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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Curiosity, Dec 30, 2007.

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    Interesting. Perhaps most people think it's an acronym (or has been bastardized into one) since it's always capitalized and used as such. For example... VG+ Japanese Wish You Were Here, OBI. and not VG+ Japanese Wish You Were Here, Obi present.
  3. I'm not trying to crap the thread. :angel: However the cheeky side of me feels that this needs to be said.....
    Why is it called a needle drop? I learned at a very early age to never drop the needle onto the record: It can serverely damage the needle! :tsk: Yes, I am speaking from experience and I was about four years old
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    No doubt this is right, but to me it means that the center channel info is not in the center of the sound stage.

    Easy enough to fix with a little level tweak. My preamp has 1 db step attenuators for each channel and you'd be surprised how many records aren't centered. Often it's only off a db or two.

    This can sometimes happen when people use meters instead of ears to set levels.
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    Yeah, it's weird. The word shouldn't be capitalised, and in other English contexts (martial arts uniforms, etc.) nobody capitalises it, but around here and other music sites I see OBI OBI OBI. Drives me crazy.
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    I'd like to request a couple of definitions.

    Toshiba Black Triangle

    Target CD (covered at the beginning of this thread, but I still don't understand it).
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    I've seen records with rills referred to as 'banded' e.g. the Captain Beefheart Radar Station website mentions that original US copies of Strictly Personal can be banded or unbanded. One sounds far better than the other (the banded version, IIRC.)
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    These refer to the label design on the CD. See attached photos for details.

    They are collectable because they are usually very early pressings and some (but not all) contain unique masterings.

    Here is some great info on Targets from KeithH's site (thanks for the photos as well Keith!)

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    Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for!
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    Has anyone ever attempted to compile all of these definitions from this and the previous glossary threads?

    I think to do so and organize it by alphabetizing would be a great idea!

    I am not nominating myself for this task, as I have a few projects underway at the moment, but thought if someone had the time, they could do the forum a great service! :)
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    I've proposed several times that we begin collecting this forum's amazing information into a "wikipedia" style database. Even got one Gort to take it to the Council of Gorts for me, but there were no takers. Really, with the number of FAQs and the extraordinarily detailed information on here about pressings, masterings, etc. etc., it's a huge waste not to compile the information into that kind of resource. IMHO!
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    Needledrop - "drop the needle testing"?

    We used to have "drop the needle" tests in college music history classes (this was the early 80s, just before the dawn of CDs); the professor would play a section of an LP side and we would have to identify composer, title, etc. The needle was never actually dropped, at least not on purpose.

    Perhaps our usage of needledrop to refer to transfers of grooved records to other mediums is derived from this.
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    I can't recall the details of exact origin, but I recall reading on here (possibly even a comment Steve H made) that needledrop is an old record industry term that was used to describe an album that was mastered from an acetate instead of a master tape because the latter was not available.
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    Is it possible to sticky this thread so it can be found easily? I had a heckuva time finding it, and I know I need it!
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    BOUNCE by request.
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    Could we establish if the following example is considered threadcrapping or trolling?

    When a reissue project is announced and forum members are sharing information, or after it's released and details are discussed, and this guy drops by:

    "I'll stick with my OOP UK -2/-1 golden Black Triangle grumble grumble."

    It's such a waste to have to sift through those comments of people that have no intention of at least making a comparison. I discovered this forum less than two years ago and these guys who chime in to show off their rare discs are tiresome.
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    discussion or turning it into an argument.
    Happens to 80% of the threads but only when someone gets pissed ofrsomebody gets the better of them that they bring up Thread Crapping.
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    I'm not going to mention this constant perpetuator by name, but someone in this Forum threadcraps every single time there's an LP/Turntable discussion.
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    I report all threadcraps I see (and don't respond to them) and they are usually (and swifty) deleted. This way, the problems caused by threadcraps are often avoided.
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    Tattle Tail!
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    This seems like a good place to find out something, that has been bothering me for a while now.

    What exactly does OP mean?

    I always thought it meant "Opening Post" (referring to the first post in the thread), but it seems to be used as a name for the person who started the thread as well. Am I missing something?
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    Original Poster
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    What do things like AHDN, ITCOTCK, DSOTM... mean :D? Or is that for another thread?

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