“The Sopranos” premiered 20 years ago today (January 10, 1999).

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Jan 10, 2019.

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    I remember reading a review in the local newspaper (haven't done that in a while like I did twenty years ago!) promoting the show's premiere. I watched it and loved it and saw every episode in it's first run on Sunday nights. That, I recall fondly. Not so fondly, I remember enduring the interminable wait between seasons and the way they broke up the last couple of seasons into "half" seasons.

    It was one of the last "must see" shows that I made sure to catch when it was first broadcast. Now, I know a progam will show up streaming or on demand ("I'll get to it/catch up sometime"). It may be convenient as hell, but it sure makes the whole viewing experience seem much less special.
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    It was one of the last cultural touchstones. I went to a Pearl Jam concert in 2002, on the night of the very eventful season four finale. Eddie brought up the show between songs:

    “Jeff was at home before the gig, and he actually saw The Sopranos, so he knows what happened. Do you want him to tell you or do you want me to tell you? Do you wanna know?

    “I can’t hear you, so I’m just gonna tell you: Furio… do you know Furio? Furio… is ****ing… Meadow.”
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    20 years, that's crazy. Groundbreaking TV
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    Good idea. At least one cast member sheds some tears talking about him. It’s a good interview, but you’ll be feeling feelings for sure.
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    They gave their lives to their viewers on a silver platter

    :wipes tears away with tissue:
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    HBO's been re-running the entire series this past week. I've owned the boxsets forever and truthfully cannot guess how many times I've watched it, start to finish. But it's been many, many years since I'd seen an episode and came across this HBO thing, long story short, I been watching every day for the last 5! Such an achievement! It still stands heads and tails above 95% of the rest! Mesmerizing television!
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    37 now, and still breathtaking.
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  14. I've been watching the replay all week. Great show, great cast.
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    Dominic Chianese tearing up when saying his favorite scene was when T asked him; "don't you love me?". Just saw that very scene (again!) 2 days ago and it choked me up, again.
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    I remember seeing it in the listings and assuming it was some sort of "Three Tenors" deal. Yeah I was dumb.
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    20 years? That is depressing AF
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    When Jamie Lynn Sigler originally auditioned, she thought she was auditioning for some kind of music show.
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    That's because one of the episodes where she was prominently featured early in season 1 had her performing in her high school choir and she needed to have a nice singing voice.

    Still the best show ever made for TV and the one most responsible for the legitimization of the medium. Chase set out to make each episode feel like a movie and make characters that felt like real people, and he succeeded.
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    Fun fact- the working title for the show was "Family Guy".
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    Shame budget constraints couldn’t allow that scene to be shown. :D
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    The HBO run finished tonight and my reaction, this time, is how bittersweet it feels. Especially when you factor in Gandolfini's death. While the writing in the last season wasn't as good as in the past, the same cannot be said about the acting. Led by Gondolfini, this was an amazing group of actors! Perhaps the purest example of the phenomena called 'lightning in a bottle'. There'll NEVER be another Sopranos!
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