.
  12. TLMusic

    TLMusic Musician & record collector

    "visually and musically the most exciting and accomplished group to emerge since The Shadows."
  13. dgsinner

    dgsinner New Member

    Far East
    I discovered The Shadows by accident about the same year you discovered them when I went into Earth River Records in Eugene, OR and picked up a new, sealed EMI Australia copy of The Shadows Greatest Hits Vol. 3. I bought it cold -- I was on a UK/German/Australia import binge because of the vinyl quality. I saw the year the album was released and took a $7.98 chance. Wow. What fantastic sound. Been a fan ever since. If you ever see a copy of the particular LP I'm talking about it's worth picking up. Has a great rocking acoustic 12-string tune called My Grandfather's Clock that I never tire of and a wonderful, rare vocal tune called Mary Anne that's one of the best and most underappreciated tunes of the era. Beautiful harmonizing and ringing 6- and 12-string acoustic playing.

    It's been mentioned many times before, but if you're new to The Shadows and don't have the coin for vinyl, the CD comp The Shadows Are Go! on Scamp is a great introduction and has some of the best mastering outside of Steve's. Worth picking up.


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  14. minne

    minne Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Oh yes. The purple labels. As far as I know these were the original releases. Columbia switched to green later.

    Glad to see so much appreciation for Cliff and the Shads. "Please Don't Tease" was the record that really started me listening to popmusic. Especially the sound of Hanks guitar.
  15. RodCow

    RodCow Member

    I know.I've watched those Cliff films everytime they've been on the telly and it was with affection I called TYO a cheese-tastrophe.In fact it's probably my favourite of his films,a very nice period piece.

    If any of you have ever seen 'Take Me High' then you'll know that's the real cheeser.But Tony Cole's songs save the day for me.

    Well there's my secret guilty pleasure out of the bag now.

  16. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Ed Bishop would know !
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