SH Spotlight The Steve Hoffman Music Forums 15th anniversary is January 12, 2017, congrats to all of us!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Our SH Forums maven Rudy has just reminded me that the Forum founder Holy Zoo posted the "Welcome To The New Steve Hoffman Music Forums!" thread back on January 12, 2002. We have older threads, but those are old, archived content from the ancient DCC Compact Classic forum.

    So this coming Thursday, January 12th will be the 15th anniversary of the forum!! We have some landmarks we've made over the past few months too--15 million posts, half a million threads, 60,000+ members. I guess we're on a roll, eh?

    Thanks to Rudy and the moderating staff and to all of you for making this happen, banner ad free and still growing after all of these years.


    The first thread, back in 2002:

    Welcome! ยป

    I remember Jeff (Holy Zoo) had to talk me into doing the forum, I didn't think anyone would even show up or care. Guess I was wrong..

    steve label.jpg
  2. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Independent Head

    New Mexico USA
    Sweet! Congratulations to you and lucky us!
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  3. boboquisp

    boboquisp Magic Prism Eyes

    NE Ohio
    Very cool. This is a great place. Party on! :righton:
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  4. 926am

    926am Senior Member

    rochester, ny
    Happy anniversary to my favorite site.
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  5. jtiner

    jtiner Forum Resident

    Wow... I guess I'm a relative newcomer. I usually stop in on a daily basis. Lots of nice folks, too. Thanks to our host, mods, technical folks, and everyone else that keeps the site running.
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  6. Shak Cohen

    Shak Cohen Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
  7. Taxman

    Taxman Senior Member

    Fayetteville, NY
    Thank you Steve and to the gorts for making this a great place to hang out. I joined in January 2003. I don't know how I found SHF but glad I did!
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  8. docwebb

    docwebb Forum Resident

    Note "stereo "on the label. My taste is not so bad I guess although I do occasionally partake in MONO.
    BTW I got married in 2002 and divorced in 2014. Glad that some things can last...
  9. tmtomh

    tmtomh Forum Resident

    Congrats, and thanks to all! This place is a great resource and community.
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  10. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo Music gives me Eargasms

    Ottawa, Canada
    I'm still married. Congrats to us all!!!

    Love this Revolver album....
  11. spice9

    spice9 Senior Member

    New York, NY
    As I mentioned in a thread recently, I have learned more stuff and gotten more great advice and opinions in Off Topic than I have in Music Corner. Lots and lots of really smart people here. Thanks Steve.
  12. sherrill50

    sherrill50 Well-adapted Melomaniac

    Mukilteo, WA
    On that label, it says "No. 9 - No debates." Whoa... what happened there?! :p
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  13. RickA

    RickA Love you forever Luke, we will be together again

    Tampa, FL
    Thank You Steve and your team. Also to the members (and friends) who contribute to this site. Amazing how much I have learnt and simply enjoyed over all these years.

    Rick A.
  14. LaserKen

    LaserKen Senior Member

    Avon, Indiana
    Thanks, Steve!
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  15. jpgarry1

    jpgarry1 Forum Resident

    Glendale, AZ. USA
    Congrats Steve! Amazing site! Thanks to all the members that keep it interesting and informative. Here's to another 15 years!

    MAYBEIMAMAZED Don't think Twice it's alright

  17. ashlee5

    ashlee5 Senior Member

    This is our home. Thanks. :frog:

  18. No Static

    No Static Gain Rider

    Heart of Dixie
    Thank you, Steve.
    15 more please.
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  19. WilliamWes

    WilliamWes Likes to sing along but he knows not what it means

    New York
    Best and most popular music forum on the internet. I've checked-this is the one. Congratulations Mr. Hoffman, mods and fellow posters!
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  20. Karnak

    Karnak "81, 82, 83, 84..."

    Same here (And nice avatar pic).

    Whoever came up with the record label-very clever!
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  21. longdist01

    longdist01 Senior Member

    Chicago, IL USA
    15th Anniversary... i think your supposed to give Crystal?


    Thanks Steve for starting this Forum way back!
  22. Hamhead

    Hamhead The Bear From Delaware

    Congratulations!! :wave:
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  23. Blue Gecko

    Blue Gecko Peace

    Thanks to Steve, the gorts, and participates. All you hard work is appreciated. I wish you the best.
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  24. Opeth

    Opeth Forum Resident

    Congrats ! Awesome forums and that label is priceless

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  25. kennyluc1

    kennyluc1 Frank Sinatra collector

    So many great folks here and so much to learn Congrat's Steve!1
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