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    that's a good point. aren't the 'best' horror films more disturbing than scary? i know john carpenter disagrees, but the shadows and suggested terror in 'cat people' is scarier than something with 3 heads and slime saying 'boo'. which is why alien is such a great film

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  2. Phil12

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    Good movie. Not Kubrick's greatest. The end was sheer brilliance.
    However, I do fully agree with Stephen King on Nicholson:
    “When we first see Jack Nicholson, he’s in the office of Mr. Ullman, the manager of the hotel, and you know, then,
    he’s crazy as a **** house rat. All he does is get crazier. In the book, he’s a guy who’s struggling with his sanity and finally loses it."

    The reason why Stephen King hated Stanley Kubrick film ‘The Shining’

    Now... imagine Matt Damon playing the role.
  3. Evethingandnothing

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    I don't really get that. Wasn't it The Shining that gave Nicholson his reputation for OTT roles? Prior to that I can only think of his performance in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest as being particularly "out there" and the whole point of that film is that the character's supposedly saner than those incarcerating him. It's not like he's barking mad in the Shining interview scene.
  4. zombie dai

    zombie dai Music is the emotional life of most people. cohen Thread Starter

    when you said matt damon, i immediately remembered team america, but then remembered it's not funny

    maybe it's just JN's face that makes him seem 'crazier'? that he is trying hard to seem normal for the interview, out of his character. then he is a teacher so must be fairly comfortable in social situations. yeah, i don't really get it from that scene alone
  5. P(orF)

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    Imagine that your next door neighbor is an alcoholic ex-teacher who once broke his son’s arm in a drunken rage and who was fired for assaulting one of his students. He’s unemployed, but still responsible for his family. I doubt that you would see him as a “regular” guy… he would most likely be wound so tight that he could barely get through the day. I think Nicholson’s initial scenes pretty accurately reflect what that guy might look like.
  6. vince

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    There are some 'deep-dive-rabbit-hole' video essay on the YouTubes..
    Tons of 'explanations' of books on a table, and pictures on walls, that....
    well, let's just say if true, Kubrick might be an 'evil genius'!
  7. zombie dai

    zombie dai Music is the emotional life of most people. cohen Thread Starter

    what was it about ts film that you enjoyed more than the book? i'm the complete opposite, so curious!
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  8. zombie dai

    zombie dai Music is the emotional life of most people. cohen Thread Starter

    he famously bullied shelley duval in a way many have said was torture just to get the performance he wanted so it's probably partially true
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  9. zombie dai

    zombie dai Music is the emotional life of most people. cohen Thread Starter

    most people like that hide it well
  10. Stencil

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    Lockport, IL
    " He lives in my mouth..........He's hiding down in my stomach"

    Once I got over it not being a faithful adaptation of a SK book, and started looking at it as a Kubrick movie it kept getting better.
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  11. Harm1985

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    One of my favourite films, though I have to note that I only ever saw the truncated European version. I had intended to watch the longer version when it was available on Netflix, but never got round to it. Maybe I should get a copy of the 'extended' cut on blu-ray sometime.

    I have also seen the mini series, when I was about 15 or so; I had already seen the movie many times before and didn't like it, even if it supposedly is more true to the book, which I haven't read. I distinctly remember discussing the differences with a classmate, who insisted the mini series was better because it was more true to the book. I had a hard time explain her that films and books are different beasts and that you sometimes have to leave out, add or modify stuff to make it a better film. Which is exactly what Kubrick did.
  12. P(orF)

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    Curious how many “people like that” (unemployed alcoholic child abusers) you’ve known and how you could tell they were hiding it?
  13. Knox Harrington

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    In some other thread, someone mentioned that Martin Sheen would have been perfect for the role of Jack Torrance. Thought it was a really good observation.
  14. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?


    Think it really had more to do with some of Nicholson's prior roles (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest etc.) - that we all sort of know Jack is gonna go crazy so we're primed for that in advance (as was King) and every raised eyebrow, expression, odd mannerism...

    Plus, despite King's protests, Jack in the book is a deeply troubled guy - a dry drunk who was far from stable. In fact, the whole I'm gonna isolate and write a book is terrible plan for a dude like that.

    The Shining is another grower for me (like most Kubrick). Thought it was okay the first time I saw it (upon release) and now it's a stone-cold classic. And yes, there are other layers of meanings in the film if you want to pay more attention (especially the Native American/generational "sins of the father" themes).

    Bottom line? King should stick to books, as his approved version on TV was awful and had zero of the artistry of the Kubrick film.

    'Ol Stanley knew what he was doing.
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  15. Ghostworld

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    Exactly. Trying too hard to be "friendly" and upbeat.

    Any one who has seen Steven King act, should know he wouldn't have been the first choice for "Chinatown."
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  16. MichaelH

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    I just loved the fact that the movie was so stylish and interesting to look at, and had such a consistently creepy unhinged feel throughout. The book is simply boring as hell, hard to understand, and just doesn't excite me in the least. I'm normally a huge fan of King's work, but The Shining I've just never cared for. That Kubrick managed to make such a good movie out of such a dull uninteresting book is a miracle to me.
  17. Speedmaster

    Speedmaster What does it mean, if it all means nothing?

    The Netherlands
    I have seen Kubricks The Shining twice and both times I was bored out my mind. It did not connect with me at all.
  18. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Senior Member

    I remember liking that suggestion. That was great casting.
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  19. Ghostworld

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    Its a mood piece, if you're not in the mood to slow down it won't work.
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  20. Speedmaster

    Speedmaster What does it mean, if it all means nothing?

    The Netherlands
    I’d say: Too cerebral for my taste.
  21. rock4ev

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    CA USA
    A great movie imo. It shows many strengths in multitude of areas.
    It's a thrilling chilling horror story that didn't need graphic violence or multiple deaths to make it so. Only two people die and on of those just freezes to death.
    A great movie needs a lot going for it to make it so, and I'd say the story/writing are key as the actors chosen and how the film is overall executed (moods, cinematography, editing to name a few).

  22. Phil12

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    Too much the Jack Nicholson show.
  23. Slappy9001

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    Kingston, PA
    I like the movie a lot, though I am not sure I can quite explain why. I understand the criticism of it, and can even agree with it to a degree. Did Shelley Duvall's character HAVE to be so annoying? I dunno. Regardless, I am pulled to rewatch it every year or so. The parts that work for me far outweigh the parts that don't.

    As for the mini-series, King gave interviews at the time saying one of the things he wanted to correct was how Jack turned nutso too quickly in Kubrick's film. My memory is that is still happened pretty abruptly. Also, as others have noted, Steven Weber was not a strong choice for Jack. But this is not why I could not stand it--and I should back up and state that I absolutely could not stand it. The reason have never rewatched this is that the kid playing Danny was without a doubt, hand down the most annoying child actor I have ever seen. Totally and utterly killed it for me.

    And yet, now I want to watch the mini-series again. I hate the Internet.
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  24. Jack Lord

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    Washington, DC
    That is a good way of putting it. As a Kubrick film in isolation, it is fantastic.
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  25. jwoverho

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    It makes Danny Lloyd’s performance all the more impressive. IIRC, the talking with his finger was all Lloyd’s idea.

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